It's a Brand New Year!


Hey guys!

Cannot believe it has been a month since I last updated my blog. Time flies by so fast when you are busy! Just not too long ago did I went to work with a bad headache, dizziness, muscle ache, cough, flu and sore throat for two days before realising I was having a high fever of 39.5 degree Celsius, and ended up on medical leave for two days over the eve of Chinese New Year..

Definitely not the best start to a brand new year. It looks like the 2017 predictions for Horses are pretty accurate -- that I will overwork and my health will bear the brunt. Nevertheless, I am still pretty happy with how things are going so far. There is no doubt every single is wheezing by with me struggling to catch up on everything that is going on at full speed, but this gives me a sense of fulfillment that I am fully utilising my time and doing something meaningful. For instance, apart from voluntary work, I took up some freelance work where all the money I earn will go to charities. Starting from this month, I will be donating $150 a month, out of which $30 will be to the Cat Welfare Society and $20 to ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre. This does not sound like it will make a huge impact, but it is a step towards what I want to do in/with my life.

Other than work, I will also be there when my friends call too..

When they get married, for example

Making faces while waiting for guests to arrive at the registration table

video A table of ex-WP employees having fun

Or when a friend needed a few of us to food-taste for a new venture..

Looks good yea? My favourite was the Pesto Pasta ^.^

When my cousin treated me to lunch and I had smoked salmon sandwich *yums*

When we had louhei at work -- this is just one out of the 20 or more yushengs we all had.
Buffet lunch was catered after the louhei session!

And when there is another steamboat session at Cheryl's place..

Got abalone, big fat scallop, fish maw and my new favourite, pearl corn ^.^

Of course we had louhei too. This was before -- check out the salmon O-M-G

And after, with new achievement of flying chopsticks unlocked

To end off the post,

A picture of IKEA hot dog to signify the day when I suddenly felt the need to decorate my work desk. I did not find anything nice and got a hot dog instead so it won't look like a wasted trip lolol. Now that a month has past, I am proud to say that I am LOVING my work space. This is the first time I ever wanted and put in effort to decorate my desk (my past desks were all clean and empty, as if I am absolutely ready to leave), and I hope this is the start of something good! I should totally take a picture when I am free.

Ain't Chinese lucky to have Lunar New Year to try again in case the New Year didn't turn out as per our resolutions?

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