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I don't remember how it came about although I suspect it might have been me who suggested this KTV outing because Hui Mee had been insisting that I can definitely sing very well just because she'd known me to attend vocal classes, so I needed an opportunity to prove her wrong, which I did of course, with ease. Then comes Wendy, who (on top of setting the floral theme) craves for spicy mala cuisines at the mention of "Chinatown" and hence the three of us decided to skip dinner and visit one of the Dong Bei (东北) restaurants right beside Lucky Chinatown for supper to further destroy our vocal cords after we burn our voices out at our first-and-ever KTV session together! Lol.

And Wendy was super nice to steam salmon for me at about 4 pm because everyone knows I'd be starving by dinner. On a side note, I have just purchased a mini cooker from Qoo10 yesterday so that I can start cooking my own lunch at my own workstation too. Extremely convenient (as compared to beating the lunchtime crowd) plus way healthier and economical! Well, I'd think I will go bankrupt just by lunching at MBFC or taking the downtown line to Hong Lim every day so I gotta get one of these mini cookers!

So we arrived at KBox at Lucky Chinatown at about 6.30 pm, went straight in and got ourselves comfortably seated in a big room fit for at least eight, and sang thoroughout the entire 3-hour plus session, which cost us about SGD$32 each after 10% DBS card discount and inclusive of snacks and two drinks each. To be honest, I think that's extremely expensive. It is not as if all three of us can sing at the same time. I might as well get individual rooms more worthwhile right? Thus, I strongly advocate charging by room instead of by pax (a notion I had since long long time ago, which explains my absence from KTV rooms for the longest time). If you really like to sing KTV that much, just go download the application 天籁K 歌 then plug in to sound system can already =x

Okay, I'm done ranting, so here are the pictures we took!

Two TV screens! *clapclap*

The salmon just wasn't enough..
I had chocolate for my drink, cleaned up two of these on my own and was still hungry.

Check out the pro. Sing difficult song machiam no need strength/power, so relaxed one

HM also same.. so serene

You can find the overly-edited version of this photo at Wendy's blog because HM and I were discussing about eye bags and how we would look without them! We just had to know..

While I was camwhoring..

Photo taken by HM, who was on my left when Wendy was singing

Photo taken by Wendy, who was on my right when HM was singing

They probably took photo of me taking pictures of myself to prove what a camwhore I was.
But hey, lets see what I found in my camera when I got home:
(P.S. these are not all)

Just as 自恋 (narcissistic) as me what -.-""

Damn sad, I sing newer songs nobody appreciates one. So I 出绝招 sang the two not-so-new songs that I am most familiar with - 爱我的人和我爱的人 and 问, and Wendy sang along for the first, and HM said she will go learn the second one hahaha. I should go learn more old songs too because some of those they sang are also very nice! How I wish we can go for vocal lessons and performances together! Fret not, I (even more capital than capital "I") have announced the three of us a group and as the board members of this team, thou/thy/thee (err I think "thou" should be the correct one, anyone?) shall have to come together in a KTV room to have our quarterly board meetings! But since I mentioned about the plug-in thing above, I think we should meet somewhere with sound system instead so I don't look like I am going against my own words? =x

Never mind.. Time for food!

Here's HM, engrossed in the menu.

Tried to take a picture of Wendy as well, but she shy..

No matter, I can just take pictures of myself lol

Wendy's ready (rhyme unintended)! Chio~~

Wendy and HM's Tsing Tao Beer | $6.50

Pig's Ear with Cucumber | $6

I don't usually dare to eat ears/liver/intestines etc but this one was quite good. Not exactly tasty since it doesn't have much of a flavour/taste to it, but it was crunchy so I supposed it was fresh and very well-cooked? Wendy was full of praises for this dish so I have no doubt it is awesome.

Golden Mushroom with Cucumber | $5

I love golden mushroom! I thought I had enough of it after having golden mushroom with bacon for breakfast and lunch on that day. I pleaded Wendy to choose something else, but turned out my vote does not count lolol. I am glad we went ahead though because golden mushroom is heavenly. Definitely my favourite dish.

Marinated Sea Kelp | $4

Sea kelp may not be look appetising, but I like it nonetheless. Some may find it a little raw but I wouldn't mind at all since it has zero calories! Although I probably can't say as much when it appeared drenched in chilli oil. Still, anything tasty yet presents zero calories rocks.

Boiled Pork (水煮猪肉) | $12

The highlight of the meal! We gasped when it landed in front of us, thinking "what are we doing to ourselves?" or rather, I did. It sure looked spicy and I wasn't armed with any drink. It is so... red? Look at all the chilli "sprinkled" on top! Thankfully (or disappointingly) it wasn't fiery at all. The frightening gravy was in fact quite watery. 水煮 indeed! Nonetheless we enjoyed this dish. The pork was tender and aromatic! =D

Overall, it was not as spicy as I would have liked or thought. Our throats didn't sore the next day, and I even finished my share of the food without a sip of water although I had a water parade when I got home (MSG perhaps?). Regardless, I will definitely revisit this restaurant again because there are too many other spicy dishes I would love to try, and you would know the restaurant is good when it is crowded with natives. Plus, we forgot to take a picture of the shop front. I can only tell you it is on your right when you step out from Lucky Chinatown. There is a turn-in from the main street directly beside the restaurant, on its right as well and it occupies two units. I hope that signifies something..

Maybe I should just take a picture the next time I visit,

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