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So we spent our first morning at Chatuchak Weekend Market as well as Or Tor Kor Market then proceeded to Union Mall. It was no doubt our hands were full from all the heavy shopping very soon and thus time to return to our hotel for a short rest before we go over to Siam Square for dinner. And when one is willing to walk all the way to Siam Square just to have dinner, it definitely means Ban Khun Mae.

A friend brought me and my bf here precisely a year ago and we thought it a great place to sample mouth-watering Thai dishes at an affordable price. Not forgetting Ban Khun Mae is widely recognised by all, locals and tourists, and is conveniently located at Siam Square which is easily accessible via the BTS. One would also be happy to note that Ban Khun Mae opens daily from 11 am to 11 pm hence definitely a great place to stop by even for supper after a day of shopping or to replenish your energy before hitting the night market!

Let's check out the items we ordered! All highly recommended and delightful despite us not knowing what are the signature dishes we should order or even perhaps what we should avoid. I highly suspect that no matter which option our fingers picked, it will surely comes out exquisite.

Our first proper meal in Bangkok! Excited~~

Young Coconut | BT70
Old-Fashioned Iced Tea | BT60

The Chayen was one of the best we have tasted and thoroughly loved, and I would prefer it to the Young Coconut anytime although I rather think they should rename the iced tea "traditional" rather than "old-fashioned". But its name doesn't matter as long as it tastes awesome, does it?

Baked Rice in Pineapple | BT100

Sorry for the blur picture here. This photo is really a misrepresentation and surely did not live up to how good this dish was! Sweet and savoury, I have never taken pleasure in eating rice this much before, so much so that I was prompted (but was stopped by bf who gotten white rice instead -.-) to order another plate of the same immediately after my first mouthful.

Deep Fried Marinated Chicken | BT120

Deep fried marinated chicken (did I mention boneless? *thumbs up*) wrapped in pandan leaves which had us hanging over its fragrance, and served with the Thai chilli that was absolutely sweet and accentuated the lusciousness of the meat. THIS is the definition of scrumptious.

Shrimp in Sour and Spicy Soup (Tom Yum Kung) | BT170

Once again, another inviting dish served up on our table although I would prefer less galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves etc that I had to fish out. You know how some Tom Yum are tasteless whilst others may be too overpowering, but this one had skilfully hit the bull's eyes when it can actually leave all three of us on the table satisfied despite our substantial differences in our tolerance for spicy food, and my bf scowling at me when I let the waiting staff clear the bowl that apparently still has another spoon worth of soup left.

Deep Fried Mushrooms with Crispy Garlic | BT140

Don't underestimate this simple dish. It was surprisingly good. Crispy yet juicy, not of oil but of the mushroom, it was so good that we ended up a big fan of mushrooms and were ordering mushrooms almost everywhere we went for the next few days. And of course, I love the garlic!

Minute-Fried Water Spinach | BT80

I have no idea what they meant by "minute-fried" but nevertheless, this is another flavoursome dish although it proved too spicy for bf (perhaps it was his excuse to not eat vegetable) so it was shared between just mum and myself for the better. I love the vegetable down to its sauce!

Taro Ball in Coconut Milk | BT40

Mum ordered this for her desert and I would have too if not for the fact that I was craving for some mango sticky rice, even though I had always been a fan for ice cold deserts rather than warm ones so you can really tell how delightful this one is!

Water Chestnut Dumpling in Coconut Milk | BT40

This was bf's desert. I thought it paled slightly in comparison to the taro ball and sticky rice but I really like how crunchy and cute the little red rubies (water chestnuts) are! I would prefer to have less ice and more coconut milk for a more nectarous experience though it might just be me since I am one for extreme tastes.

Sticky Rice with Ripe Mango | BT150

Last but not least, my favourite desert! Well, my favourite desert in the land of smiles, but for Ban Khun Mae I would think it to be the Taro Ball in Coconut Milk instead although one really should not give this one a miss. The mango was extremely sweet (in a good way!) and the sticky rice so awesome it deserves to be a desert on its own. I actually hoped to be able to trade the mango for more sticky rice!

That is about it! Total bill came up to a really nice number of BT1111, which is about SGD44 or SGD15 per pax which all of us thought was definitely worth it considering the quality of the food and environment - there were even live performances (where bf and I note some pitching issues lol). Another thing I really like about this place is that the dishes are probably prepared order by order, which means all our food were served one after another so we can commence our dinner in entirety straightaway without scenarios like having to wait for the rice till our dishes get cold etc although that leaves me less time to take the photos before someone scowls at me in hunger (which probably explains the blurred one =x).

So if you happen to be at Siam Square while you visit Bangkok, which I really think why not since it is somewhat like the Orchard Road of Bangkok with at least five major shopping centres and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in the immediate vicinity, remember to pay a visit to Ban Khun Mae which is just a lane down from BTS Siam Station, right opposite Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square. You won't regret it!

Ban Khun Mae Restaurant
458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road,
Patumwan District, Bangkok 10330
Tel: (662)250-1952-3, (662)658-4112-3

When all else fails, consult the Google Map. Search "Ban Khun Mae" and you will get directions from wherever you are!

Find out more about my BKK itinerary here,

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