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Suki-Ya should not be an unfamiliar name to most of us. Even if we haven't tried it before, we'd definitely heard its name or encountered one of its many outlets in places like Tampines Mall, Bugis+ and Marina Square. So here I am, sharing the details of my first visit to Suki-ya at Marina Square with XC earlier this year. I definitely enjoyed the experience, which is why I agreed to go again not more than two months later when Janice suggested to have it at Bugis+, where I thought the service and food were honestly better. No wonder the outlet at Bugis+ is always crowded and sometimes require a waiting time of up to an hour, while the branch at Marina Square is usually empty.

Like, almost empty

While the hotpot culture is strong in Singapore, not many places offering the experience is good and affordable at the same time. How many of us can afford to go Hai Di Lao everyday? Although it is obvious the quality Suki-Ya offers is nowhere near that of Hai Di Lao, it certainly serves its function well as an economical alternative we can all go to satisfy our periodic cravings for hotpot without burning a hole in our already-thin wallets. To get started, you need to indicate your choice of 2 soup bases out of the 5 available:

Shabu Shabu しゃぶしゃぶ
Healthy kombu stock and simmered kelp
Sukiyaki すき焼き
Isa combination of soy sauce, sugar and mirin
Tonyu Miso 味噌
Tonyu combined with miso
Butaniku ぶたにく
Pork-based broth
Kimuchi キムチ
Kimchi, spicy miso and simmered vegetables

Guess what we chose?

Then you place your order for the meat - chicken, pork and beef (no fish here!) with the staff before you hit the buffet counter for the sauces, vegetables and other steamboat must-haves. You can order any number of meat portion you want, it is unlimited and each portion of the meat comes with eight extremely thinly-sliced pieces. So thin that the meat is almost translucent and require great care and high level of expertise in using chopsticks so it will not tear lolol. Alright, that was kind of exaggerated but you get my message. In Suki-Yea's defense though, the meat was very fresh nonetheless and very tasty!

Can't decide whether these are real or mere props

In case you are curious, Ponzu is actually shoyu with vinegar, a citrus-based sauce that is traditionally enjoyed with Shabu Shabu. I took that along with a dash of chopped spring onion and garlic, but that is only because my favourite Goma Tare (sesame sauce) is missing from the array of sauces T.T

Spammed wakame and udon for my Tonyu Miso soup base

All worthy hotpot must have eggs

As can be seen, the add-ons available for one's own hotpot are not exactly fantastic but these are no doubt sufficient (just think of the meat!). Comparing the two outlets, Bugis+ definitely has a wider variety of goodies. There were more vegetables and also a huge array of sotong balls, cheese balls and all the other types of balls you can normally find in supermarkets including, to my surprise, my all-time favourite fish ball with roe ^.^ Thus, if you are big on vegetables like I am, go for Bugis+ instead of Marina Square. Otherwise, all outlets should be the same for meat-lovers.

Too bad we were having lunch..

Here's our hotpot before we dig in!

Suki-Ya Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-183B/C Marina Square
Singapore 039594

There are generally a number of ongoing promotions available on their website here, so there is rarely a time one will need to pay the full price for their lunch or dinner buffet. For this visit, XC and I made our reservations via the eatigo app so each of us only paid about $13 inclusive of GST and service charge. Shocking, and extremely worthwhile despite the fact that we did not take down as many as 60 portions of meat that one of our friends said he and his girlfriend did. Not to forget that drinks were on free flow too!

Kind of craving for hotpot at this time..

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