M&M’S Wishes You Happy National Day!


How do you intend to celebrate this very special day?

If you hadn't know, just last Sunday after an entire week of rally forces from all over the nation, M&M'S had succeeded in snagging a brand new spot in the Singapore Book of Records for the creation of the largest-ever Singapore flag made up of M&M'S limited edition white and red chocolate candies! This 2.7m by 1.8m tall flag you see in the picture above and was the main highlight of the grand "Go Red This National Day with M&M'S" event held at the main atrium of Plaza Singapura from 28th July to 3rd August. It contains more than 17,000 gaps to be fashioned with M&M'S lentils and I am so proud to say that I was part of its making! Thank you M&M'S for inviting me and saving a spot on the flag for me to place my M&M'S ^.^

While waiting for my turn to place my lentil in one of the few slots in the middle of the five stars! Excited much~~

It's not everyday you get to be a part of a national record and history!

If only I could have these all to myself...

BF and I trying to take a selfie with the uniquely M&M'S Singapore Flag

The final lentil - by Ms Chiek Ming Ong

Spot-check passed! YAY~~

Congratulations M&M'S!

RED looks like he's serenading the crowd!

Besides this record-breaking event, M&M'S has also organised a great line-up of activties which includes interactive games, trivia quiz, "live" auctions and redemption of unique M&M'S merchandise using M&M'S product wrappers etc. Not forgetting the photo-opportunities with the iconic M&M'S mascot and roving Marching Band, all to demonstrate love and pride for the country in conjunction with our nation's birthday! How sweet~ Check out the exclusive "Go Red this National Day with M&M'S" merchandises that we gotten ourselves!

BF trying to imitate the confident RED -.-

Me and my goodie bag!


I've got WHITE M&M'S! Have you seen it before? *show-off*

Do you have a favourite colour you love to have first or keep till the end when you are enjoying a packet of M&M'S? Do you also know that each M&M'S has a different personality from their counterparts in another colour? Which is your favourite?

RED - strong, independent, bold and cheeky
BF striking a "cheeky" pose with RED

BLUE - confident, cool, decisive and level-headed
Check out his confident eyebrows lolol

Look, BLUE and RED are debating!
I hope they wont get into a fight, considering their strong personalities..

YELLOW - Naive, Simple, Gullible and Easy-Going
He does have a "blur" look!

GREEN - the only girl in the team, she's seductive, charming and feminine.
I guess you can see that from her thick lashes and lipstick hahaha

Rare photo opportunity with all four M&M'S! Lucky kids..

And M&M'S was so thoughtful to have prepared food and drinks!

Even the drinks are colour-coded.. Cute hor?

If you have yet to catch a glimpse of this "national phenomenon", the flag will be displayed at SAFRA Mount Faber tomorrow so don't miss this opportunity to witness it with you own eyes. It's really remakable so let's thank M&M'S for creating such a wonderful opportunity to gather more than 17,000 Singaporeans in the making of this delicious flag! Visit M&M’S Singapore Official Facebook Page for more updates =D

Remember to go RED for this joyous occasion!

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