Sophisca: 'Patriotic' Gift Ideas for Foreign Friends


Fell in love with Sophisca the moment I entered the outlet at Tamshui on my first trip to Taiwan a few years back.

I can still remember how I spent hours there browsing the wide array of interesting and creative sweets and chocolates, giggling at how daringly funny some designs can be (e.g. chocolates packaged in a way that resembles condoms, and marshmallows as sanitary pads), and ultimately having the hardest time trying to prevent myself from getting a truckload of treats back to Singapore. To me, Sophisca is simply the best place for anyone looking for the perfect gift for colleagues, friends and loved ones or at least, something quirkier and way cuter than a box of pineapple tarts and suncakes (太阳饼).

So imagine how thrilled I was when Sophisca revisited my life and presented me with a box of chocolates on my birthday ❤❤

Best of all, it was the True Words “Singapore Style” range that was newly launched in conjunction with the re-opening of Sophisca outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 3. Featured prominently within the collection are some of the most iconic Singapore architecture such as our famous Merlion and Changi control tower, and our representative colloquial like "Huat ah", "Paisei" and the now-English "Shiok"!

Curious how these tongue-in-cheek chocolate designs inspired by our uniquely Singapore culture and language looks like? Here it is!

Awwww super adorable..

It was only until Xiangchen, who was with me while I unwrapped the box, asked me what does "lobang" and "eating snake" mean that I realised these are words that only a bona fide Singaporean can understand. Here I am, all the while thinking "eating snake" was perfectly translated Chinese lol. In that case, "eating snake" should be added in the Oxford dictionary too. It is definitely way more Singaporean than the "Chinese helicopter" that half the population didn't know the meaning of before it was accepted as English. I always do think phrases like "catch no ball" makes perfect sense as well. Since "long time no see" is proper English, then "catch no ball" should be correct also what. No meh?

Anyway, I digressed lol. The point is, this is actually the first time True Words of Sophisca has been designed and created for a particular country other than Taiwan and I thought it was brilliant. Not only are they super cute and eye-catching, it was real fun trying to explain what "lobang" and "eating snake" means as well as to introduce Singlish to a foreign friend. And most of the time, they actually do think that the language we made up from our diverse culture is actually quite interesting and even humorous!

Just to share, Sophisca has just unveiled its new outlet at Changi International Airport Terminal 3 last time, and as part of the grand opening, they are giving away $10 vouchers for every $60 spent all the way up till the end of this month, June 2016.

So if you are visiting a friend overseas or hosting a foreign friend, do grab these "patriotic" light-hearted gifts so they will always remember Singapore! Steady la~


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