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I was supposed to meet up with Wendy the next day after my lunch with besties at Sun with Moon but it was postponed till a few days later as I started to feel unwell, probably because I was unable to acclimatised to the sudden change in weather and temperature. I used to be able to take heat rather well, not needing air-conditioning at all, until I came back and started to find Singapore's weather rather unbearable at times.

Anyways, the venue for our catch-up session was the newest Folks Collective branch at Asia Square, which is situated right beside Downtown Station on the Downtown Line for those who are unfamiliar with the Central Business District. Just a tiny bit on the history, Folks Collective first started off as Mart Boulevard, and after serving authentic Thai cuisines from our favourite salads to curries and stir-fried side dishes at AXA Tower for more than fifteen years, they expanded with a new outlet at China Square, and eventually opened The Grand Brasserie at Asia Square mid last year.

"Folks Collective at Asia Square combines the relaxed and casual Folks style our guests cherish with the whimsical decadence of a 1920s brasserie. Like everything we do, there is real harmony in the striking contrast between the fanciful decor - centred around a shimmering grand chandelier, and the dim of chatter and chiming of cutlery that makes up our background music (along with a little swing, of course)."

Since both of us also thought it was rather interesting that the set lunches are served in tingkats (leveled bowls; tiffin carrier), we decided to take the easy way out by ordering two of the special weekday set lunches offered instead of ploughing through lists and lists of mouth-watering menu items that usually puts us in a dilemma that gets from bad to worse as pages turned. Yup, and so we made things easier with Wendy taking Set B consisting Mini Street Omelette, Green Chicken Curry and Folks Spring Rolls, and me settling for Set A which includes Massaman Chicken Curry, Dory Neung Manao and also Folks Spring Rolls. I would recommend this method to those who are like us and would like to try a wider variety of dishes in smaller amounts so we won't bursting our tummies and wallets at the end of the meal.

Bon appetit!

Our tingkats along with beverages, Thai Milk Tea & Lemongrass Honey

Although the dishes weren't exactly remarkable or fantastic, I really love how the meal strikingly resembles one we have at home with our families, especially since I have not had a proper home-cooked meal for the three months while I was away. It was the simplicity these dishes exhibit that differentiated them from all the rest. I am similarly sure that this meal will be equally heart-warming for the people who are working hard in their offices and may not have the time to dine with their families for the longest time. The egg was a bit salty (maybe I just happened to take the part where all the salt congregated) but all of them, even the rice were delicious nonetheless.

Fearing that we might not have enough, we also ordered Truffle Fries to share. It smelled heavenly when it first arrived, but we had to return it to the kitchen for more truffle oil after our first fries because of how it tasted extremely plain - just like normal flavourless potatoes. It came back much more satisfying, and it was this kind of impeccable service that led us to topping up our order chit with a dessert to end off our meal.

It was yet another thumbs-up for Folks Collective as the Caramelized Tapioca we were recommended by the waiting staff to get was mind-blowingly good. The syrup-glazed tapioca was exquisitely sweet (but not too much), and when drizzled with salted coconut cream, it was simply heavenly. I am really thankful towards the staff for helping us decide the perfect dessert, which I would consider to be one of my personal favourites.

Folks Collective Asia Square - The Grand Brasserie
8 Marina View
01-01 Asia Square Tower 1
Singapore 018960
Tel: 6443 9820

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 11am to 11pm

Thanks for the wonderful meal, Wendy!

Alrights, that is all for now for I am really sleepy and dozing off every minute as I am writing this post. In the blink of the eye, a quarter of the year 2016 has already passed. Not only does this fact reminds me to buck up on what I am doing these days, it also highlights how I need to be more productive and try to clear my Korea, Japan and Taiwan backlog as quickly as possible without short-changing on the quality. I do cross my fingers and hope that the day when I start blogging on events that happened a year ago will never arrive lolol so it is quite a race against time right now.

By the way, I am hitting my 200th blog post and also 300,000 page visits soon - it is almost un-un-unbelievable and for that, I thank you readers for your support!

** Excited **

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