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Seriously, this got to be one of the best thing I ever come across in my short life as a blogger and I am uber excited to be able to share them with you --

If you happened to have read my previous post, you'd know that I have just recently had a meal at The Pelican | Seafood Bar & Grill that would cost a normal diner $88, but guess what? With The Entertainer on hand, I only paid HALF i.e. $44! Can you imagine paying just half of what you had at places like LeVeL33, The White Rabbit and more than 700 other restaurants? To make the deal sweeter, there are also other crazier 1-for-1 leisure and accommodation deals within. It's like time for me to finally say bye-bye to the economic hotels I stay in because the latter is actually more expensive than the half-price I have to pay at these 5-star accommodation through The Entertainer!

Now you know why these deals are totally driving me nuts...

Like what I have mentioned in my previous post here, The Entertainer is an application that offers thousands of unbeatable 'buy one get one free' dining, leisure, wellness, entertainment and hotel accommodation offers at a minimal fee. As promised, I have on hand a unique code that allows my readers to gain full access to all the deals in the listing so do read on! But before that, let's see what Pelican has to offer for the month of August - "The Entertainer members are entitled to unlimited 1-for-1 Belvedere cocktails when a voucher for a main course is used". Here's what Wendy and I had at the Pelican Deck while exploring our newly downloaded The Entertainer application. The cocktails and canapés were so delicious that we couldn't help going in for a proper sit-down meal!

Wendy's Sunkiss Cocktail,

and Citrus Summer for me

The oyster might not look appetising but remember not to judge an oyster by its colour, because this is freakingly delicious!

"Hush Puppies" for you? Cute name for a pretty little canapé!

Yummy, yummy, yummy~~ Love everything!

All of them look heavenly right? Alright, enough about the Pelican Deck and Belvedere Cocktails. Now's time for to make you go @.@ because the 1000 over participating outlets are so super awesome and all of them offer super duper 1-for-1 deals! Check out some of the places I have shortlisted to visit asap before my application expires! Scratch my previous sentence. I have bookmarked almost everything that it doesn't make any sense anymore. Hence I decided instead that I shall make it one of my 2014 goals to REDEEM EVERYTHING because how can I not, when every single option in the listing is such an amazing deal? How can I let these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to eat good food at minimal cost to literally slip through my fingers?

Just to highlight a few!

After all, dining once at any of the above restaurants would have already covered the small fee -- even more worthwhile than all the deals and discount sites because my cost is forever kept at $19, but the value I received is determined by myself and it will just keep increasing the more places I visit! Furthermore, The Entertainer is super generous to extend a special deal for my readers to purchase The Entertainer Singapore One-Month Mobile Product at just S$19 with the use of my unique blogger code, which will give you guys access to ALL the offers in The Entertainer for a one-month period from the date of purchase! Act now and redeem fast, because it is only valid till 1 September. It's... @yanxi.

Say hello to tons and tons of savings, good food and leisure in a month just for $19. What a steal! It's so gonna be the best August I have ever ahd in my 24 years lolol. What's more, with 3 vouchers per merchant, you can visit each partner again and again or include your family and friends in the 1-for-1 fun! How nice to be able to have a quality meal with a loved one without having to worry about the dollar sign when the bill arrives. Follow these five simple steps to activate your prerogative to crazy discounts:

#1. Install the app from your app store or directly from The Entertainer wesbite here.
#2. Register your details or sign in using your existing Entertainer website login
#3. Go to "Buy", select the Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile product priced at SGD19 and then click "Buy Now".
#4. At the shopping cart, enter my promo code @yanxi, click apply and proceed to check out after changing currency to SGD.
#5. The Entertainer Singapore will be unlocked so start redeeming your mobile offers! View the entire list of participating merchants right here.

Formulating the perfect strategy to cover as many merchants as possible

Remember, the unique discount code @yanxi expires on September 1 so act fast to start redeeming all the exclusive 1-for-1 deals now. The person enjoying unlimited Belvedere cocktail and the perfect view of the Marina Bay and also National Day Parade fireworks at The Pelican should be YOU! Do share your trophies with me @yveyanxi and #the_entertain241 ^.^

This August is just absolutely awesome with The Entertainer,

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