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So like what I have indicated in my previous post, I am going to blog more about my Bangkok trip right now! Bear with me if I am including information you already knew.

From Suvarnabhumi Airprt to Amari Watergate Hotel

By the by, if you are considering the need to data coverage, you can consider purchasing SIM cards at DTAC or ASI booths which are situated at Exit 7 of the airport. The SIM card is priced at BT299, and includes 7 days of unlimited data usage and a credit of BT100 for calls. This will come in handy should there be a possibility you and your friends might split to do your own shoppings, or if you need to consult Google Map for directions from time to time.

Right in front of the booths there will be escalators leading down to Airport Rail. The route and timetable are available here. You will see the Express Line, the non-stop train from Airport to Makkasan or Phaya Thai (BT150), first when you reached the bottom of the escalator. Continue walking straight and the City Line (BT15-45) will be around the corner. A trip to Ratchaprarop, which is situated at Pratunam, will take less than 30 minutes and cost only BT40. I am so glad I took the train because it is way cheaper and faster to get to the city than a cab

After checking in our hotel, which is about a 8-minute walk from Ratchaprarop station, we grabbed a bite, briefly visited the night market at Pratunam and quickly went to bed knowing that we had to wake up early the next day. We are going to Or Tor Kor Market!

Or Tor Kor and Chatuchak Market

To get the feel of taking public transport in Bangkok, we had a morning stroll down Petchaburi Road to take sky train from Ratchathewi to Mo Chit BTS Station (BT37), where Chatuchak Market begins right outside Exit 1 or 2 of Mo Chit. We entered from Gate 2 and slowly shopped our way out at Gate 1 where Kempheng Phet MRT Station is situated. Or Tor Kor is located at Exit 3 of Kempheng Phet.

Or Tor Kor is one of the best fresh markets in the world and they are every bit worthy of this title because they have an incredible range of fruits, vegetables, meats, and even clothes and souvenirs, as well as cooked food and snacks. Or Tor Kor is also probably the cleanest market I have visited, but as they are considered a rather upscale market where the rich visits regularly, you can expect the prices to be slightly higher than at elsewhere. Nonetheless, you have to buy mangoes here at Or Tor Kor because they are so fresh, sweet and delicious! Mum bought three mangoes (1kg) at BT150 and they were so good, we really regretted not buying more.

We went back to Chatuchak after some light snack. I have heard sayings that there are nothing much at Chatuchak but boy there are so wrong. It is either they didn't have the map and thus shopped at the wrong section, or that they went on the wrong day since the theme various on different days of the week (see here). We were also quite lucky that the weather was not as unforgiving as what others might have experienced. Can you believe it was only 18°C? And yes, I am so kiasu I check the weather forecast to plan the day accordingly lol.

Anyway, I really liked Chatuchak and would love to shop for a longer period if not for the fact that we need to find a place to rest our tired feet. Things are very affordable here: my mum bought 3 blouses at BT550 (SGD22), my dresses cost only BT200 (SGD8), hairbands at 12 for BT100 (SGD4) and the best deal will be my cute hairclips which are only BT5 (SGD0.20) per pair! Bf, on the other hand, claimed that the sewing gadget he got at just BT50 (SGD2) is without doubt the best find for the entire trip. You can also visit JJ Mall if you are in need of air-conditioning, but do not forget to try the Pork Chop Bun, Roast Pork and Coconut Ice-cream at Chatuchak first before you decide to leave this heaven!

From Chatuchak Market to Union Mall

Mum was guilty bf didn't buy much and spent most time shopping with us instead (although I highly suspect bf just didn't try hard enough) hence suggested to proceed to the next stop, Union Mall. So we went back to Kempheng Phet MRT Station and took a train to Phahon Yothin. Union Mall is directly located at Exit 5. I don't really remember the fare, but I do know that it is not at all worthwhile to take the public transport (with exception to Airport Rail) when you are travelling around in a group when metered cab fare can be much cheaper and comfortable.

Union Mall is a good alternative from Platinum. They does wholesale as well, and the goods and pricing are catered to the younger crowd since it is in close proximity to a university. There is also a market outside the mall everyday from 5 pm onwards where one can find a wide range of fashionable clothes, accessories and such at very affordable prices. I didn't buy much though as we promised to look at the men's stuff instead. Besides, I quite left my heart at Chatuchak and mum is quite judgemental with the clothes I wanted to buy ='(

Of course, we wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have some root beer float at A&W! Bf was so nice to have upgraded all our drinks to root beer float instead of the normal soft drink without us asking when he went to place order. I love curly fries too!

We took a cab back to our hotel (less than BT100) and rested for a while before heading out to Ban Khun Mae for dinner. If you do not wish to walk the long walk from Pratunam to Siam Square, do take note that you can take a free gem car at the alley along Siam City Bank, near where The Residence Hotel is. The buggy will bring you all the way in and drop you at Siam Paragon.

So these are my hauls on the first day! Not much actually but I am lucky mum eventually slacken up the next few days and let me buy more clothes than I will ever need. Everything here are from Chatuchak and I am loving my floral dresses!! I gave the brown one to my younger sis as present though.. Oh, the cat shirt on the left and tribal tank top on the right are just BT100 (SGD4) each! I am so going back to Chatuchak again, perhaps I will rather stay near Chatuchak than in Platinum next time! And below is the sewing gadget bf is so proud of...

Pratunam Morning Market

We woke up extremely early the next day to shop the Pratunam Morning Market, which is opened between 5 am to 9 am. You will be surprised to find many tourists and locals waking up at this hour just to visit the morning market because the clothes are very fashionable and unbelievably cheap since they are sold at wholesale prices. It is a common knowledge that stall owners of other markets and even Platinum Mall which is right opposite will purchase their stocks from the morning market and bring them back for sale at their own stall in the day. By 9 am you will see these morning stalls packing up, and actual retail shops will start preparing for business so you can possibly shop your whole day at Pratunam Market if you like!

We wanted to have Kuang Heng Kao Man Kai and crepes for breakfast initially but we had difficulty locating the chicken rice shop, hence we had the famous Saebx2 Wonton Noodles which is located along the alley at the foot of the overhead bridge that leads to Platinum Mall. The place was packed within mere seconds when they are open for business and we ordered a plate of braised trotters, two bowls of wonton noodles and three bottles of home-made chrysanthemum tea. We weren't very sure of what we were ordering, but I guess it is okay because everything turned out well. The braised meat smelled so good even from afar and was so tender! The wonton noodles were a little dry but I love it and even more so with the pork lard. The chrysanthemum tea was the best. We only wanted one for sharing but ended up getting two more because it tasted so good and authentic! Total bill came up to BT330 (SGD13).

We headed over to the Platinum Mall after the fulfilling breakfast, shopped two levels and had lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant before we gave up, went back to the hotel to unload our buys and proceeded to Terminal 21. Stay tuned for the next blog post on other Bangkok sundries!

Find out more about my BKK itinerary here,

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