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Recently during one of our lunches, Yvonne asked me who is my favourite artiste and we started discussing about the various local actors and actresses who are currently active, but none of them seemed to have managed to impress us. I am not saying that they are bad at acting (although some might be =x) but somehow they just make dramas, simply dramas. Something unreal, and so we're unmoved. Even hugely successful dramas like The Little Nonya or The Journey, I enjoyed the plot, the direction, but sorry I am not touched. And this is perhaps why I have turned to Korean dramas. They aren't better actors but they make me cry. They make me feel their slightest pain. And it is something local dramas can't give me anymore. Ever since 2005. Ever since the year Xie Shaoguang (谢韶光) left MediaCorp.

There, I have got my answer. Albeit unknown to the younger generations, Xie Shaoguang is my favourite local artiste. I can still remember how my heart will twist and turn at his every emotion. I understood him. I was able to understand and feel his anger, anguish etc and I have not seen anyone else who can convey his/her messages like he does. I can cry for him, I know how it used to hurt me each day thinking about what happened or is going to happen to his character in the last or next episode. I can still recall myself telling my mum "他一定很痛苦。他的心一定很痛。(He must be in agony. His heart must be in pain.)" when she found me crying each time I was reminded of his scenes lol. I miss such a feeling, such heart-wrenching pain as if it were you in his shoes. Isn't it a pity that no one is able to do that now? Is there not someone who can and will come close?

Oh how I hated 何仙姑 when he was the Pangolin spirit, and how I cried when his wife was taken away and his daughter died in 出路 (Stepping Out). What was most memorable is definitely 家人有约 (Stay By Me) in 1998 where he played a very successful but arrogant surgeon who was deliberately knocked down by an intern with a car and thus suffered from paraplegia. It was really moving to see how he strived towards recovery for his family, how his injury led to uniting his cold family that was on the verge of breaking up, how he changed, how his wife forgave him for the mistakes he committed and took up the burden of taking care of the entire family. It was a story of great value and I can feel my throat clenching up now as I recall the story and how hard his character has fallen while blogging. It was a drama I just could not fail to tear in every single episode and would always want, yet afraid, to catch the replays.

I loved the drama so much that I would always rush to finish my homework before 9 pm so that I can watch each episode in my younger days. And I would know that it is going to start and hurry up at packing, whenever I hear its music starts. Even till now, I would recognise the theme song within the first few seconds just through the sound of the pan flute. Hear this!

“让我再相信再相信 爱和情
不畏曾经伤心 对爱一生怀疑
让我再相信再相信 爱和情
让我可以为你再点亮 我的心”

林玉婷 - 相信
Download chords here

Also here, are the recent additions to my personal library of music chords. Do check out the other songs in the list as well through the music tab at the top of the page, and remember to email me at if you have this special drama or film you had been in love with for the longest time and would like to see the chords to its theme song =D

Air Supply - All Out Of Love
Download chords here

Atlantic Starr - Always
Download chords here

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
Download chords here

Dan Hill - Sometimes When We Touch
Download chords here

Redwan Ali - Would You Be There
Download chords here

丁 当、阿 信 - 走火入魔
Download chords here

林俊杰 - 不存在的情人
Download chords here

苏打绿 - 无眠 Chinese
Download chords here

苏打绿 - 无眠 Hokkien
Download chords here

新少年俱乐部 - 当你孤单你会想起谁
Download chords here

Just like great songs come from those who sing from their heart, great dramas originates from those who are able to portray their thoughts and emotions from the same within. So much so that they are acting no longer. They ARE the character.

My favourite actor will always be 谢韶光. Who's yours?

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