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A water ioniser is a water filtration and an ionizer all in one, capable of changing the pH, ORP, and molecule size of the water. Water ionisers have been used in Japan and other parts of Asia for over 40 years and are certified by the Korean and Japanese Ministries of Health as an approved medical device. So is it an old wives tale, or is ionised water really as important and beneficial as everyone claims it to be?

After attending a StarWater event recently (click here for pictures and food recipes! super yums~), I have no doubt that it is actually true: alkaline water can make or break a person. Although the said water has no nutritional or medical value to cure disease, it essentially neutralises the acidic wastes within us and breaks them down for elimination by the kidneys, and also enhance the absorption of important minerals into our bloodstream. It helps to set the tone and condition of our body, and as how fellow Singaporeans exclaim, "one can only die, but cannot afford to fall sick this country", here are some reasons why one should consider adding this one modern equipment to your kitchen:

#1. How does water pollution affect you?

Water pollution is everywhere, from the garbage we dump into the sea to oil discharge or even as water travels through pipes to reach us in our house. Ah, did it ever struck you that those pipes that are buried deep underground are rarely or perhaps never cleaned? These impurities and heavy metals place extra burden on the kidneys and livers, and thus lead to various dysfunctions. True enough, we use chlorine, a pungent and strong oxidising agent to disinfect our water and kill the bacteria within, but do you also know that chlorine generates chlorofoam, a cancer-inducing agent?

#2. So, what else makes us acidic?

Face it, our usual diet is overwhelmed with meat, eggs, dairy and various other acid-producing processed foods and animal products, and has too little of alkaline-producing foods like fresh vegetables. What we are having, is a total opposite what what we should be having, and that is 60-80% of the latter and only 20-40% of the former. One of the best things we can do for our own body now, is to correct an overly acid body through a balanced diet and lifestyle. Check out what's acidic and what's not right here:

#3. Restoring body's PH

On top of the food we eat that give us energy (and acidic, see above), the creation of energy from the burning of these foods generate acidic waste which has to be expelled from the body. Now we know why our fats are there - to store and prevent the acids from getting near to our organs! This is where alkalin water comes in to neutralise the acidity of the body that may also be due to stress and air pollution, restores PH, detoxifies wastes and provide our bodies with an immunity boost!

#4. Did you say... anti-oxidant?

Oxidation, part of our body's ageing process, releases large amounts of free radicals that cause serious damage to our body and bring about conditions such as heart disease, arthritis and cataract. Drinking ionised water, which is full of activated hydrogen, neutralises these free radicals by transforming them into non-damaging compounds and repairs cellular damages. These are the same antioxidant properties contained in various healthy fruits and vegetables that are well-known for their ability to fight cancer and diseases!

#5. Correct years of accumulated acids. Detoxify.

We all know that we are constantly exposed to toxins and chemicals, from the air we breathe, the food we eat and even the medicines we take. Drinking alkaline water helps to detoxify our colon while it eliminates free radicals, and hence boosts our body immunity. What better way to start breaking down our fats and toxins through drinking water? Furthermore, StarWater has been proven to relieve medical symptions such as abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation, chronic diarrhea, indigestion and excess gastric acid!

#6. Absorb that water!

Hands up, if you ever felt that no matter how much water you drank, you felt dehydrated, your hair is dry and frizzy and the oil glands on your face won't stop secreting oil to moisturise your dry skin. I do. And it's because our normal water exists in big clusters, and that makes it difficult for them (together with the nutrients) to pass through cell membranes. StarWater uses electrolysis to reduce the cluster size, equipping them with better hydrating properties, higher solubility and permeability i.e. increase metabolism and enhance body processes! Best of all, reduce water retention.

#7. The other benefits of alkaline water

Alkaline water is rich in minerals that can be easily absorbed and distributed by the body. This alone supercedes food-based minerals such as calcium carbonate, which is not only acidic but also chemically stable i.e. difficult to break down and most of the time, passed out as stools. How wasteful! In addition, alkaline water can also help to improve blood circulation and digestive capabilities, neutralise uric acid and promote the discharge of various toxins, thus reducing and preventing gout, muscle aches, lethargy, alcohol/meat intoxification and many more!

#8 We don't just want to live longer,
we want to live healthy

Scientists have discovered that mineral elements and nutrition in water are closely connected to our wellbeing, and might even affect our DNA and lifespan. Alkalinity is also proven to boost immunity, lowers susceptibility to illnesses, revitalise cells and enhance body's self-healing capabilities. Sounds good? Let's take a closer look at these longevity villages and datermine what makes them different and gives them the ability to live long and healthy even without all the state-of-the-art medical facilities that we can depend on:

#9. Where do the acidic molecules go?

Utilising a 7-step comprehensive water purification process and 5 platinised-titanium electrode plates, StarWater splits tap water into alkaline ionic water for drinking and acidic water for sanitising purposes to give you 7 types of functional water! They are: (1) level 1 alkaline water meant for new drinkers; (2) level 2 for daily consumption; (3) level 3 to boost the taste and aroma of coffee and tea; (4) level 4 for enhancement for natural taste in cooking; (5) acidic water great for cleaning and sterilization; (6) beauty water effective in improving skin texture, hair condition etc; and lastly (7) purified water for babies and people on medication.

Basically all kinds of water to suit the varying needs of everyone in the entire family!

#10. How else is StarWater different?

Not only that StarWater was awarded the Singapore Good Design Mark, the ioniser went beyond surface and conformed to ISO 9001 standard of quality control and production management. It also has additional features such as the patented maintenance-free auto-cleaning water sell, LCD screen, automatic drainage, continuous ionisation etc that contribute to the easy usage and overall lifespan of 10 years! This hassle-free device also encompass an auto-diagnosis system that notifies any abnormality. Super intelligent right?

To summarise, people have been known to drink as much as 1 to 2 gallons of alkaline antioxidant water every day and have benefited greatly from it. One can never become too alkaline as our living habit, environment, body processes naturally acidity within us. Instead, boosting alkalinity will help to relieve our body from the harmful effects, and also our kidneys and liver from the pressure of detoxificating of these acids. Furthermore, cancer and other harmful cells thrive in acidic environment whereas healthy cells flourishes in an alkaline one, so drink up!

Find out more about StarWater here at their website. Do like StarWater at their Facebook page here too!

Coming up next, cooking with Starwater!

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