An Overdue Life Update


Got a overwhelmed with work so decided to take a break by leaving office earlier today and revisit my blog!

I was really pushing myself very hard previously, trying to achieve a goal I have set which to be honest, was rather impossible. And now that I have confirmed that it is indeed unachievable, I decided to take things slow, be more patient with myself and keep in touch with my personal life. It would be a lie to say that I am not disappointed but I will persevere because I know I will get there one day. Here I am now, although still trying to juggle between work and life, I am definitely getting better and starting to close the various tabs that have been left opened on my brain for the longest time. So besides being productive at work, I was productive with life too!

AND THIS REMINDS ME.. how lucky I am. A particularly unforgettable event was during the day of my TOPIK exam, when I had to grab a cab because the MRT was super duper slow and I already missed the last shuttle bus that will bring me to the examination venue. I was still a few minutes late, but thankfully I was allowed into the examination hall and thankfully I still remember my Korean even though I did not have time to revise. I am quite confident I will get a Level 2 considering I have already done Level 2 back in Sungkyunkwan. Side note, the invigilator was super cute!

Anyway, I completed the examination and happily took the shuttle bus back to the MRT station when I realised my EZ-link card was missing. As my EZ-link card doubled up as a debit card and an office card key, I was super scared and so nervous that I literally poured everything in my bag out in the station. Then I went to the Passenger Service, nothing. Called the Korean School, nobody picked up as it was a Sunday. Report the loss to Citycab, nothing found. I was at a loss and spent an hour pacing around.

Just then, I received a call. Even though I had no idea where I dropped my lanyard, I knew the caller was the taxi driver even before I answered. I wanted to go and find him but because he was very far from where I was, he told me to wait at the MRT Station where he picked me up earlier. Wasn't that really nice? So while waiting for him, I thought, if I hadn't happen to have a namecard in my lanyard, would he have managed to contact me? If I had taken the Grab that I was about to book before this cab miraculously appeared, would the outcome have been the same? If I hadn't taken the front seat, would another passenger pick up my lanyard? If I hadn't strike a conversation with the taxi driver, would he have remembered me and offered to drive all the way back?

And I know I am lucky, the moment a blue Comfort cab drove into the Taxi Stand. I am lucky because Citycab and Comfort share the same Lost and Found portal so even if the driver hadn't get to me before the lost report gets to him, I would still be able to locate my lanyard. I was SO SURE I flagged a yellow cab. I should get my eyes or brains checked.

Moral of the story, when you are nice to people, people will be nice to you and things will naturally go your way. The driver could have insisted for me to go find him or to just bring the item to the Lost and Found where I could pick it up, but he chose to make things convenient for me. This also got me thinking, that when you start being grateful to even the tiniest things and understand how things would always work out in the end, you will realise that you are actually very lucky in your own right.

Okay, end of preaching. Pictures time!

Had an art jamming session for my work retreat, and the studio facilitator was totally nasty to me. Not recommended.

Small token for myself when I crossed the 3-month mark at my job!

Lunch at a halal tzi char stall near Tampines Round Market.
Not a fan of hotplate tofu before. Fan of hotplate tofu after.

Waffles at Crooked Cooks is surprisingly good!

Saw a pizza vending machine and decided to give it a try
Verdict: Not enough for 2 girls. I was so hungry just a few hours later!

Introducing Grumpy, the SUTD cat!

Performance at Madcow Ice Cream & Music Cafe.

Record number of concerts I have been to in just 3 months:

Dinner with Yvonne before the FT Island concert at Old Town White Coffee
My wanton mee was alright, but Yvonne's noodles look like a real disappointment

Met up with XY and QY on a weekend for lunch:

At Open Door Policy where we ordered the Spiced Avocado King Prawn ($30) and King Crab Eggs Florentine ($30) to share amongst the three of us and our order was initially refused because it was "too little" even when we were taking the counter seats that nobody wants. The waiter ultimately gave in after a long debate in which we pointed out that there was no notice in the shop or on the website indicating a minimum order. The dishes weren't anything impressive or worth the price anyway :(

So we went over to Bigmama Korean Restaurant for a second round. The Kimchi Stew we ordered weren't exactly great. I have definitely tasted better even in Singapore, which was why I just stuck to eating my Haemul Pajeon (seafood pancake), which I forgot to take a picture of HEHES

Hitched XY's ride to city and saw a cute balloon exhibition at Marina Square

Real or Fake?

Never knew Prima Deli has such nice cakes! Salted caramel~~

Finally, a toast to my greatest love -- Coffee,

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