Celebrate this CNY with McDonald's


One of the busiest times of the year is back again.

Annual spring-cleaning, house decoration, shopping for new clothes and CNY goodies, and not forgetting, queuing for the best bak kwa in town. The things that need to do done before we bid farewell to the Year of the Ram and welcome the Year of the Monkey, is endless, and just thinking about how crowded Chinatown is at this moment right till the first day of the new year tires me out. Thankfully, amidst the chaos, there is the trusty McDonald's who never failed to bring me joy each and every year since the launch of my all-time favourite Prosperity Twister Fries.

Simply twisty, crispy and celebratory..

Just a few days ago, I excitedly exclaimed to my elder sister, "CNY is here," and she thought it weird since I was never someone who pays great attention to festivals and public holidays, until I explained further, "means twister fries is back!". Having to wait a year before I can have twister fries again is almost like 牛郎织女 (The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd) lah lolol. And the good news is, my 牛郎 i.e. twister fries did not come back alone this year. He brought the Prosperity Burger which we are all familiar with, as well as a few new delicious-looking friends along to celebrate CNY together too.

Let's check them out:

"A flavoursome combo of juicy beef or tender chicken, signature black pepper sauce and crunchy slivered onions, in a sesame seed bun. The perfect recipe for a tasty and prosperous New Year!"

"Tantalise your taste buds with the new Pineapple Nata de Coco Pie, and sweeten your celebrations with a refreshing Yuzu McFizz and a delectable Pineapple McFlurry with Cookie Crumble!"

Last but not least, the highlight of this CNY at McDonald's,

"Tender chicken dipped in an oriental sauce, and topped with a serving of grilled mushrooms, caramelised onions and crunchy lettuce. All perfectly tucked in a corn dusted roll. Start the year auspiciously with this new succulent favourite!

The all-new Golden Treasure Chicken Burger guarantees a delightful mix of sweet, savoury, spicy and tanginess with the caramelised onions and oriental sauce. Complete the meal by opting for the Golden Treasure Feast (from $8.90) which consist of the Golden Treasure Chicken Burger with a medium-sized Twister Fries, Pineapple Nata de Coco Pie as well as a zesty Yuzu McFizz to end the meal with, and you will be entitled to redeem a specially designed McDonald's Red Packet Set too. It is only available for a limited period, and judging how cute these red packets are, I'd better get my hands on them quickly before stock runs out =x

Always remember to turn to McDonald's when you need a happy (and prosperous) meal

On the other hand, if you are just too tired from all the CNY preparations you are going through, too busy hosting parties to cook, or just want to stay at home and rest, don't forget that you can always call the fast and reliable McDelivery up. Best of all, McDonald's have came up with a couple of bundle deals that cater to different party size, so regardless of whether its a large family gathering, small party and cosy dinner, there is definitely something for everyone at the best price. Do visit McDonald's website here for more information on the available bundles.

Ending off with a cute and unique McDonald's TVC for this CNY

CNY means abundant twister fries,

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