Della 我爱你恋习曲 {I Love You} 2016


Went to 丁当 Della's concert last month and it was fabulous

To be honest, I wasn't a fan of 丁当 Della right from the start. My impression of the singer when she first debuted was true enough, this one can really sing but she is really too loud for my liking. Yes, her pitching is most definitely impressive but in my opinion, to 飙高音 without any power control is screaming, not singing and this kinds of turn me off, especially when I heard her rendition of 我是一只小小鸟. I admit that was rather judgmental but yeah, it was why I stayed away from 丁当 Della. I was so biased that I didn't notice she changed and had became a better and even better singer through these years.

Take for example, one of my favourite songs by her, she can sing and emote so well that she does not even need to resort to screaming techniques and high pitches to evoke emotions in her listeners.

Skeptic before concert, supporter after concert

One reason why I prefer Mandarin to Korean concerts is because they allow audiences to take pictures and videos with our phones. So there were some videos I took that I wanted to share right here, but stupid blogger kept insisting that the size of my videos are more than 100MB despite the fact that I have downsized it so many times that the last one was mere 8.3MB. AND THEY STILL REJECTED MY VIDEOS T.T Until Google solves the issue, this post will only have photos..

I wonder how it feels is to be dangling so high up and singing at the same time..

The lighting effect is so unique and prreeetttyyy

Of course, all decent concerts have fireworks hahaha

So after sitting through the three hour concert, I was converted to a major fan. Not just by her singing, but by her stage presence, and how humble and sincere she was both when she sang and when she spoke. I have been listening to only her songs for the past month, and is only become more and more addicted to her songs, so much so that I wish I can just focus and prepare her songs for my upcoming performances lol. It was really a pity that the concert sales was not too good despite how talented 丁当 Della is. For that, I am really thankful to Roy and Yvonne for inviting me to the concert and proving to me how wrong and narrow-minded I was ^.^

Ending of with a music video of one of her latest songs (love her hair too),

She truly beautified this simple song,

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