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How do you like my new blog layout?

I suddenly thought that the previous one was a little dated so I decided to refresh my blog with a new outlook! Well, I am still trying to figure out where did my "featured post slider" went missing to, and also find a place to put my links for my other pages i.e. travelogue and music library since I have placed my favourite quote where they were supposed to be sitting at instead lol. But I am too sick of html codes for the moment so I shall blog first and hope that I get enlightened while doing so.

Albeit it was quite some time ago, I have shared about how I spent the earlier part of the day in Noryangjin Market and Yeouido in my previous post right here so following that, this post is dedicated on my exploration in the area of Hapjeong and Hongik University, featuring a "surprise encounter" that could certainly be considered one of the highlights of my entire trip. In other words, read till the end and don't skip any parts!

So upon reaching Hapjeong, I decided to take Exit #9 to check out the famous Mecenatpolis Mall 메세나폴리스몰 that houses various popular fashion brands, beauty shops, restaurants and cafes. Most importantly, it is popular because the residences above the shopping mall is said to be where celebrities such as members of Big Bang, Infinite, Beast and A-Pink reside. Not that I am interested in running into them or that I would even recognise that if I did, I just dropped by to see what is so special about this place. Apart from the fact that it was open-air (I was wondering how come the air-con in this mall was so strong) and so it was freezing in winter, nothing successfully attracted my attention. Okay, this part could have been skipped actually.

Mecenatpolis Mall is on the left in this picture, and the building on the right would be YG Entertainment Headquarters which I accidentally stumbled into while wandering around Exit #8. If you are interested in visiting this place, simply walk straight all the way from Exit #8 and you'd see this weirdly-shaped architecture and a couple of young fan groups waiting for their idols to appear, on your right. The car glass of the cars entering and exiting the premise are usually extremely tinted and the building itself looks super quiet anyways, so I really don't see any point of spending hours there for that lucky chance. Then again, I haven't been one very much into K-pop.

And hence I went on to explore the Hapjeong Cafe Street that is nearer to Exit #5 of Hapjeong Station, and continued walking all the way till I have reached another station, Sangsu and chanced upon a blue sign that directs me to "Four Season's House". Here's where it becomes interesting.

If you hadn't heard of Four Seasons House 포시즌 하우스, which is now known as Yoon's Colour 윤스칼라, it is a small cafe that features props, items, photos and filming sets from director Yoon Suk-Ho's four seasons' drama, namely Autumn in my Heart, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent and Spring Waltz. Although these dramas are some of the most famous Hallyu dramas and supposedly what started the entire Korean Wave, I haven't seen them before thus I had never planned to visit this cafe. But since I happened to be here and was looking for a place to rest my legs, I needed to spend some time here and check out what treasures they might have. I supposed they changed the name as well to cater for the newer productions such as Love, Rain.

Granted it was about 5, a little late considering it was winter, there wasn't anyone around, not even a staff was within sight. I ventured in, quite scary actually because it became really dark and I felt like I was trespassing, but I had to find the person anyway so I continued and went down a pitch-black corridor and staircase, so dark I had to turn on the flashlight on my phone to see something, to discover a brightly lit showroom in the basement. There still wasn't anyone to be seen, and I was half afraid I might end up being accidentally locked up the in the basement. But this was too great a tourist photo-taking opportunity to give up, so I stayed on and did the "necessary".

Despite the fact that I was there without an admission ticket, no one came by to throw me out of the place even till I was done taking all the pictures I needed to. I was about to leave when I finally caught a glimpse of a middle-aged lady and went after her (thankfully, it wasn't something else). I wish to give a pat on my back for being so honest, but that wasn't the main point, which is coming real soon. It was already past their opening hours but she was really kind to sell me the admission ticket. My original intention was to just pay and leave, until she mentioned that there is an upper floor so I went up excitedly.

Half-way through my exploration, an old guy came up and was shocked to see me here. Although we talked a bit on where I came from, why I was alone, whether I know who is Im Yoona etc, it was rather awkward since he obviously wanted to some work in peace. So I hastened my taking of pictures and quickly went down back to the cafe where the lady was. Then, she very enthusiastically brought me back to the basement where I have already visited but didn't dare to tell her since it was without permission lol. So I just stayed a bit longer and took a few more pictures. Not that honest after all haha.


The random guy I saw was none other than director Yoon Suk-Ho!

So, I went up to the ground floor and took outside the cafe, looking at the second floor where the director should be at, and wondering if I should go up again. As if on cue, the lights to this particular room I was staring at (see picture below) was turned on suddenly. All that went on in my mind at that point of time became, "Oh! I didn't take pictures of this room because it was too dark just now", and so I entered the cafe and asked the lady for permission to go up again. Of course, she agreed.

Also of course, I asked for a picture with the director shyly, and a bit embarrassingly when he asked how I found out who he is lolol. It was really sad my hands were shaky from the cold and the photo turned out blur T.T In the event that I successfully reinstate my featured slider, this post is going to be featured for the longest time in my blog history.

Yoon's Color 윤스칼라
12, Wausan-ro 14-gil, Sangsu-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Had the best normal-looking bread inside Hongik Station before returning home

Back to upgrading my blog layout,

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