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I foresee that if you ever take a glance at my blog archive, you are going to see lots of "xxx Marina Bay Financial Centre" and "xxx Chinatown Point". It is already so now, and I have a very strong feeling it is going to get worse in time because I realised, my life revolves around just these two places and of course my home. As such, you can see that my life is actually quite a pretty boring one lol. I am like a ghost that loiters around MBFC and sometimes decides to take the downtown line to haunt Chinatown Point so lets hope that I will start being more active and start venturing!

But I guess there are benefits to such a "stagnation" too, like if you are at Chinatown Point and you really can't decide which eatery to bring your date, friend, family, dog or just yourself to, my blog can be a source for your answer. And so, this time round I am bringing to you Le Cuisine, one of the newer additions to Chinatown Point. The restaurant is known for its celebrity chef, Daniel Koh and boosts on their impressive menu which combines the "techniques of European cookie with the richness of Asian spices and flavours". I have always wanted to pay this place a visit as I really like its decor and the idea of al-fresco dining indoors (oxymoron?). So let's check and see if this place truly worths a visit!

View from Basement 1 which is linked directly to the MRT station, while going down. We were quite late (about 9 pm), so naturally the place was kind of empty.

I love ARCHES - so fairytale and romantic

Not-so-empty after all!

I thought it was quite nice of them to place everyone at the booth seats. I have certainly seen waiting staff that are so "law-by-law" that they refuse to seat two pax at booth seats or larger tables even when the whole restaurant is empty. I really don't see why since it is not as if your business is going to boom like nobody's business while I am there lolol. Enough ranting, my point is that even though this is something very minor, it is how you know that the operators are thoughtful, considerate and do care about a diner's experience *plus points*

Bf and I took some time to decide our main dishes as all the items on the menu was quite interesting say Lychee Pork? and we wish we could try them all. Despite that, the waiting staff willingly gave us our space and I appreciated it (really dislike those who die die have to stand at your table and force you to make your choice quick). He was very patient and helpful too!

We ordered two main dishes and a side to share that is all, and surprisingly he served us a soup-of-the-day each even though the promotion of complimentary soup with every main course ordered ended back in April. We thought they sent food to the wrong table because who would be so kind to do that! So we suspected it might be for they are closing for the day soon and thought not to waste the soup. Then again, which businessman is so kind to do that? Bribery it might be but still, #faithinhumanityrestored lol.

The super yummy said soup!

French Fries | $4.50

I always liked French Fries, whether it is with sea salt, black pepper, truffle oil and despite me being naturally big on flavours, I find this one good on its own. It was crunchy on the outside and sturdy on the inside, yet not so deeply fried nor stuffed with potatoes that you get sick of it after one or two sticks. And I stuffed a few on its own into my mouth before I actually realised the presence of an accompanying condiment, which blew me away. It was so so tasty that we practically cleaned up the entire dish!

Walnut Teriyaki Chicken with Wild Rice Ragout | $13.50

I totally regretted not ordering this one for myself! It was so fragrant that my stomach starts rumbling as it slowly makes its way to our table. The rice, being drenched with the delicious walnut teriyaki sauce, was something like our usual glutinous rice but a lighter and sweeter version. As for the chicken, it was extraordinary. The skin was crispy like our Peking Roast Duck minus the dry meat because this one is extremely tender. It really just simply melts in your mouth! Incomparable.

Signature Crabmeat Burger | $13.50

Last but not least, my main dish - a crabmeat and ebi patty sandwiched by stir-fried vegetables and a fried egg on top. The patty itself was not bad at all and you can frequently find real big chunks of ebi within. On the other hand, the "meatiness" can be a little too overpowering (if you aren't a big meat-eater and it was unfortunately so for me). As for the vegetables, some might not like the fact that it was slightly overcooked but I honestly liked it as it was soft and flavourful, having absorbed the essence of the dish. Great dish nonetheless, although I would love to have a sunny side-up or an over easy instead!

Le Cuisine Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Rd
#B2-34/36 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Tel: 6538 1963

We spent about $38 in total (inclusive of service charge and GST), which we thought was reasonable for the food quality we received. I would for certain want to return here to try out the other creative and unique dishes like Lychee Pork, Mushroom Duxelles, Dk7 Spice Dory Fillet or even the salads and casseroles they are recognised for. P.S. their desserts looks divine too! Check out those images on their menu at their website here.

Maybe MBFC or CP can consider engaging me as their official blogger =x

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