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I have always wanted to visit MBC Dramia but I never got to do it because it is rather far from the city (travelling time takes almost 2 hours), so rarely there will be anyone who will be willing to spend that time when they are in Korea for a tour, which is probably defined as shopping, eating, a bit of sight-seeing and back to shopping again. Time is of the essence. So it makes more sense to pack more attractions in your itinerary for one day, than to spend the whole day at just one single location like MBC Dramia.

In any case, I have told myself by hook or by crook I MUST visit MBC Dramia this time being my fourth visit to Korea, and I did! To make things better, I was accompanied by Doris and Joan, who were in Korea for a 2-week holiday. You'd probably remember them if you have read about my visit to Jeonju Hanok Village here. Unlike typical tourists, myself included, they super relax one. They don't have an itinerary, only to decide where they want to go the next day at night. So when I told them about my plans to go Baekam in the morning, they decided to come along impromptu ^.^

MBC Dramia 문화동산 드라미아 was opened in 21 June 2011 (my birthday!!) and had incorporated Daejanggeum Park 대장금 파크, another filming set that was previously in Yongin, into its domain. Spanning an area of almost 30,000 square meters, MBC Dramia is the largest historical drama open set in the whole of Korea, recreated based on historical records thus known for its authenticity and accuracy in reflecting actual structures back in the ancient times. Entrance fee is ₩7,000 per adult, but you can get discount coupons from magazines and tourist guides available at Tourist Centers.

The park features buildings characteristical of the era of the Goguryeo, Baekje, Silla Kingdoms, all the way to the Joseon Dynasty, and has served as the filming location of a whole wide range of popular dramas and movies such as Jewel in the Palace (obviously), Moon Embracing the Sun, The Great Queen Seondeok, Jumong and Dong Yi. The entire place was real huge and photo-worthy, so sadly we didn't get a complete tour around the park before it was too late and we had to rush for the last bus back to Baekam terminal. I would definitely love to visit again especially since they are building a new extension!

Seoul --> Baekam Terminal

Getting to MBC Dramia is slightly more complicated than other destinations in Seoul, so you might want to take note of the directions. Firstly, take Exit #5 of Nambu Bus Terminal Station on Subway Line 3 to get to Seoul Nambu Terminal, and there will be ticket counters as well as automated machines for you to grab your ticket(s) to Baekam Terminal. Buses leave at 20 minutes interval and the fare is 4,500 won. After you have got your ticket(s), head over to Bus Stop 18 to wait for boarding. Do get your tickets together if you are travelling with your friends as seat numbers are assigned.

The bus ride to Baekam Terminal takes about 50 minutes. Inform the bus driver beforehand that you wish to alight at Baekam if you are afraid that you won't understand the announcement when it is played and end up missing your stop. Don't worry about communication breakdown if you can't speak Korean. Just "Baekam, baekam" to them and they will doubtlessly understand you, and when you find the bus driver frantically shouting, you'd know that's your stop lolol. Alright, I am kidding although it does works. The bus will only stop at Yangji and Jwajeon before reaching Baekam, so just take note and alight at the third stop.

Baekam Terminal --> MBC Dramia

Where you'd alight won't actually look like a bus terminal, because the terminal is actually opposite =x Unless you want to grab a ticket back to Seoul beforehand, don't be distracted and obediently wait for Bus 105 at the bus stop you alighted at, where you'd notice a huge pharmacy behind. The timings from Hanaro Pharmacy to MBC Dramia are extremely limited, so plan your time and bus ride from Seoul wisely. If you are sure to have missed bus 105 (check live ETA feed at the bus-stop), taking a cab might be more worthy than to waste an hour for the next one. A cab ride will cost roughly ₩8,000 based on information available on other tourist sites.

From Hanaro Pharmacy to MBC Dramia
6:30 / 7:25 / 8:25 / 10:00 / 12:20 / 13:30 / 14:50 / 16:10 / 18:40 / 21:25

From MBC Dramia to Baekam Terminal
7:00 / 8:00 / 9:35 / 11:05 / 13:05 / 14:25 / 15:45 / 17:00 / 19:05 / 22:10

The bus ride takes about 20 minutes and a fare of ₩1,100 using T-money. By the way, I LOVE THE BUS RIDE! The bus will actually cut across narrow pathways amidst vegetation, and you'd get to see cows, strawberries etc along the way. And on the bus ride back, as we were the only ones on board, we had a great time trying to converse with the bus driver with our half-past-six Korean. He was really nice to let us alight right in front of the terminal to spare us from a bit of walking too. Koreans are just so friendly!

Baekam Terminal --> Seoul

To return to Seoul, purchase a ticket from the ahjusshi behind the ticket counter. There is no timetable nor announcement, so you'd need to stay near the ahjusshi so he will signal you when the bus to Seoul comes. Show your bus ticket to the driver as well to make sure you are on the right bus back to Seoul. Unlike the journey to Baekam, seats are not assigned on the way back.

Alright, time to look at some of the pictures I have got, starting off with the main building which we only wanted to visit the toilet before we conquer the park initially. However, from "go toilet only" to "see see only", we ended up spending hours taking pictures against the sets. I forgot about the actual fees but seeing three of us walking around, the lady boss decided and successfully tempted us into changing into these traditional costumes with a promotion of just ₩10,000 each. Not bad at all, considering the production of these costumes easily cost up to ₩2,500,000 and beyond. Strutting around in these expensive costumes certainly makes you feel good.

At first I wanted something more casual and youthful like what Doris and Joan had but I was denied by the lady boss, and given this Queen costume along with the super huge hair 어여머리 you'd see in dramas it is because I have the "right build" and a "nice" forehead as what many Koreans say though I think it is more like a friendlier way to comment that someone's forehead is big T.T

I thought I was going to like an over-dressed party attendee but the lady boss seemed to be right with her recommendation! I really love it after swapping the huge hair for a simple accessory 댕기머리 after a while because the former was mega heavy. Nevertheless, it was really an honour to be wearing such dazzling costume and I can clearly remember how I couldn't bear to take them off. I wish I can bring one home. I'd walk around in the house for hours just like how people will walk miles to catch pokemons lol.

Artistic sia, this photo =p

Joan looks more like Princess Iron Fan 铁扇公主

进城咯!Entering the City..

There are definitely many other areas apart from those I have published here. A real eye-opener and I have had so much fun here, I would certainly recommend anyone visiting Korea, especially fans of Korean drama, to give this place one day in forging wonderful memories. By the way, just to share, there is generally no filming scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays, so do visit on other days if you want to increase your chances of running into a filming set and your favourite actors and actresses. That's it!

Bibimnaengmyeon 비빔냉면 for dinner!

Omg so hungry,

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