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Final post of me in Seoul as I will be moving on to my trips to Suncheon, Gyeongju and Busan, where I headed over to Osaka from! Just thinking bout my experience travelling alone, especially in Osaka, makes me excited to do it again. I definitely want to explore other interesting parts of Korea and Japan if I have another chance to do so ^.^

A nice way to phrase what this post will be about, will be it being a consolidation of all the good food I ate, good friends I depended and good life I have led, a nice and sweet full-stop to my 3-months stint as a student studying in Seoul. But to describe this post in all honesty, it is simple one where all the random and miscellaneous pictures I have taken come together, which naturally refers to food, food and more food because I never seem to stop eating. Lols!

Sundaeguk 순대국 with Doris when I accompanied her for shopping at Dongdaemun and we were craving for some soup due to the cold weather. I know some people find sundae 순대 (pig's intestines stuffed with cellophane noodles) disgusting but I really love it. The broth was thick and flavourful too.

Having failed to find anything we like in Dongdaemun, we continued to Times Square which is connected to Yeongdeungpo Station via a large underground mall which is somewhat similar to the underground mall at Express Bus Terminal Station, which literally translate to "great place to shop". What you see at Dongdaemun can possibly be sold at half the price right at Yeongdeungpo Underground Mall!

Because we craved for hot broth in cold weather, we must be fair to crave for ice-cream when we are sufficiently warm and shielded from the cold temperature. And Doris was so particular that her ice-cream must be soft-serve (which I don't really see any difference), so instead of window-shopping for clothes, we ended up combing the mall for a softee.

Here comes New Year Eve, when I met Sheryl at Yeonsinnae and we found a cafe to catch up on her trip to Osaka, Gyeongju and Busan to celebrate Christmas. We were intrigued by their signature Singapore's Kaya Toast so we had to order one ourselves to try, and as a true-blue Singaporean who misses her Kaya Toast to bits, I must say they have disappointed me. Their bread was not half as toasted and their kaya was almost tasteless. Nothing about it comes close to the real Kaya at home.

One of the best dinners with Mr and Mrs Lim!

It was still early after the superb dinner, way before countdown, so we had desserts at this cute little cafe nearby. Bryan and I ordered the signature drink, and as an unique way of ending the year, Sheryl cursed us to get diabetes lol. It was not that bad, was it?

Sheryl's drink, which will not cause diabetes hahaha

Our pancakes to share

Odeng 오뎅 and free flow of soup before we cabbed back

Another friend arrived in Korea in the morning of the New Year so naturally, we celebrated her arrival with an awesome barbecue dinner at Hongdae! And when it comes to celebration, Mr and Mrs Lim never forget liquor.

Yum yum~

2nd stop of the night

Of course, there is more liquor. And I am not proud to say I spent the New Year vomiting and clogging up the bar's sink because the toilets were occupied and I could no longer hold it in lol. I simply can't drink.

2nd day of 2016, I met up with Doris and Joan at Hongdae (again) for dinner before we go for a Pancake party organised by Joan's friend, Robin at Lian Guesthouse. Based on what Joan told me, Robin travels the world, organises free events at local places and serve pancakes over these parties, and it so happened that Robin was in Seoul at that time so he invited Joan and us. To date, Robin and his friends have already hosted more than 150 Dutch Pancake Nights in more than 80 cities! Find out more about Pancake surfing here.

The party was fun with live performances, lots of people as you can see in the pictures and free flow of authentic Dutch pancakes that tasted amazing. And we ran into a couple of Singaporeans at the party too! So cool that we can recognise and differentiate Singaporeans from the rest just by the way we speak hahaha. I am not exactly a party or outgoing person but I enjoyed it pretty well (largely due to the food I guess). After the event, Doris and I even thought we should replicate Robin's concept and hold Kaya Parties serving real Kaya Toast too. Whatcha think?

Fast forward to me coming back to Seoul from Osaka and finding this gift, along with some Lotte vouchers from the landlord in my room. If you have missed one of my first posts, I rented a room in a sharehouse managed by Baadaa and it was one of the best things I did. Apart from my home-cooked farewell dinner with my housemates, the manager also brought me to a restaurant nearby to have my favourite mul-naengmyeon 물냉면 (cold buckwheat noodles). Okay, I think I have too many "favourite" Korean food to call them "favourite", but they are all so nice, I can't choose which one I love most..

Spotted a Pikachu at Myeongdong on my last day
P.S. this was way before the Pokemon Go hype

Took this chance to try the famous Isaac Toast in Myeongdong for breakfast. The sandwiches here are freshly grilled and made-to-order. While I didn't think it was THAT heavenly as many claimed it to be, it was definitely a great breakfast to have and the pricing is very pocket-friendly too.

Lisa, Pympon and Jingwen asked me what I would like to have before I leave Korea, and my answer was a straightforward, Yukhoe 육회 (steak tartare) so here we are, meeting at Gwangjang Market for our last dinner together despite their initial reluctance saying we should go to a nicer place for my farewell. So nice but no, I really want Yukhoe. It is basically another one of my favourites.

Jingwen also bought the mungbean pancake to share

How nice to have a friend young, innocent and funny as Jingwen

Came across this cafe at the back of Gwangjang Market so decided to take a look!

There are only 3 because Lisa initially wanted something hot to counter the cold weather, but eventually she got the same thing as us because this was freaking nice! If I visit Gwangjang Market again, which I will to have Yukhoe, I will definitely make it a point to come here for dessert.

Wefies before we bid our goodbyes

One thing I did not expect before I came on this adventure was to make all the friends I did, and I am particularly thankful to Lisa and Jingwen who approached me to have lunch together on the first day of school, and to be welcomed by Pympon who was in the same class as them previously. Maybe it is because we know we might not see each other again after we go on separate ways, maybe it is because we were alone in a foreign land, we shared and talked about everything and anything, and truly bared our souls metaphorically and literally when we will visit the Jjimjilbang together.

I was really touched they took the time out to send me off with this last dinner together despite having to prepare for examinations. It was such a foreign feeling when I hugged Jingwen and laughed at her for crying, only to find her pointing to Lisa who was crying even harder behind me. I never thought of myself as someone important, so I was really thankful, to know for sure that there are people who truly cherished me and would miss me when I am gone. At that point of time, as much as I miss my home, I wish I could stay.


Back in Singapore,

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