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Visited Genki Sushi at Bugis+ for a catch-up session with Yvonne Tee a few weeks ago because the mom-to-be had cravings for some sushi!

Although she couldn't have any of the raw stuff and all she ordered were things like Tamago, Fried Tofu Skin and Deep-Fried Salmon Skin, we still managed to eat our fill and clocked up a bill of more than $50. That is a lot compared to my previous visit to the Chinatown branch where my ex-boyfriend and I only ate about $30 worth of sushi lolol. It is no wonder why I am gaining weight T.T

Grilled Unagi Sushi

Lobster Salad Sushi

Tempura Egg

Vegetable Kakiage

Chawanmushi with Crab Meat

Yuzu Sorbet

I still do enjoy ordering via the iPad and watching the trains zoom past the tracks to deliver the plates of sushi to the correct table. It is definitely nice to order any time you want without having to do all sorts of stunts to grab the attention of the service staff. On the other hand, both of us thought the iPad were placed a little too high so it was tiring on both the neck and the arms to browse through the extensive menu, so let's hope Genki Sushi will take comfort into consideration on top of speed and efficiency in their newer outlets. Can get muscle cramp one you know. And I miss the chute where we can slide empty plates in too..

Genki Sushi Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
#01-13 Bugis+
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6636 6606

Apart from the smooth and fuss-free operating system, there is sadly not much else to say about the quick-paced restaurant. In comparison to their competitors, I would say that their sushi might be somewhat the standard of what you get at Sushi Express just that it has a wider variety, and probably thus more expensive. While I do favour the Yuzu Sorbet, the Tempura Egg, Vegetable Kakiage and Chawanmushi with Crab Meat on the other hand were not so fantastic that I would visit Genki Sushi just to have them. To be entirely honest, if I am craving for variety, I will probably top up a bit more and visit Itacho instead.


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