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Here's one backdated post on a gathering with XY, YT and QY immediately the day after I returned from Korea back in mid-January. We have actually planned for this meal before I departed, when XY gotten their vouchers off Groupon, so I must really apologise and also thank them for waiting this long even though they could have went without me ♡♡

I doubt anyone has not heard of Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe so it shan't require any introduction. But in case you do want to find out more about the restaurant, you can visit their website here. I wish more to share the story of my visit than to share the background stories of this restaurant haha.

To be honest, even though Sun with Moon is definitely considered one of the more established Japanese restaurants in Singapore, this was not but the second time I visited. Despite the raves and high recommendations I have heard with regards to the place, I wasn't any more impressed with the restaurant at the end of this visit than my first granted this time, I was more unsatisfied with the service than the ordinary food.

Let's start with placing our orders. So, when the waiting staff comes and is all ready to take your orders, is it so wrong to say "Can I get a US Prime Beef Steak Set"?

That was what XY did, and I thought it was perfectly normal. It was not as if she invented some new names for the item or said something long-winded like "grilled US prime beef steak served with blah blah blah", she said exactly what was written on the menu i.e. "US Prime Beef Steak Set", and the male staff who is supposedly one of the managers ordered in a very nasty tone, "you need to give me the number". &*%#$* Are you taking our orders or are we supposed to listen to your order? I am absolutely fine with the fact that as a manager, you cannot even remember the numbering system on YOUR menu but the least you could do was to ask politely.

Not forgetting the fact that he conveniently dismissed our request for green tea to be served and we had to ask the other male manager (who was tons more polite and friendly by the way) to get our drinks. Then, they took quite some time to serve our food, and when all the food finally arrived, the awful manager told us we had to leave because the people who had reserved that particular table we were seated at arrived. He was not even apologetic about it at all and we were the ones who had to ask him whether there is another table we can move to when he should be the one suggesting it to us. Faints. He was not very kind when we made payment to leave either zzzz.

Anyways, these were what we got to share amongst the four of us. I am terribly sorry I don't have the item numbers that you might require before you can place an order.

US Prime Beef Steak Set | $28.80

Frankly, I thought it was a scoop of vanilla ice-cream when it came. What? They said Sun with Moon was famous for being creative with their dishes. I wouldn't say they are until they serve beef steak with ice-cream lolol. In any case, the mashed potato was as tasteless as it looks, the beef was good even without dipping it into the accompanying sauce, and corns were just corns though they were XY's favourite. The corns, I mean.

Unagi Kodon & Yanagawa Nabe Set | $23.80

I love grilled eel and theirs was really good. Wish it was a bigger portion. The simmered sliced pork with medium cooked egg in broth paled slightly in comparison as the pork was rather tough and the broth was too seriously a little too salty. I could almost feel my hair dropping. We only had one piece of the pork each anyway. The rest were onions.

Aburi Kaisen Bara Chirashi Set | $29.80

The Aburi Kaisen Bara Chirashi Set comes with a choice of Chicken Katsu Tamagotoji or Tempura Mori, and we chose the former, which turned out to look a bit "sparse" even without having to compare it to the pictures on the menu. Similar to the simmered pork above, the chicken was a bit dry and the broth salty. It wasn't even supposed to be so watery in the first place. I already have a bowl of soup right beside my Chirashi, isn't it lol.

By the way, all four of us were unanimous in thinking that the diced ingredients, which include salmon, grilled eel, scallop and prawn, were not very fresh.

Spicy Aburi Salmon Roll (8 pcs) | $17.80

This was most likely the best dish out of the entire meal. It contains crab and avocado, and the flame-seared salmon and salmon roe combination was simply heavenly. That being said, my loyalty still lies with Koh Grill & Sushi Bar's Shiok Maki.

Avocado Soft Shell Roll (8 pcs) | $17.80

I am a great fan of soft shell crab and this item did not fail me. Though there is honestly nothing wrong with this portion they are serving, I just wish they were more generous with the avocado slices and more importantly fish roe, because they tasted really good.

Hokkaido Chocolate Mille Crepe | $7.80

Not the best crepe we have had but the chocolate milk cream was extremely rich in flavour so the mille crepe was satisfying nonetheless overall. Although perhaps it was just me who ended up eating most of it.

Sun's Tofu Cheese Cake, Matcha Ice Cream and Goma Pudding | $13.80

There was a promotion for the trio, each costing $6.80, $3.80 and $5.80 respectively, when we were there so we got it without much thought considering how we all have a sweet tooth in us. The bean curd cheese cake was refreshing at first but it turned weird after our first bites, so much so that XY thought it might be spoiled and almost went to exchange for a new one lolol. The matcha ice-cream and moma pudding on the other hand, were commendable - the ice-cream was very rich, and the latter was very unique and tasty.

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining and Cafe
501 Orchard Road
#03-15/16/17 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
Tel: 6733 6636

Apart from Mr Grumpy, I guess the entire meal experience was acceptable, though honestly I still think that their menu was slightly pricey. Not that I am being miserly. Of course the prices are justifiable with the kind of location and size they are operating at but seriously, if one is not particular about the ambiance and environment, which also will not go very far off for any food operations in Singapore, one can for sure get a lot more in terms of both quality and quantity, at the same price. And if Sun with Moon wishes to differentiate itself, they do have some work to do to improve on their service standards.

Hope my third visit will be a better one (if it happens),

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