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Apologies for leaving my blog unattended for so long..

The thing is, I have recently decided to return to school, so I have been rather busy trying to cope with studies over the past few weeks. It was quite an unexpected, or even strange turn of events. To be honest, I cannot believe I gave up almost everything to make this major u-turn in my life either but really, I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to make things right again and I am glad my family and friends are extremely supportive. It is almost like I am finally taking control of my life now and doing not what the situation needs me to but what I want to, rather than to just "go with the flow" and accept life as it is. I know things may or may not turn out the same way I hope for at the end of this year but I will never know if I don't try, and I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering how it would have been if I did either so there, I am giving this my final and hopefully, best shot.

Anyways, here are some snippets of what I have been up to this month!
(Apart from studying, that is)

My younger sister and me on CNY!

I have also started doing voluntary work regularly :)

Dinner with Doris at Shokudo before we went for CNBlue's concert. Everything on the menu looks really good. We had a hard time deciding what we want so we eventually settled on sharing two main dishes and getting a dessert to share. The Mount Fuji Omelette Rice was actually quite ordinary, a little salty to be frank, but I love the Salmon Avocado Pizza. I can definitely foresee myself returning in the near future to try their other dishes.

Not that I am a huge fan of CNBlue but free one just go lah hor? Lols.

Dad picked these two poor kittens up from the rubbish bin when he had breakfast with a friend somewhere in Eunos a few days ago. They were left in an enclosed plastic bag, and if not for the crows that tried to defend the bag when dad's friend went near the bin, dad wouldn't have discovered these babies. Seriously, dumping kittens is already bad enough, and the person who did this actually put them in a plastic bag, where nobody could have helped nor would the kittens be able to do anything to survive. Even though they are only two weeks old, the brother was really protective of his weak sister.

We brought them to a couple of vets, and the tinier kitten's condition was so bad that the vets told us it is unlikely for her to survive. She was underdeveloped, only half the size of her similarly malnourished brother, and had problems with her skin, digestion and bones. She literally was dragging her two hind legs around. Still, we banked on the hopes that she will pull through and took great care of her everyday. Unfortunately, she passed away on Monday. Even till now as I am sharing her story I can't stop myself from bawling my eyes out. I know it may be considered to be a relieve for her and at least she left knowing that she was loved, but her life was just too short.

On a happier note, I performed at Pasir Ris Public Library for their Valentine's Day Special Showcase last Sunday. It had been a long time since I was last on stage, so both my playing and singing were a bit rusty T.T Let's hope I fare better for other upcoming performances.

In case you are following my posts on Korea, rest assured that although I probably won't be able to blog as frequent and regularly as before, I will still squeeze as much time out as possible to continue sharing about my trips as well as keep this space alive.

Okay, time to sleep,

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