안녕하세요: 2D1N in Chuncheon and Gapyeong Part I


Going back to Seoul tomorrow noon, and I'd be left with 2 days to settle all that needs to be settled before I board the morning flight back to Singapore on Saturday. Everything is happening so fast. I am so thankful I stayed up to do packing before I went to Busan though it meant that I missed my train in the morning lolol. Having learnt my lesson, I came back to my hostel real early today so I am relaxing in my small space now with everything packed and well-prepared. I'd just have to wash up and I will be ready to head to Kansai International Airport tomorrow. With quite a bit of time to spare, I shall blog about my Chuncheon trip back in early December ^.^

I think I might have mentioned before, this trip was meant to be a group project in school where the class was split into groups and we were supposed to visit places of attractions together over the weekend and promote the itinerary to the class the next week. The theme we had in mind initially was "Filming Sites" where we will visit the Korean Folk Village and MBC Dramia at Yongin, but our teacher told us that both locations are too far and would require more than a day to cover so she recommended us to go Gapyeong, where Nami Island and Petite France are. Since I have been to both attractions just a year ago, I wasn't really very excited. But then being a Friday, time was not on our side so we just went ahead and found ourselves on the Gyeongchun Line in the morning of the very next day.

Good thing was that we added in some places that I have not went to before. Our first station was Chuncheon Romantic Market 춘천 낭만시장, formerly known as Jungang Market 중앙시장, which is a traditional market that became famous after the drama Winter Sonata. Right in the vicinity is Chuncheon Myeongdong Street 춘천 명동거리. With "Myeongdong" as its name, it is of course the shopping district of Chuncheon. Several scenes of Winter Sonata were also filmed here, but I think the main attraction of this area would definitely be the Dakgalbi Street 명동 닭갈비 골목, where you can find more than 20 restaurants serving what Chuncheon, the capital of Gangwon is best known for.

The first time I have had Chuncheon Dakgalbi was at Namiseom Dock. Then, I thought the meat was gratifying and was more than willing to pay ₩12,000 for just one small piece of chicken chop. Now when I have had the real thing, I knew for sure we made the right decision to have Chuncheon Dakgalbi at Chuncheon itself, instead of somewhere else. Both the spicy and the non-spicy were heavenly. Furthermore, the portion was bigger despite the lower price tag. Pity they don't serve other side dishes like the potato pancake I have had previously (see here).

Both Chuncheon Romantic Market 춘천 낭만시장 and Chuncheon Myeongdong Street 춘천 명동거리 are within walking distance from Chuncheon Station so we did not take the taxi or bus as recommended on travel sites. Just grab a map, walk straight from the station exit and you'd reach in about 10 minutes.

After the Gyeongchun Line was constructed, the Mugunghwa train that travelled the same route was replaced, and hence Gangchon Rail Park was set up for visitors to pedal along Bukhangang River. I wanted so much to come here last year but we didn't have enough time so I was really glad I got to visit this time round. It was also then I learnt from Lisa and Jingwen that Running Man came here before and took the same route from Gimyujeong to Gangchon Station as we did hehehe. Do note that everyone takes off as a single batch by the hour, so plan your time accordingly. If possible, try to get on the last car so you'd get to ride slowly and enjoy unobstructed view without worrying about the people behind.

Rather weird that all our pictures have the same back view of the people in front..

Jingwen treated us to the tteokbokki that Gary fed Jihyo ^.^

This also reminded me how funny it was when Jingwen and I went to get the tteokbokki and since she was keeping the change, I held on to the tteokbokki for her. There was a huge step up. I went and when I looked back down, I saw this pool of tteokbokki on the ground and I thought I dropped it. Jingwen apparently saw and thought the same thing too. It was only a few seconds later that we realised our tteokbokki was still in my hands and went laughing. "我看到 tteokbokki 在地上的时候,我的心都碎了 (my heart broke when I saw the tteokbokki on the ground)". Jingwen always say the funniest stuff. Like because only the two of us were cycling, I was really tired and wanted to give up. Jingwen suddenly mustered all her strength and said "我带你飞!" while the bike zoomed ahead. Lols!

We saw the same proposal steps on our way to Gangchon Station

By the time we reached Namiseom Dock, the sky was getting dark so we went to a restaurant to have dinner while whether to take the ferry to Nami Island or not. We had a really good but expensive pizza, and decided that because we spent so much time and effort to come here, it didn't make sense if we don't go Nami Island nor if we were to enter since it was already so late. So we asked for directions to get to the nearest Jjimjilbang 찜질방 (apparently there is only one Jjimjilbang in Gapyeong) to spend the night like how the people in Korean dramas do.

A night in Jjimjilbang cost us ₩10,000 each, which we paid and got our towels, clothes and locker keys in exchange. We bathed, saunaed, and Jingwen and I were hungry again so we each got an iced Sikhye 식혜 and two baked eggs 맥반석 계란. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough so we thought of getting instant noodles and another two eggs (they are sold in pairs) to share. It was then Lisa decided to join us for supper so we got another instant noodles and sikhye for her. But because I haven't have got enough cash on me at that time and was too lazy to go back to the locker room, I actually asked the staff if I can buy only three eggs. Ended up he gave us six eggs, meaning three was free (and that Jingwen and I had four baked eggs each that night) and additional plate of side dish! So nice right.

So after an eventful night, we finally got to Nami Island the next morning. It wasn't any different from when I visited a year ago (see here) save the Kimchi Making Experience since it was the kimchi-making season. Because Lisa is the fan of Winter Sonata, she was definitely more excited to be on the island than the both of us so she went on quickly on her own while Jingwen and I checked out the food available at the exhibition as well as around the island.

Leaving the dock..

Well, do you remember me?

I love kimchi pancakes *yums*

And the traditional red bean buns too..

After having our street bites, red bean buns and the snacks we carried in our bags, we were keeping ourselves warm at the fireplace while waiting for Lisa to come back from where she was so we can board the ferry back to the mainland when this guy came over, started barbecuing his dried cuttlefish and offering it to everyone around. I didn't know the fire was meant for a barbecue party lolol.

Byes, Namiseom~~

Alrights, I am going to bed now just in case I'd miss my alarm and wake up late again. I shall blog about Part II where we continued on to Petite France 쁘띠프랑스 and the Garden of Morning Calm 아침고요수목원 where the biggest festival of lights in Korea was held at that time we visited ^.^

Anyway, a group of Taiwanese tourists, 2 guys and a girl just entered the room. I haven't seen their faces since I am well-hidden in my pod, but I could hear their conversation clearly. It is quite funny. The girl was so kind to ask the guys if they need patches for their legs for walking the entire day. They could have just said no, but had to ask the girl why girls are so troublesome, why girls need patches for the little distance they walked etc. And the girl actually went on to explain that girls get water retention easily blah blah blah so this guy replied, "所以你水肿肿了二十多年哦?", which roughly means "you mean you have been having water retention for these twenty over years?". I burst out laughing.

And now I am like super embarrassed being caught eavesdropping,

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