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It was my 24th birthday a few days ago, and so my manager brought Hui Mee and I out for lunch at Paradise Pavilion to celebrate. I have heard great review from HM who frequented the place once before hence I can't wait to get my hands on the highly-raved mouth-watering custard lava buns and baked snow buns with BBQ pork!

Frankly, I didn't know where Paradise Pavilion was located within MBFC until that day when the both of them led me to the private elevator at the ground plaza that brings you to the second floor where the glamorious restaurant is located. It was quite an experience, it was like discovering a hidden gem and the lift represents the Leaky Cauldron that bridges between the non-magical world Diagon Alley lol. Sorry if you weren't a Harry Potter fan, but that's truly how I felt when I caught my first glimpse of the neo-classical inspired interior. After verifying our reservation, the waitress led us past a special glass enclave where you get to see chefs preparing the reputed Apple Roasted Peking Duck, to one of the big rooms with just a few tables inside instead of the common big dining area. This place, is fit for the royalty with cushioned arm chairs and chandeliers all over the place.

And here's what we had!


Steamed Custard Bun | $5.50

I LOVE IT!! Definitely the best I have ever had so far. The bun was delicate and fluffy, and the custard lava within is thick and savoury. Tell me, where else can you find a custard bun that is bursting with custard lava? All I did was peel off the liner very gently (as it was piping hot), and the lava overflowed. Hello? I haven't even sink my teeth in it nor did the usual "tearing" action everyone does to take a picture of the hot lava! Major love ❤❤

Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf | $5.80

The steamed glutinous rice did not disappoint. The rice is not at all mushy and heavy, and the ingredients within is super-excellent. You know how there are times you have a hard time trying to separate the sticky rice from the lotus leaf and your hands become all sticky? Well as you can see from the photo above, the surface of the "de-leafed" rice is smooth. This means that you definitely won't find yourself in the same situation where half of your rice ends up where the leaf goes at the end of your meal, here at Paradise Pavilion.

Steam Prawn Dumpling "Ha Kau" | $5.60

I never really liked prawn dumplings before but this one is really quite good! The skin is very thin and the prawns are succulent. Not many dim sum places you can find them so generous with their meats and even so, attained the delicate balance needed so that you won't get sick of all the dim sums you are indulging.

Deep-fried Prawn with Mango Roll | $5.60

I didn't know it was supposed to be the mango roll as frankly, I did not eat anything that tasted like, mango. This dish was just like a deep-fried prawn cake to me. Still, a superb one. The prawn cake was extremely rich and juicy. Sweet!

Baked Snow Bun with BBQ Pork | $5.60

This is one the must-order dish my manager and HM were full of praises for. The baked bun is light and I like the fact that there isn't a "too much butter" taste or smell to it, that is common amongst many of its counterparts. The BBQ pork is similarly yummy and flavourful. As a steamed char siew pau fan and knowing how "soft and fluffy" Paradise Pavilion's buns are, I have a very strong urge to return and review their char siew pau!

Original Pan-fried Carrot Cake | $4.80

This one is really very, very good. I was initially quite skeptical when HM told me that this is the kind of carrot cake they serve as I had the same at some other relatively renowned restaurant before, I hated it, I tried again and I still didn't think it nice. Unlike that one, Paradise Pavilion's carrot cake is fried evenly despite how thick the carrot cake is (so you won't have a crispy exterior with a soggy inside), not salty nor too heavily flavoured. Not bad!

Century Egg & Pork Congee

The century egg and pork congee is one dish I would recommend for a substantial meal. I know it is just my preference, but I really like how mushy the congee is that you can't see each grain, something like baby food lol. The best part is, I didnt even had to add any soy sauce, pepper, cracker, spring onions or anything. It was already so yummy on its own that additional flavourings is simply unnecessary. I finished my own full bowl of congee "unembellished". Somethings the simplest dish or form, is the best.

So that's about it!
(the more I look at these pictures, the hungrier I get..)

Paradise Pavilion
8A Marina Boulevard
#02-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre
Singapore 018984
Tel: 6509 9308

Weekday Lunch: 11.30am - 3pm
Weekend Lunch: 11am - 4pm
Daily Dinner: 6pm - 11pm
Visit their website here

While some bemoan that the dim sums at Paradise Pavilion is extremely expensive, I thought it is rather value for money as we got the quality we paid for (will probably skip the tea that cost $6 per pax next time unless I will be sitting there for a long period though =x). The total bill was about $60 for the three of us and I really humbly think that $20 per person is okay right? I am definitely suggesting this place to anyone who is looking for a nice place for a nice family dinner. The next time I am there (and you can take my word that you will find me there again), I am definitely going to have the Roast Peking Duck!

Not forgetting my custard lava and char siew bun,

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