The Final Month


Hello! How is it going?

I certainly know that disappearing for half a month was not the best way to prove the "I am back!" I screamed in a couple of posts back but phew, the past two weeks were nothing short of hectic. So do forgive me for not having enough time and energy to update as frequently as I would like. I am definitely getting old T.T

To start it off, I took up a position in an internationally-known nature conservation group and to be absolutely honest, I was really disappointed with the way they operate, which was so different from what I would least expect from a non-profit organisation. I was so confused during that period of time, from whether to accept the job to whether what I was doing was right, all the way to whether it makes me a bad person or a hypocrite who always talks about the need to save our Earth but quit the possibly only opportunity I can get to be directly involved. The whole week was hell and so within a week, with the support from my family and friends, I left. Never felt more liberated.

Then, I got busy preparing for the wedding of one of my best friends from JC, where I would be singing. And right after it ended, I got caught up planning Rhythm & Wave's Christmas Party which happened just yesterday (will be posting the photos up here when they are ready!). The whole thing was such a rush, and I could not be more thankful for the help I got from my music friends. Without them, the planning and execution could not have been such a success. Perfectionist as I am, of course I wish I had more time for all the brainstorming and preparation. But with only slightly more than a week to make this party happen, I am unquestionably happy and satisfied with what we did managed. Quite a feat!

In any case, while I am technically still without a job and that is for sure rather depressing, I am glad that I made a number of new friends and deepen a couple of friendships over the past few weeks. Not forgetting the food too...

Dinner at Joshua's place some time ago..
Though I just attended his birthday party yesterday

Introducing my new favourites at 鼎泰丰 Din Tai Fung --

红油燃面 Spicy Sauce Noodles

葱香鸭卷 Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry

蒜泥白肉 Fragrant Pork with Crushed Garlic

Was feeling very down on a particular day so my elder sister invited me to meet her at Pasarbella@Suntec City to have dinner together. Her treat, of course ^.^

Carbonara from Porsena Deli

Wolf Burger

Took some time out to meet Wendy for lunch and was reminded how well-dressed people working in Raffles Place are. Never a fan of salad, but things are different when it comes to Cedele.

Their smoked salmon is just so yums

Also had a dinner gathering with RW-mates and teachers at Cheryl's place, and hats down to her for all the preparations she made. It was one of the best gatherings, best steamboat sessions, best birthday celebration I have ever went to.

All these food pictures are making me feel guilty about not keeping my promise again to start jogging since forever, especially when I know I had eaten a lot more than what I show here, for instance all my meetups with Sheryl and Janice with or without the rest of the squad. I must get this going before the year ends!!!

I'm all about that change,

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