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This Bangkok trip with mum and bf is meant to fulfil my part as a filial daughter who brings her parent overseas lolol as well as to celebrate our 2-year anniversary respectively (I am not rich, so I have to do it together lol) but I shall leave that to the next post because I am going to share on our staycation first since it happened a few days before we set off to the land of smiles. Actually, I rather think it is more of a "Kitchen Day" than a staycation because we just spend the entire day cooking, then eat and watch tv, and then it is probably time to prepare for the next meal again. Seriously.

Like you start preparing breakfast at 9 am, by the time you are ready it is almost 10 am, then when you are done eating it is possibly 12 noon (since you are watching tv while eating) and that is probably time for you to begin cooking lunch already. Is that really what humans do? Cook, eat, cook, eat, cook, eat and then knock out?

Anyway, here is what we had throughout the day,
that is, the more successful ones =x

Coffee and... (you can probably tell how bad I am to have to include coffee in this list)

My version of big breakfast!

I was challenged to cook without oil since my family does not cook with gas hence had no need for cooking oil, so I got bacon and used the leftover "fats" to cook the eggs. Not sure how (un)healthy this is though but if you are like me, one who don't know how to cook, bacon is really surprisingly easy to prepare. Just flip here and there then you are done, and yet this is the first time I am actually cooking (with an induction cooker) =DD

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Black Pepper Chicken Wings, Fish Fingers and Seaweed Chicken (my favourite!)

Perhaps old habits die hard, I still prefer cooking these frozen food with my almighty microwave to the new and shiny induction cooker. Although the packaging do not usually inform you that these food are microwaveable, trust me they are. And with the formula I discovered after numerous trials, no one will ever tell you "fried ones taste better" because mine are just as juicy and crunchy! You want to know the secret? The word is "defrost".

You may think "duh?" but not many people realised this function and its importance in a microwave. So lets say you are preparing 100g of seaweed chicken, just defrost accordingly and add two minutes of normal cooking after that, and ta-dah, your crispy, juicy, as-good-as-fried-but-without-oil seaweed chicken is ready!

Campbell Minestrone Soup
I prefer their oriental selections though..

Bf didn't believe eggs can be scrambled without oil

Hot Chocolate for tea break!

This one is really yummy and I am sure I will be preparing it again in the near future especially since I kept the whole bottle of Nutella to myself in my own room! Just heat a cup of milk with a tablespoon of Nutella and you are done. I added a spoon of vanilla ice-cream in the pot too for the ice-creamy texture, then topped another big spoon again in the cup since I thought marshmallow will be a great addition but I didn't have marshmallows haha

More Garlic Bread =D

That is about all we had for the day without mentioning some failed attempts at grilled salmon as well as choco-banana pancakes and the tons of vanilla ice-cream we had while watching a movie. Nevertheless, it is always enjoyable to prepare a meal for your loved ones and even better to do so and then savour the fruits of your labour food together. Thus if you ever find yourself wondering what to do for your next date, do consider ditching the shopping malls, and put on your aprons instead. Satisfaction guaranteed!

For more 11.01s to come,

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