Regain Your Youth with Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink


"The world's biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman." ~ Chanakya

And today, we shall learn how we can protect, or even regain, this strength in just 7 days with the help of Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink!

What can Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink do for you?

It is common knowledge that once we reach adulthood, most of our cells except our skin cells, stop growing, and the cycle of cell production and replacement takes about 28 days, with the dead skin cells sloughed off and replaced by new ones. However, this process slows down with age as well as with the lack of nutrients needed for skin cells to regenerate. This is worsen when we expose our skin to ultraviolet rays, UVA or UVB from sunlight, which damages our skin cells and let to premature skin aging. While some may be busily taking in collagen in the hopes of fighting the signs of skin aging, one should note that this is insufficient as anything more than 5000mg of collagen cannot be absorbed by the body. Taking collagen is insufficient.

Furthermore, in the weather we are living in in Singapore, facial products that we pile up on our faces are insufficient no matter how diligent we can be. Oral beauty supplements thus become necessary to maintain healthy skin cells so that they can fully absorb and lock in the beneficial nutrients we apply via skincare, and in turn produce the good and bouncy skin that we all wish to possess. As such, Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is the key to unlock the various obstacles between us and our ideal skin.

Besides, Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink can also:

❀ Repair and rejuvenate damaged skin cells
❀ Reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
❀ Restore skin firmness and elasticity
❀ Brighten dull skin
❀ Tighten pores and sagging skin
❀ Hydrates dry skin by locking moisture

That is 6 pressing issues solved in just one gulp!

What does Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink contain?

❀ Young Orchid Stem Cell scientifically proven to rejuvenate damaged skin cells
❀ Litchi Seed Extract that brightens skin tone, improve skin firmness and hydrates skin
❀ Premium French Marine Collagen to tighten pores and reduce wrinkles and fine lines
❀ Sparkling Water to boost nutrients absorption

And many more beneficial ingredients to help us in our quest to beautify our skin, such as Acerola Cherry, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Olive Extract, Citric Acid, White Grape Juice, Litchi Juice and Apple Juice. Just by looking at the list of 100% natural ingredients and all the different juices you are drinking at once, you'd know this is going to be one tasty beauty supplement.

I have had my share of experience drinking and eating different types of beauty supplement in my attempt to improve my skin condition, but was never determined to continue because of many reasons such as weird taste, weird after-taste, weird texture that makes it disgusting to swallow etc. Tablets too, are never a delight to have. In comparison, Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is simply heavenly. A definite win-win where I actually like what my skin is going to like too ^.^

Tastes just like fruit juice, and a sparkling one that boosts nutrients absorption

What makes Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink so unique?

Apart from its taste of course, is magical ability of the Young Orchid Stem Cells.

Orchids have alway been used in various products to promote good health, induce strength and cure diseases since in the past by the ancient Chinese, Aztecs, Europeans and Greeks, up till today in different products for hair care, body care and skincare. However, recent scientific breakthrough has discovered the prowess of the Young Orchid Stem Cells. Not only are they powerful anti-oxidants, they also have strong anti-inflammatory properties necessary to protect the skin from environmental damages while hydrating and renewing skin cells. This thus makes Young Orchid Stem Cells an excellent youth revitaliser which works on almost all skin types.

Besides, Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is the first beauty drink in Singapore that contains Young Orchid Stem Cells. Enhanced with Litchi Seed Extract, Premium French Marine Collagen, a combination of Fruit Extracts as well as Sparkling Water, Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is extremely efficient in promoting skin metabolism and boosting nutrients absorption. Not forgetting its refreshing twist to conventional beauty drink!

❀ Highest absorption with Premium French Marine Collagen in nano-sized particles
❀ Fastest results in 7 days, with your skin being more supple and hydrated
❀ Fastest results in 28 days, with more radiant skin and tighter pores
❀ Manufactured under strict Singapore standards approved by GMP and HACCP
❀ Most delicious and refreshing beauty drink

I have always had very oily skin that becomes extremely tight and dry upon washing - the kind of skin which is extremely "troublesome" and breaks out easily. As such I have a couple of acne and pitted scars that can still be seen even with make-up (if you zoom in) but after drinking Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink for the past few days, it may be psychological effects but I do think the dark ones have lightened considerably such that they can be concealed with proper make-up. While I still do have "double eyebags", I do think that my skin looks much healthier and supple overall than before.

The product is featured on 女人我最大 too!

Get your own supply of Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink to regain your youth and bouncy skin at just $69.90 for a box of 10 bottles of goodness at Watsons, Unity Pharmacy, OG, Robinsons or Yue Hwa.

Besides retail shop, you can buy Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink online too at and what is better, is that you readers get to enjoy 20% off by entering code TSS-20OFF at checkout ^.^

Head over to Sample Store to read more reviews of Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink over here, and stay tuned to Sample Store Facebook page here for the giveaway that is going to happen next Monday, on 17 October!

Forever 18 with the help of Avalon =x

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