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We continued our spree at Terminal 21 after lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant with the intention of proceeding to Sukhumvit Soi 38, which is in the same vicinity, for some streetfood. We didn't go ahead though, as mum wanted to visit MK restaurant in Bangkok (what a loyal office staff!) and we were all quite full, not to mention tired, after our dinner and crazy shopping at Terminal 21. I would hope to visit the famous alley the next time I am in Bangkok.. I love to eat!


Basement - Carribean

Ground Floor - Rome

Mezzanine Floor - Paris

First Floor - Tokyo

Second Floor - London

Third Floor - Istanbul

More pictures for my favourite floor (in terms of decor)!

Fourth & Fifth Floor - San Francisco

Fourth & Fifth Floor - San Francisco

Sixth Floor - Los Angeles

As you all may have already knew, Terminal 21 is designed to reflect several world-class cities under the same building and resemble an international airport through the electronic display boards as well as receptionists and security guards who dons air stewardesses' and stewards' uniforms respectively. So which is your dream/favourite destination?

Although the price point at Terminal 21 is relatively higher as compared to places like Platinum or Union Mall and very much similar to that of Singapore, I still enjoy shopping at Terminal 21 and would definitely return again and again (although my bf thinks otherwise lol). Their offerings are varied, somewhat unique or "designer-ish" as compared to what you see on the common streets of Pratunam. For what they lack in terms of price-competitiveness, they surely made it up with the quality and design.

Concidentally, Terminal 21 is also home to the undisputed "best foodcourt in Bangkok", Pier 21 so don't forget to enjoy the awesome shopping and dining experience while you are there!

Terminal 21
Sukhumvit Road Soi 19
North Klongtoei, Wattana
Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
Nearest MRT: Sukhumvit
Nearest BTS: Asok (direct access)
Cab fare from Pratunam: ~BT70

As mentioned above, we had our dinner at MK Restaurant, which has a litter of branches all around Bangkok. We practically ran into MK branches every single day we were there. Their list of branches are available here. I went to the washroom after ordering and when I returned, the pot was like this. Full of mushrooms yes, but then the colour was so boring!! Hotpots should be colourful, with green vegetables, red meat, black seaweed etc etc. Rest assured I had it rectified in no time lol.

As an employee of MK Office in Singapore (thus guarantee of credibility), mum shared that there are two highly-raved dishes which are a must-order whenever one dines at MK restaurant, so take note:

Custard Bun

The custard bun is no doubt satisfying. I have always lovd buns for the bun rather than the char siew, chicken or whatever filling and this particular bun is really soft and fluffy, nothing at all like some of the buns we buy from foodcourt where the skin is dry and tight. As for the filling, I thought it would be something like our 流沙包 liu sha bao (which is one of my favourite dimsum!) but it wasn't =( This filling is solid, unlike our traditional ones with golden lava flowing out upon each bite. Nevertheless, it was certainly fragnant, sweet and delightful.

Roast Duck

Forget about the roast pork and char siew. We ordered the plate with all three kinds of meat because of curiosity (and probably uncertainty too, since it was recommended afterall, by a non-meat eater -.-"") and yes, we regretted our greediness because they are nowhere near mouth-watering as compared to the roast duck. Frankly, I had never been a fan of roast duck, and no matter how famous, how long the queues etc, I always find them too tough, too tasteless (if one notes the abundant help from the gravy/dressing) or with too much bones.

Thus it wasn't difficult at all, when I previously decided to stop taking beef, mutton and duck. So imagine my distress when I tasted so heavenly a roast duck! The skin is crispy as Peking Duck and yet, the meat is tender and juicy. Both bf and me exclaimed that that was the best roast duck we have ever had in our lives so trust us, and just order a full plate of roast duck will do. Why, the big plate of course! Small plate will not be sufficient.

And these are my hauls on the second day! Quite a huge increase from my first day, my favourite being the earrings and ribbons at BT30 (negotiated). I bought 17 of that because they are all so pretty =DD That's all for our trip to Terminal 21! Be sure to catch the next post where we spent most of our time eating, eating and eating. Ciao~

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