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"The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever seen before." - Albert Einstein

Starting off the brand new me with a brand new blog!

As mentioned in my the last post of the old blog (which should be deleted by now), on the second occasion I met a blogger whom I got to know at another event, she told me, "you look way happier now than when I first saw you". It was a simple statement which probably did not mean as much to her than to me but I noticed how she was more comfortable with the happy me and vice versa. I didn't say much then and just gave a silly answer but in my heart, it was then I began to appreciate the fact that my emotions does affect the people around me.

This blog had previously started off with the wrong reasons. I was admittedly the spiteful me having encountered betrayals and gotten my back stabbed by some politics-loving creatures, and I swear you would have seen traces of my fangs showing here and there in my posts if they still existed. The point is, I have matured and benefitted from this lesson by learning to be more discerning, which is why I wish to let go now and start anew.

I had since decided to delete my posts and had my blog revamped because I fully intend to continue blogging in the long run and I want my readers to be happy when they are here. After all, who likes emo queens? This will lose memories and hilarious moments (no? I thought I am quite good at being funny?), but we will create greater ones together. The new and improved blog which I deem as a reflection of my actual life, will represent and pave the way towards more interesting posts and its commencement will be dated 01 December 2013.

Dear Readers,

I really wish to thank you for your continuous support all these time while I was down and I hope you are happy to see me letting go all the resentment and other bad feelings I had in me so as to move on with my life to be myself, positive, cheerful and contented. If you ever had to faced such situation and I do pray not, remember that others can say what they want, analyse you and predict your downfall as if they are someone superior. There are always people like that. But I want you to know that you are absolutely awesome. Don't let anyone tell you different ^.^


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