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It has been more than a year since I returned from Korea, and I have been seriously craving for Korean cuisines for the longest time. Time to time when I watch Korean drama, I would wish to have the Japchae (Korean glass noodle stir-fried with meat and vegetables) the actors are having. Or when the weather was extremely hot, I would wish to be served a bowl of ice cold Naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles).

But I rarely get my cravings satisfied. While it is true that there is definitely no lack of Korean restaurants springing up in every part of Singapore, the taste is just different what the authentic ones I have had in Korea and sometimes, it can be nowhere near at all. I grew skeptical of Korean restaurants and eventually stopped trying. Each time someone asks me to recommend a Korean restaurant, I just don't have an answer.

Or at least it was the case until now, when I would be confident to recommend to anyone craving for Korean dishes like me or anyone just wanting to try Korean food..


Seoul Jjimdak is a relatively new restaurant found on fifth floor of City Square Mall. As suggested by its name, the restaurant is most well-known for its Jjimdak (Korean braised chicken) although the picture I have above is one of Budae Jjigae (Korean army stew), which is also frantically gaining popularity amongst the diners. While I was there, almost all the tables each had one huge delicious pot of army stew cooking.

Qian Yun, Xing Yi, Yee Teng and I met up last weekend to celebrate my birthday and thankfully, we were early and had a table reserved for us because the restaurant was almost full even before 6 pm. YAYYYY because it would have been a torture for me to see all the mouth-watering pancakes and noodles served while I stand in line hungrily. I would not have been able to guarantee that I will not spring onto any staff delivering those yummy-looking dishes to the diners.

Immediately, we were brought to our seats and started ordering while regretting not bringing more people along to share all the food we wish we could order without having to worry whether we would be able to finish everything. The menu is simple, but it had all the Korean food I had and would have craved for..

Did you spot the wifi password?

But obviously, our stomach space was limited and we could not order everything on the menu as much as we wished we could. Just as we started looking at the first page of the menu, we could not decide between Jjimdak and Jjigae and the dilemma continues for the rest of the menu. Seeing how difficult it was for us, the staff recommended us to get the Jjigae and order the mini boneless Jjimdak on the second page. That was really thoughtful in my opinion and we heeded her advice, along with our choice of Stir-Fried Japchae and Seafood Pancake to share.

Well, you definitely must read on in order to check our food out but I thought I'd showcase first a mandatory "drink to our 10 years of friendship" shot and a selfie with Xing Yi after putting on the apron the staff had very kindly reminded us to put on because both of us wearing white. For the record, we did dirty our aprons so thank you for being so meticulous, Seoul Jjimdak!

Demi Soda in Grape, Apple, Lemon and Peach

Our favourite is Lemon! Which one would you prefer?

Free flow of Banchan (side dishes) which were so gooooood that we were already impressed even before our orders arrived. According to the staff, all the side dishes were prepared in-house, except for the Kimchi which was imported to ensure its quality and authenticity. True enough, the Kimchi was potentially the best I have tasted in Singapore. All of us were practically in love with it. Oh scratch that, we love all eight side dishes available at Seoul Jjimdak.

And here comes our mains!!

Army Stew | $36.90

Definitely a big enough serving for the four girls we are and the perfect choice for any groups with members of different appetite. QY had been a fan of Budae Jjigae so this was good for her. For the rest of us, YT had the tteokbokki she had initially wanted to order (but I would never have agreed), XY had tofu (which I would not snatch from her) and I had the pork belly and luncheon meat *cheers*. The home-made Kimchi broth was also extremely flavourful with the level of spiciness just nice for all of us.

Portion painstakingly plated specially for me by XY

Must take selfie to commemorate the rare occasion

Mini Boneless Jjimdak | $15.90

The Jjimdak here is slightly different from the Andong Jjimdak I have had in Korea but nevertheless just as delicious or perhaps even more tasty considering the fact the recipe was tweaked to assimilate "the unique Singapore flavour". A bite in was an burst of a variety of flavour, from mildly salty to sweet and also to spicy due to the died chilli. The fact that the braised chicken is boneless is a plus point to me, and the dish continued to amaze with the succulent and well-marinated chicken and the soft and luscious potatoes and carrots. The gravy was so good we drank it too lol.

Super tender ♡♡

Stir-Fried Japchae | $12.90

All four of us went "waaaa" when the Stir-Fried Japchae arrived at our table. Possibly due to the fact that we were hungry and really excited to try the food here, but certainly also because it smelled and looked SO IRRESISTIBLY APPETISING. I always find it hard to say no to japchae and this one does not disappoint at all. Compared to its plainer counterparts in Korea, there were mushrooms and bits of the same succulent chicken on top of sesame oil and garlic, added in for a richer flavour. Worth every moolah and calorie count.

Seafood Pancake | $18.90

Last but not least, the undisputed favourite dish of the day, the classic Haemul Pajeon. XY and I have always been Seafood Pancake lovers, ordering it from place to place and being disappointed from place to place. This one, however, threw us all up to heaven. It consisted of prawns, squids and spring onions, and was extremely well-fried with nice golden crisp around the edges. We cleared the plate in no time. When YT asked us to finish the last slice, none of us was paiseh (embarrassed) at all and being nearest to the plate (I keep the best dishes close to me lol), I got the last piece!

Don't forget the dipping sauce

Seoul Jjimdak
180 Kitchener Road
#05-04 City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
Tel: 6634 2668

In overall, we enjoyed our time and our meal at Seoul Jjimdak very much. Thank you, Seoul Jjimdak for satiating my appetite and for the remarkably attentive service rendered to us. The staff was constantly on the ball, and would always be around to handle our queries and offer help even before we asked. Without a doubt, I would return again when I am craving for a hearty Korean fare, when I would like to reminisce my hiatus in Korea, when I want to try the other dishes on the menu such as the Naengmyeon I had been wanting to have, or even when I am just in the vicinity.

Go Seoul Jjimdak,

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