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I love sushi, I love ramen, but I have never been a fan of Japanese curry. Not until I finally gave it another chance then I understood the reason behind my lack of liking was not because Japanese curry is inferior to other Japanese cuisines but because I have never had the ones good or authentic enough, the ones deserving of its name. An that led to my not-so-good impression of Japanese curry. I am proud to say now however, that I am officially loving Japanese curry, after trying the World's No. 1 Japanese Curry at CoCo Ichibanya when I visited its Plaza Singapura outlet with XC earlier this year.

Too much for two? You haven't seen the salad yet.

Combination Salad (Egg, Corn, Tuna) | $7

For the various salad they have on the menu, you get to choose either the Goma (sesame) or Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) dressing. We ordered the salad to share as appetiser, chose the Goma dressing, and it was really good. They were generous with the dressing so the salad was very flavourful and not too dry. We finished every bit of it.

Then comes our main dishes, which we kind of over-ordered considering how our table was not large enough so we had to pull the adjacent table in to put all the food we ordered lol. Then again, we cannot say we ordered too much since we managed to finish everything on the table. Extremely full at the end of the meal for sure, but certainly satisfied and would do it again because everything we ordered was so delicious!

How ordering works in CoCo Ichibanya is that you first select the main dish from the menu, then you customise the quantity of rice, spice level and quantity of curry, before you decide whether to add on any toppings. So for me, it was:

Grilled Spinach, Bacon and Corn Curry | $11.90 ($3 as top-up)
less rice (-$1), standard portion of level 2 spiciness curry with a top-up of
Salmon Cream Croquette ($12.90 as main / $4 as top-up)
Wagyu Beef Steak ($18.90 as main / $10 as top-up)

In case you are wondering if you get to save a few bucks here and there if you order Wagyu Beef Steak Curry as main and add on the Grilled Spinach, Bacon and Corn and Salmon Cream Croquette, you don't as it works out to be the same $25.90 or $24.90 since I asked for less rice. Yeah I calculated because I have this obsession in finding loopholes in pricing strategies lolol. But the thing is, I am happy when pricing is logical, not when I figured a way to save a few cents. Just to name an example of places with tricky pricing -- McDonald's. You do save/waste a little here and there depending on how you order. Is there a name for such "compulsion"?

I am super proud of this branded "Cai Png" I created! All three toppings tasted great although if I really have to rank them, I would champion the Wagyu Beef Steak which totally melts in your mouth and give the second and third positions to the Grilled Spinach, Bacon and Corn and Salmon Cream Croquette respectively. I ordered the Grilled Spinach, Bacon and Corn precisely because I cannot decide between the Spinach ($2), Bacon ($2) and Corn ($1) so I chose the dish with all three of them combined, fulfilling my multiple cravings at the same time. For the Salmon Cream Croquettes, the first one was good but the second gets a little boring. I would recommend this to be shared instead.

XC's choice was Creamed Mushroom Omelette Curry | $13.90
standard portion of level 2 spiciness curry with a top-up of
Tuna ($1 as top-up)
Vegetables ($3 as top-up)
Chicken Cutlet ($4 as top-up)

The omelette was extremely soft and fluffy, so much so that I really regretted not ordering one for myself. Love the crispy fried chicken cutlet too. One of the things I would definitely have when I visit CoCo Ichibanya again.

CoCo Ichibanya Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
#03-73 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

You might think it was crazy for us to each spend $20+ for our own plate of curry rice. I agree. I think the staff who took and prepared our orders would think so too when they cannot even fit our top-ups on the plate and had to place them separately. The thing is, XC made the reservation at 2pm via the eatigo app so the meal was at 50% off. $10+ per plate does not sound as heartbreaking, does it? Instead, this meal had become mega worthwhile, satisfying and wallet-friendly!

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