Rhythm & Wave Student Showcase & Year End Party


After the venue was confirmed, Kim started informing the students about the upcoming student showcase and became tied up in helping all of them to choose their songs, practise, coordinate, rehearse and so on. How the showcase works is that all students who wish to take part will submit their names and choice of songs to Kim. Since there are both vocal and instrumental students, they can either pair up among themselves or Kim will allocate someone to help them to play the song (if they are vocalists) or sing the song (if they are instrumentalists). For example, in my case, I helped 8 vocal students to play 8 different songs so each of them can perform the songs they chose.

Here's one of the songs I really enjoyed playing..

Everything was going well until one fine day less than 2 weeks before the event, we realised that apart from the venue, catering and performance, the "party" was pretty much bare. While to have booked a venue like OTC Cafe and to have food catered for all the students would have normally been sufficient since it was a free event to thank all the students for their support and hard work after all, it was in fact not the case for Rhythm & Wave because we have ourselves to surpass or at least a standard we have set for the First Anniversary Party (see here) to maintain.

Very quickly, we started brainstorming what can be done to make the party fun and set aside a small budget to get the decorations as well as to prepare small tokens of appreciation for the esteemed guests. After which, I wasted no time in hitting Taobao and shipped everything directly on my own. Thankfully everything I ordered arrived on time in about 4 working days. I kind of wish I ordered more stuff though so we would have saved a huge sum of money and not have been in such a mad rush for time.

Party Hats from Taobao | Guest Board by Me ^.^

Instagram Photo Board by Me ^.^

Card from Taobao | Marshmallow Treat by Cheryl, Doris, Janice and Me ^.^
I bought 2 designs, the Santa and the Penguin. See if you can spot the Penguin in any pictures!

That's Cheryl singing with "Momo" on guitar

R W Balloons from Taobao

This will be the reception, where the guests first pick a party hat each and write their names on a white label to be pasted on the hat so all of us will get to know and interact with each other. Then they will choose either the Chalkboard or Candles we prepared as a gift. We ordered metal pieces of the letters "R" and "W", and coated them with chalkboard paint so they become actual chalkboards where one can also put up notes with a magnet!

If you noticed the pillar with photos, that is actually the partially completed "R&W through the Ages" Photo Corner where we printed and put up photos documenting the entire R&W journey from its inception in 2012, through all the public performances and showcase fun as well as the shift to a unit more than twice as big, all the way till today. We even shipped an instant photo printer and photo paper from Korea so everyone can take pictures at the event, send it for immediate printing and put up a few on the pillar to detail their involvement in R&W's journey. Touching right, got lao bak sai anot?

Time to start the show!

I also want to learn guitar

Even though there were only 2 weeks to work the magic and it was indeed a crazy period where I did not even have time to blog despite the fact that I just announced that I was back for good, I really had fun. I had fun brainstorming ideas, some funny, some stupid, some to be kept for the next party. I enjoyed making new friends, Aixia, Wanning, Shuyi and Shuling and spending time going through the songs together repeatedly so we can build some form of "camaraderie" to be in sync on the big day. I was very tired throughout the 2 weeks but I do appreciate the days and nights we spent together to make this party the success it was. The squats, the sweat, the Cinderella, the weight-lifting etc etc, have all become worth it and priceless memories to me.

Black, Red and Silver Quavers and Semi-Quavers Balloons also from Taobao

Looking forward to the next party!

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