Playbrush: Where Tooth-Brushing Meets Fun


Do you know that proper brushing of teeth takes at least 2 minutes each time?
Do you know that one in two Singapore kids has rotten teeth?

I have a fetish for clean teeth. My teeth are one of my proudest assets and the teeth, is also one of the first things I notice about someone. The moment someone talks, my eyes go straight to the teeth without me helping it, although it is not so much of whether it is perfectly straight, but whether the teeth looks clean and healthy. After all, bad teeth = bad breath. If you don't ever want to be smothered in one's foul breath, bad teeth are accurate telltale signs. Well, at least it shows you something about the person's hygiene standards.

On the other hand, if YOU are the one who hasn't been taking care of your teeth, it is certainly time to show some concern over your oral hygiene before it becomes too late. Don't you want to own a set of attractive teeth and be confident about smiling with your mouth wide? One great means to have these will be...

As an introduction, Playbrush is a brilliant gadget that turns your normal toothbrush into a gaming device just by connecting the rubber base to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The creation of Playbrush is kick starts children's path to better oral hygiene by introducing the correct way of tooth-brushing as well as by integrating gaming into an activity that children will otherwise find a chore. This not only encourages children to cultivate good habits but also stronger, healthier and cleaner teeth. Adults should totally try using it to because inculcating healthy habits, is not something exclusively limited to the kids, are they?

One thing I thought was really smart was that they developed a detachable base rather than an entire brush. When I first opened my box of Playbrush and only saw the pink base, charging cable and instruction manual, my first thought was, "wait, where is my brush?" and went on to dissect the box in search of the non-existent object. To think back, that is how well profit-driven companies have trained us as consumers. Instead of doing what these companies usually do, which is to bundle their products, Playbrush have surprised me, in the good way, by developing the item as a detachable base, which can be shared among family members, rather than an individual toothbrush, which not only cannot be shared but also require a change every few months.

In other words, this gadget is extremely value-for-money considering how the cost can be split over many years since it is rechargeable, and also among the number of people in the household who will be able to benefit from good tooth-brushing techniques. They certainly understand how it is often impossible to buy one device each especially in families with multiple children. Plus point for Playbrush.

In case you are wondering why I am using a toothbrush meant for kids, that is what I have been doing since an eventful visit to the dentist back in Secondary School, when the dentist highlighted to me the "scratches" on my teeth and told me to use a soft-bristled kid's brush instead. Hmm, what happened was that she thought I was using an adult's brush when in actual fact I was so obsessed with clean teeth that I was brushing too hard and too many times a day lololol. So don't make the same mistake as I did! But still I will recommend a kid's brush because you really don't need much force to remove plaque, and small-headed brushes have a better reach to even the hard-to-reach back teeth without knocking against your gum (I know because it happens to me T.T).

And here's my personal experience using Playbrush for the first time after downloading the free Utoothia app from the Google Play Store, or Apple Store if you are an Apple user.

Then head to the bathroom to start playing and brushing. It is so fuss-free that I can totally imagine Uncle Sim going, "SO SIMPLE!" lolol

And you should know that I am not the only one singing praises for this wonderful invention. Despite the fact that what I searched on my best friend, Google was "Playbrush Negative Reviews", nothing was actually bad. Seems like no one had anything bad to say or found any flaws in Playbrush. You can head over to Sample Store right here to read other bloggers' reviews on Playbrush too!

"I am very impressed and so is my 6 year old daughter. Trying to get her to brush her teeth for any longer than 30 seconds was always a struggle! The 2 minutes pass so quickly when she uses the play brush and asks to brush her teeth more than twice a day. I would highly recommend this product!! Fantastic!!"

"Absolutely love Playbrush. Getting our 8 year old to brush his teeth was a daily battle as he struggles with the sensation of the brush. Since we got him Playbrush, he's running into the bathroom to brush his teeth and play the game. Highly recommend this to anyone."

"Turned arguments over teethbrushing into arguments over who goes first! My children like being able to choose which of the games to play, and are definitely spending longer brushing, as well as being made more aware of the areas they need to focus on. This looks to be setting up better brushing habits, which is what we were hoping for."

Another propelling reason for you to get Playbrush right now is that by quoting the promo code PBSG2016, you can get a whooping $20 discount off your Playbrush purchase on Playbrush official website accessible via this link here. That is more than 20% off the retail price of SGD89! Furthermore, you can stand a chance to win more than $200 worth of vouchers by participating in the Playbrush Utoothia High Score Contest over here. So grab your Playbrush quick and start brushing~

And turn your teeth into a beautiful smile!

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