Back for Good


I admit my blog posts have been infrequent over the year with some months having as little attention as just one single post, and I am sorry for paying so little attention and neglecting my blog despite the support and page views which are really encouraging. It is truly heartening to know that what I share on my blog is helpful to not just people I do not know, but also my friends who happen to chance onto my blog when they were planning their overseas trip and bothered to let me know how useful they found my blog to be. Although I may not be able to accomplish the things that I wish I can and help people the way I wish I can, at least I am still helping people in a way that I can, and these efforts are appreciated. Though I definitely want to explore further options and make better use of my blog, my writing, my content.

This is to say, I am back for good. I have been rather lost over the year, wanting so much and trying so hard to find a purpose in my life, blah blah blah, but now I am ready to return back on track. I would not say I have wasted a year because time is never wasted. Even if I didn't get to achieve what I initially was aiming for, I learnt and gained so much more, not just in terms of knowledge and skills but also in attitude, in dealing with different kinds of people, in caring less about what other people think, which used to affect me a lot. I am a better and a stronger person than I was at the start of the year. Like what Sheryl has told me many times before, I am always ready to forgive and forget what other people do to me, I am always ready to apologise and make good even when this effort may be unappreciated or may be viewed as hypocrisy, but I never do the same for myself. I have been darn stringent and because I expected so much more, I constantly think of myself as a failure and as a result, have extremely low self-esteem. This gap year I took, with the encouragement from my friends, has been invaluable in making me understand this point.

So now, slightly more than a year since I set off to Korea on my own, I am ready to accept myself for who I am, ready to recognise my strengths rather than harp on my flaws, ready to learn new things, and more motivated than ever to lead a fulfilling life that values happiness and quality. I cannot believe this is only the 38th post of the year, a huge fall from 78 in 2014 and 88 in 2015. Despite this lack of effort on my part, readers stayed through and my page views continue to accelerate in a different direction from what I would expect. This has been a great encouragement and therefore, my first task back as a sideline blogger shall be to catch up before the year comes to an end! Shall finish blogging all about Korea and Osaka, and my various food escapades that have been on pending for the longest time! Intensive blogging coming up...


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