Get Your Cameras Ready... IT'S THE ALIVE MUSEUM!


HELLO, I am back again with a new blog post. August has certainly been a busy yet enriching month since I have never blogged at such frequency before and yet still remain lagging by a couple of posts. Nevertheless, I am super happy and is absolutely grateful for the invitations! Okay, enough talking because I am here with a major exciting post (as always =x), and it's so this time round because WE ARE GOING TO ALIVE MUSEUM!

Thank you Alive Museum Singapore for the exclusive invitation ^.^

Special thanks to my bf for being my model too (involuntarily)
You are so gonna see super funny pictures of him in this post!

The "no direction" look

The "hang on for your life" expression

The "bag kenna snatch" face

The "why everyone wanna snatch my bag" mien

The dead act, for sure

But before you think too highly of him, I should explain that he was tasked to be the model because he is a lousy photographer, he is lousier at guiding you into the right points and the lousiest with adjusting his camera angles lolol. Let's see the best picture he took of me:

See liao also angry right! I wasn't even holding the crayon ='( So in the end superman also didn't carry me properly, my wings weren't fitted to my back correctly, most of my pictures just can't make it and he successfully attained his goal of becoming the limelight of this post. Despicable!

Go eat sh*t

Okay, more pictures of his professionalism (or craziness) in action...

This is super gay though lolol

Well, if you are worried that you ain't the "open" type who wouldn't dare to lie on the floor publicly or perform stunts you find embarrassing, don't worry because no one will judge you at all! I mean, everyone is doing the exact same things and they are most probably more engrossed in taking their perfect shot. There was a few times I opened up, stopped ordering my BF around haha and requested him to take a shot of me. Although of course, he failed to take a proper photo lol, I am surprised that I would actually WANT to do something stupid when I am usually extremely reserved or if not, quite reserved. My point being, if you had been thinking of paying this place a visit, do it! No matter how introverted you are, you are sure to have some fun at The Alive Museum as I did. Don't restrict yourself and start enjoying life at Alive!

Mental guy go di-siao (provoke) people...

Then kenna wacked -.-""

On the other hand, my BF wasn't so thick-skinned initially (although he usually is) or rather, he was quite choosey on the photos that would carry his face, kept "this one don't want", "that one don't want" until I forced him to take all that I think is funny, and he was just quite.. lousy (sorry for the repetitive use of this word because that is what he really was lolol). For instance, if you need to portray yourself holding something in the painting, you would use the arm that shows the back of your hand instead of the one that shows your palm right? I really thought that was common sense and that was just something he apparently doesn't have. Thankfully he warmed up and picked up rather quickly, and went crazy from then on!

He looks like he's going to grab the vase to hit the giraffe?

This is call kaypo

"Oh no.."

Bring him to the crocodile!

Another example of a lousy model:

Disclaimer, this picture is blur not because of the photographer's lack of skill, but the model who decided to give up on the shot just when he got the correct pose and I was about the shoot. Firstly, his feet wasn't at the correct spot, and the top of his head was initially leaned on the wall. Like huh, err whatcha doing? Why you bend your head down to hit the wall? Probably because blood wasn't flowing to his head, I only managed to get the "tilt your head up" message through to him after 2 minutes. But by then he was already too tired to carry on with the pose. Zzzz.

Let's see what sparked him...

Absolute FAIL - even Obama is laughing behind

This one look more like 貞子

Not-too-bad, pose passable but how can you be laughing?

Flying kick for so many NGs...

... and finally, PASS!! YEAH!

So this was the shot that gained his confidence. He proudly reckoned that he has found "enlightenment" and went on to score at all the other shots. Phew~ so bring your friend to this magical whirlpool if he/she just can't get any shots right. But I must say... all these ain't possible without an awesome photographer =D

... and a creative blogger?
See here, what does this reminds you of?

Did anyone say... Do Min-joon?

Which one more suave? lolol

Without a doubt, we enjoyed ourselves very much doing all these challenging poses and stuff and I am now extremely certain that I will visit Alive Museum again when I am in Korea later part of the year! If you think that the above was all, you'd be surprised to know that no, it is not! With more than 80 artwork exhibits and sprawling over 10,000 sqft, we had to skip a few stations which are overcrowded as we were a bit late to start with. I also had to leave out a large number of pictures as there are just so many pictures that I cannot possibly publish them all right here without making you waiting 15 minutes for this page to load proper. Or if you think that Alive Museum is just about taking nice pictures, you can't be further than the truth because, firstly, the pictures ain't just "nice", they are "awesome", and also because...

We got to play basketball,

We had an intense game of table tennis,

We did astonishing splits,

And practised martial arts!

$25 for all these activities is super worthwhile lah lolol, and this museum is definitely different from the ones you might have visited in Korea or other countries as there are as many as 9 locally-themed paintings (while they are engages local communities on a SG50 project - I wanna join!) and Alive Museum also refreshes and reinvigorates visitors' experience by changing 30% of the paintings annually.

Wait wait 잠깐만 I still have more to share with you guys -

From now till 31 August, you are entitled to 20% discount with promotion code "aliveopen" if you pre-order your admission tickets online right here. Alternatively, you can get a free Burger King meal with choice of a Fish'N Crisp or Chick'N Crisp burger, 1 small fries and 1 small coke (worth $7.85) for each full-priced ticket. No intention of propaganda, but I personally think a Burger King meal is seriously better than the 20% discount of $5! Furthermore, this offer only ends 30 September and Burger King is just right beside Alive Museum so you can choose to have your meal before or after your "night at the museum" lol.

Do visit Alive Museum website for more promotional updates and to plan an extraordinary date with your friends and loved ones at The Alive Museum =D

The Alive Museum Singapore
Suntec City Mall #03-372
(Between Towers 3 and 4)
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm daily
(Last Admission at 9pm)

Since when museums are so fun?

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