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Taking a break from posts on Korea, Korea and more Korea, we are going back to food! Although technically, this is still Korean food lolol

When craving for Korean BBQ or simply just looking for a suitable place for a lunch or dinner gathering especially during this festive season, I'm Kim Korean BBQ, which is prominently located at the School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA), will certainly come to one's mind for its abundant food selection and of course, its affordability. Yu Lei and I met up for lunch here on a weekday, and while it would usually cost $14.90++, because Yu Lei had purchased a deal on a particular mobile app beforehand, each of us ended up paying less than $10, including GST, service charge and what not. Super wallet-friendly!

We did not make any reservations considering it was a weekday and we expected the place to be less crowded since people need to work on weekdays right? But when we reached at about 11.30 am, there was already a queue outside waiting for the restaurant to open its doors. Fortunately, the restaurant was rather big and thus able to accommodate the huge lunch crowd, although I do say I would prefer the tables and chairs to be packed less tightly so people can walk around with ease and without knocking into someone, some table or some dishes protruding out of the small eating space. Not the most comfortable eating place, but I should not complain for this kind of price.

In any case, the buffet bar is split into five main sections -- (1) the table of appetisers, fruits and sauces; (2) the side dishes; (3) the marinated uncooked meat; (4) the soup; and (5) the cooked food. I started off from the cooked food and honestly, I was initially disappointed as I didn't think the french fries, popcorn chicken, breaded scallop and carbonara scream "Korean". I thought of them as a ploy to make diners feel full in no time, but no proper foodie will say no to them so I did take some. And wow, ploy or not, they were delicious. My favourites from the cooked food section are the popcorn chicken and japchae! The pancake was sadly too thin to have any flavour.

Not sure about the others, but the collagen soup was super salty

While there is definitely a wider selection of meat and probably cooked food as well during dinner, I thought this was very sufficient for me already. Then again, both of us were probably the most modest diners in the entire restaurant. Everyone around us has their plates stacked with layers and layers of meat. Our plates and tables were practically empty in comparison. This actually reminded me of two particular foreign female diners who were sitting behind Yu Lei so I could see how much food they got, and suddenly when I looked again, they were gone. But because the food was still there, almost untouched, I thought they just went to get more. And they did not return. The amount of food wasted was horrendous, and I don't think they were even charged for it.

Digging in ^.^

I’m Kim Korean BBQ
1 Zubir Said Drive
#01-04/07 School of the Arts Singapore
Singapore 227968
Tel: 6238 7218

Overall, of course the authentic Korean BBQ in Korea is still the best, being both affordable and awesome, I'm Kim Korean BBQ certainly did not do too badly. It undoubtedly fulfilled the criterion for being affordable. Although the meat could be better, one could definitely do a lot worse as like some other Korean BBQ I have visited before, which were so bad that I never want to have Korean BBQ in Singapore if I have a choice. With this positive experience in I'm Kim Korean BBQ, I think I know where to go if I ever find myself craving for some Korean BBQ again.

Remember to make reservations to avoid disappointment,

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