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Kim, Janice and I attended a seminar at Goodman Arts Centre some time ago so conveniently, we decided to settle our lunch at Cafe Melba after the event ended. If I am not wrong, this was actually the third time I visited Cafe Melba, and I still love this place for its food and decor! They also just opened a new outlet at Mediapolis, but it doesn't really concern me since I am probably never going to travel so far when this one, which is within walking distance from Mountbatten Station, is so much nearer. And this is Goodman Arts Centre! Just being here makes you feel like you are super artsy. Lols.

Cafe Melba has certainly came a long way from an empty cafe no one knows about when I first came for work back in 2012, to the hipster cafe today that bookworms, foodies, music lovers as well as parents and their kids will swarm to everyday. Despite the fact that it was raining cats and dogs on the day I visited and the way to Cafe Melba was not even sheltered, diners continue to come in and the whole place, both indoor and outdoor, was totally packed. There is also a lawn right in front of the cafe, allowing the little ones to run free while the parents enjoy their gourmet coffee al fresco. How nice!

The cappuccino that Jan loved so much that she would return just for it

Jan's Full Melba Breakfast that came with pork sausage, cherry tomatoes, sunny-side up eggs (you can choose other styles), bacon, mini vegetable rosti, toast and baked beans. I love all-day breakfast, especially the bacon and the eggs, and would have ordered this if not for the toast and baked beans which I do not like. But it does not matter because guess who got the bacons? ❤❤

Kim's Chicken Parmigiana with homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, salad and potato wedges. I actually warned him against this since they use chicken breasts and I knew he would complain the chicken is too dry, but he still ordered it and did the exact same thing I said he will do. In Cafe Melba's defense, their Chicken Parmigiana was crispy, cheesy and delicious. It just didn't meet the right person.

And this would be my Crayfish Pasta with crustacean stock, capsicum, rocket and parmesan. Had a hard time choosing between this and my favourite aglio olio that in Cafe Melba, comes with black tiger prawns, Hokkaido scallops or Asari clams, but my decision proved to be one that is not bad at all. The pasta was really flavourful and they were really generous with the crayfish too.

Ordered these truffle fries late into our meal when someone else had theirs delivered to their table and I simply cannot resist. To be honest, I didn't think ours smelled as good or had much truffle to be tasted. It was pretty plain so I added salt to my fries on my own.

The not-your-typical Black Forest Cake which I didn't think would be good upon seeing how ordinary it looks, but seriously I loved it! I like how the sugar sprinkles add crunch to the cake, how the cake was soft and spongy or how there were cherries inside but I am totally okay with them when I usually remove all the cherries I see on cakes or ice-cream. Aww.. I want to try their other homemade cakes next time.

Cafe Melba Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road
#01-56 Goodman Arts Centre Blk N
Singapore 439053
Tel: +65 6440 6068

If I did not remember wrongly, the total bill with GST and service charge adds up to over $120, which was really expensive for just the three of us. But considering how much we ate, what gluttons we were and how full and satisfied we were at the end of the meal, it all became worth it. Trust me, I do foresee myself returning a number of times to try their other dishes because everything on the menu just looks so good. Maybe I will get a pizza next time -- I have been wanting to have some pizza since I started watching Friends right from Season 1. I am now at Season 8, and I have yet to get over this craving.

What would you say to some Chilli Crab Pizza?

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