Tanuki Raw at Kapok


I had always wanted to try Tanuki Raw since the first time I chanced upon a picture of the mouth-watering Truffle Yakiniku Don on Instagram but I never seem to have the chance too. At times when I am in Orchard, I will be attracted to Koh Grill instead, and at times when I am in Bugis, I am frequently too disinclined to walk over to Middle Road when there are so many other food options in Bugis Junction and Bugis+ without having to be subjected to the scorching sun.

Finally, there came this opportunity when Yvonne HOO messaged me to ask if I want to go study with her at the National Library on a weekend. She had signed up for a course on Singapore Tax and was going to have her exams in a few days' time. So being a good friend (and a person bizarrely fond of study sessions) that I am *ahem*, I accompanied her and guess what? We had Tanuki Raw for lunch because it is situated just opposite the library!

Truffle Yakiniki Don | $18

This bowl of pan-seared Black Angus short rib, onsen egg with truffle soy sauce over Tanuki’s mixed rice is one of Tanuki Raw's signature dishes and it is rightly so. Even before it arrives at our table, we could smell the aroma of good food from afar and could not wait to tuck in the moment the waiter puts the bowl down. The meat was tender, luscious and savoury, and the onsen egg was cooked to perfection. Even the rice tasted amazing too!

Black Garlic and Roasted Leek Negitoro Don | $18

Although this was just as incredible in its own way, the Black Garlic and Roasted Leek Negitoro Don sadly paled in comparison to the Truffle Yakiniki Don. The chopped fatty tuna and scallions were a little too cold for our liking, almost as if it was taken straight from the freezer and as a result not as soft and pulpy as we thought it would be. Still, the onsen egg was perfect.

Salmon Skin | $5

Ordered fried salmon skin to share, though it was not as good as I would have expected. The salmon skin was a little over-fried in my opinion as it was so crispy that it lost the natural taste of salmon skin and became slightly bitter instead. The garlic-lime chilli sauce was not fantastic either and both of us thought the two does not really match. Maybe lemon and mayonnaise would be better?

Tanuki Raw at Kapok
111 Middle Road
01-05 National Design Centre
Singapore 188969

The price I have indicated above is the usual Ala Carte price, but because we visited during lunch time when there is a special lunch menu, the Truffle Yakiniki Don and Black Garlic and Roasted Leek Negitoro Don were only $14.80. There is also an option to add miso soup, mixed green salad, and green tea for just $2 although we did not do so since we went for the Salmon Skin instead. Overall, I would say that the Truffle Yakiniki Don did not disappoint and fully satisfied my overdue craving. I would definitely hope to visit again, perhaps their Orchard Central branch instead to try their famous Tanuki Kaisen Chirashi and maybe the Salted Duck Egg Char Siew alongside with some other side dishes such as the Sweet Potato Truffle Fries and Fresh Oysters!

Can't wait,

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