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We had a farewell lunch at Seasonal Tastes a few days before Wendy left the firm (as mentioned in my previous post here). We chose the place as Wendy suggested buffet and none of us had visited the place since it opened. Besides it is extremely convenient since it is just a short walk over from MBFC Tower 3 (or Marina Bay and Downtown Station) over to Asia Square Tower 2. Not that I knew where Asia Square before that particular day, since I haven't been venturing out during lunches or after work. In fact, I only knew where is my office and MRT stations. And I only realised Lau Pa Sat is actually quite near as well, when we were on our way to the buffet lol.

So here we are!

And HM was so excited, she started boxing =p

The place was quite crowded despite it being a weekday, and hence Wendy and I didn't have the opportunity to take as much pictures as we would have liked. I rather thought the variety was quite limited as well, and was quite disappointed that there wasn't any sashimi on the day we visited. To be frank, I wasn't tempted by the food. You know how sometimes you see something while ushered to your table, and you know you must grab it no matter what? There wasn't such a dish for me so to speak. So much so that the reasons for me to put down my phone was because of the crowd, and that I was hungry lol. Still, I had walked up and down the row of not-so-hearty fare a few times before I placed something on my empty plate.

Nevertheless, the place was spacious, allowing everyone to move around with ease, and the serving trays are always topped up very promptly. And thankfully, my apetite wasn't very much deterred since I was quite full in the morning after our late-night supper the day before and had hence skipped breakfast, so I was really starving by lunch and took LOTS of food!

Let's see what they had:

Drinks counter - Ice Lemon Tea and Peach Tea

Just scallop, braised pork belly, broccoli, cabbage, fried fish and roast chicken. I thought that was quite disappointing for a first helping. The dishes weren't bad, but not fantastic either. My favourite would probably be the roast chicken, although the meat was a little dry and tough.

Second round

I wanted to take a bowl of the Sichuan hot & spicy soup but HM said it wasn't nice at all and didn't even finish half of the portion she took so I gave it a miss and instead took a few pieces of sushi and the tandoori salmon Wendy recommended. The sushi were quite plain and true enough, the salmon was good. But I think the oranges (which I think was meant as a garnish) are the best lol.

My third round

There wasn't anything more I wanted to eat by the third round. Only took the grapes and ham from the salad and cheese bar, as well as another piece of the fish and somemore vegatables while browsing with HM. I had always liked fish and vegetables.

What I took for deserts, on top of two scoops of sorbet. I love sweets, but somehow they werne't temptation enough that day.

The place was quite dependent on natural lighting, which wasn't much, hence my pictures turned out very dark and maybe this affected my mood for sweets lolol. Or maybe it is just me since I am quite bad at taking photos. Ya, you can tell it is more likely the latter and that the problem lies solely on me just look at these photos taken by Wendy! Pro 就是不一样. Sorry I only realised the photos belong to Wendy after I have marked them =x Do visit Wendy's post on Seasonal Tastes here for more super nice pictures and to see what she has to say about these colourful treats!

明明 took the same tarts why the results so different -.-""

Anyway, we ended the farewell lunch with a group photo!

Overall, the ambience was nice, and unlike some other buffet places which can be slightly rowdy, Seasonal Taste is spacious and has a fantastic unblocked view of the Marina Bay, provided you are seated by the full length window (and we weren't).

The service staff were admittedly prompt in clearing plates and refilling empty serving dishes, although one of the staff cast a glance at the counter, turned back to nod at me, and scooted off when I asked him where to get the ice-cream spoon. I only found the one and only spoon on the plate by staring at the direction he was looking at, as if I was playing a Hidden Objects game (see Bigfish). I suspect he went to get more spoons but still, he should have said something? And I haven't even mention that some of the plates weren't cleaned properly! There were those stains that you can scrap off with you fingernails at the back of the plates. And it's not just one or two on a plate, it's a big blot I would rather not sacrifice the cleanliness of my nails for.

Seasonal Tastes
32/F The Westin Singapore
Asia Square Tower 2
12 Marina View
Singapore 018961
Tel : 6922 6968

Mon to Sat Lunch Buffet: 12pm – 2.30pm ($35++ per pax)
Mon to Sun Dinner Buffet: 6.30pm – 10pm ($55++ per pax)
Sunday Champagne Brunch: 12pm – 3pm
Nearest Station: Downtown/Marina Bay

While I am typing this post out, I actually interviewed HM if she would revisit to Seasonal Tastes on her own and she said yes. "Ya lah, the food isn't fantastic, the soup wasn't nice, the beef wasn't nice, the kuehs also not nice, but I like the ambience. You can have gatherings there without anyone eyeing on you, rushing you to leave. And I think $35++ is very affordable for this kind of standard. Not too expensive." I agree totally, but I would personally value the food quality and would love nothing more than a wider range of selections.

To each his own,

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