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For people who don't know me personally, I am not someone with a lot of hair, and my three months in Korea didn't do my hair any help either, since it had been proven in a study that autumn is a season that not only brings about the shedding of leaves from trees but is also a cause in a large increase of shedding of hair from our scalps. The amount of hair I am losing each day during that period was frankly no joke. I was in despair, so much so that it was a nightmare for me to even comb my hair, for fear in resulting in more hair fall T.T Okay scratch that, I might have just been plain lazy lol.

Things got better when winter came, though my hair still remained limp and flat at the crown (as usual), especially after a long day when the roots turned extremely oil due to the dry condition. That is one of the reasons why I never get to keep my hair longer than I want to -- shorter hair gives instant body. These are times when I really wish my hair had more body and volume, and I am sure, that I am not the only woman in this world who hopes for a full head of bouncy hair that shampoo models have.

The good news is, Giovanni is here to help ^.^

So, I tried Giovanni collection immediately when I returned to Singapore last evening, and naturally I picked the Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Volume collection that was voted the "Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair" by CLEO Singapore and also "Best Volumising Shampoo" by Cosmopolitan Singapore even though first and foremost, ALL OF THEM smelled awesome. As for the result? Normally my hair would have been a little oily at the roots by morning, but this is how I look like when I woke up today. Yeah, including the make-up lolol. You mean you don't know supermodels wake up with make-up on meh? I didn't even need to comb my hair after bathe yesterday nor today morning. This is already like the best hair I ever remember waking up with.

Giovanni was one of the first natural professional hair care products, and the complete range of Giovanni products is made with nature, consisting of only the most carefully selected blends of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and oils. By that, you can be sure that there is no parabens, no sodium lauryl, laureth sulfate or any other animal by-products which can be potentially harmful to us. In addition, Giovanni is cruelty-free, pH balanced and only packaged with recyclable packaging. It is no wonder why Giovanni is the #1 selling natural hair care brand in the United States natural products industry today.

And you don't even need to visit a salon as we normally have to to get our hands on such desirable products. We can easily purchase the whole wide range of Giovanni products in Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, John Little, BHG, Robinsons and Sasa, which is practically everywhere in Singapore. If you prefer to shop online, e-store Maimee's Corner can be your answer too. Best of all, all Giovanni products are extremely economically priced between $14.90 and $15.90. I love it when we don't have to burn a hole in our pockets just to have a healthy body, healthy skin and of course, healthy hair. Since when organic products are so affordable and accessible to everyone?

By the way, I saw Giovanni while I was in Osaka too..

And no one was shopping for anything other than Giovanni

This is the Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Volume collection that I have tried so far. Tangerine Butter is known to contain antioxidants to help deliver healthy and shiny hair (and beautiful skin!) with its excellent source of Vitamin C, and is also loaded with essential Vitamins A and E which help hair stay thick and strong. Papaya on the other hand, contains a natural enzyme, papain which strengthens hair follicles and nourishes hair shaft while gently removing debris to keep hair full and strong. Together, Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Volume shampoo and conditioner for fine, limp hair will:

- Energise and boost volume
- Plump and thicken every strand of hair
- Increase lift at the hair root
- Weightlessly amps up shine and bounce
- Soften and detangles

Super fragrant, soft, light and gentle to the hair and scalp ^.^

If fine and limp hair is never your problem at all, you are not left out. Try out these other ranges of Giovanni products that are specially formulated to cater to your needs..

I look super weird in this picture yet still posted it because my hair looks freaking awesome

Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Sleek collection with Brazilian Phyto-Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil will help you discover the ultra-sleek vibrancy with its anti-frizz formula. It is suitable for all hair types including colour-treated hair, and contains Moroccan Argan Oil which is an excellent source of Vitamin E and Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. It also has antioxidant power to combat damaging free radicals that can speed ageing process. Furthermore, Brazilian Phyto-Keratin penetrates hair and skin to deliver and retain moisture, and are also rich in amino acids that are the building blocks of healthy hair. By using Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Sleek, you will be able to:

- Banish frizz and smooth every strand of hair
- Attain high-gloss shine and manageability
- Discover ultra-sleek vibrancy
- Seduce with shine and softness

Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist collection is enriched with the dual moisturizing complex of avocado and olive oil. Avocado deeply moisturises skin, and contains essential fatty acids that help restore the natural moisture in healthy hair as well as Vitamins A, C, B6 and E to restore suppleness and flexibility. Olive oil too is a natural humectant that provides the deepest possible hydration and build elasticity and tensile strength in hair. It is also rich in Vitamin E, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids to:

- Lather in moisture, shine and control
- Silken hair with softness and shine
- Deliver deep conditioning and radiance to hungry, dry hair
- Replenish hair that feels dull, lifeless and brittle
- Help prevent splits and breaks

P.S. Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Moist Shampoo was voted to the "Best Shampoo for Dry Hair" by Harper's Bazaar Singapore too!

Last but not least will be Giovanni EcoChic 50:50 balanced shampoo and conditioner for normal to dry hair, and most ideal for overworked and environmentally stressed hair. It contains a blend of organic ingredients and protection factors that revives dull hair, and balances the art of clean with moisture, manageability and protection. It is hence extremely gentle and suitable for every day usage, leaving hair perfectly pH balanced and at the same time, free from other residues.

Thanks to Giovanni, I see hope in attaining the perfect hair that I have always wanted

If YOU would like to see and experience the amazing effects of Giovanni first-hand, grab FREE samples on here while stock lasts.

Remember to visit Giovanni website for more details, and to 'Like' Giovanni on Facebook right here to participate in upcoming contests and stand to win attractive prizes ^.^

Thank you, Giovanni ♥♥

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