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Hello! How has August been for you so far?

For me, it is nothing short of hectic but superbly exciting nonetheless having attended 3 events in one single weekend and another coming up this week. I am not complaining! I love what I am doing and surprisingly, I actually don't mind depriving my personal and rest time to attend these events, make new friends, edit photos and share everything with you guys. Company matters too so thanks Wendy, for making everything so fun and interesting! I certainly hope we can go out more often and just blog blog blog. It's so nice to have someone who understands why I need to take so many pictures of the same plate of food lolol, and I am also super happy to hear her plans to take blogging to a higher level and see her spread her wings to soar as a professional blogger. When you famous liao don't forget me hor!

Anyways, Wendy and I met up last Saturday (in the midst of the NDP Preview crowd) for an event organised by The Entertainer, an application that offers thousands of unbeatable 'buy one get one free' dining, leisure, wellness, entertainment and hotel accommodation offers. Since both of us has downloaded the app and gotten The Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile Product that is available at a minimal fee, we decided to make use of it right then, left our bloggers' party at The Pelican Deck and headed in to the restaurant for a proper meal. If you are interested, you can download The Entertainer app from Google Play or App Store and start exploring! I will be sharing an unique discount code that allows you to purchase the One Month Mobile Product at just S$19 when I receive it so stay tuned for lots of one-for-one deals ❤❤

While waiting, let's check out this beautiful restaurant by the bay!

I really like the decor! Do you think it's nice too?

"The Pelican has long been a symbol that holds great affinity with seafarers who would find their way back to land after a long voyage to celebrate their homecoming. Taking its cue to this philosophy, at the Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill, we are inspired to recreate these same experiences where diners will feel welcome and at home in the inviting setting to enjoy the warm hospitality and comforting food that await them."

Find out more about The Pelican | Seafood Bar & Grill here.

Enough about the interior, what's the deal we have here?


Estimated Savings: S$59.33

What you'll see on your screen

We asked to sit ourselves at the bar as the place was packed when we requested to move in from the outdoor deck

Our cocktails ^.^

While waiting for our food...

With the bartender's recommendation, we ordered a homecoming dish - Baked Snapper Pie that is supposed to be meant for a whole table lolol, and a woodfire grill that The Pelican is known for - Skate Wing Chop. For those who thinks Skate Wing Chop is chicken, I am sorry to inform you that you are wrong but not to worry, for we did too and I am certain most people do even though we were supposed to have entered a seafood place. Skate Wing Chop is actually Stingray! Yummss~~ and I hope you are going to have your meal soon because they look absolutely delicious! You can totally imagine me salivating as I wrote this post.

How does this look?

Skate Wing Chop | $36

I LOVE IT! The stingray is so amazingly juicy, tender and succulent, unlike some over-grilled dry ones with so much bones and so little meat that it makes you want to tear your hair out. This one is super meaty, the bones are so soft that I just ate everything lolol and the taste of burnt lemon butter really made the dish extremely flavourful although I am not a fan of butter and would really prefer less. Still I am in love with it and would certainly have it again when I return!

Wendy took the initiative and went into "cutting mode" immediately after we took the pictures so that we can have them more easily! I am like the lazy student in class..

Eating fries and taking selfies while my partner performs labour

Okay I feel bad *put down my fork with half-eaten french fry*
Let's take a picture together

Seeeee how tender! Its so soft it literally just melts in your mouth

The other dish is actually quite scary. Like what I have mentioned above, it is meant for a whole table of about 4? I guess we should have expected it to be major huge since the bartender specifically told us to choose this one as opposed to the others which are even larger. Still, we were surprised when this "bomb" landed in front of us. Even the Caucasian diner sitting beside me was amazed by its size (and mouth-watering aroma) and asked us what it is. Did anyone sincerely expect the two of us to finish this?

Here's the bartender I have been talking about this entire post. He is very fun and helpful! Chat with us, assist us with the ordering, take photos of us, offer to take selfies with us lolol. Now, he is helping us to cut this up. We were so stunned that we had no idea how to eat this. So he showed us the correct way, which is to cut around the ceiling for it to sink in and land on top of the snapper inside, so that we can have the pastry, the snapper and the cream sauce altogether!

Forgive my ignorance, I am really thankful for his help because I had no idea there was stew within the pastry and would have took the knife and cut the pastry into four parts. Then, I would have successfully flooded his bar with my fish stew. So smart.

Baked Snapper Pie | $38

Fish stew, vegetable and puff. How hearty! Even though a stew this creamy is something I would usually shy away, I thought this one was quite acceptable and would have been heavenly for cream-lovers. The snapper was similarly supple, luscious and fresh, so smooth that I don't even think I have to chew and could just swallow it down this way. And if I hadn't already filled my tummy with fries, I swear I would have ate the entire puff bowl. Both Wendy and I agreed that the pastry totally outshone the fish and stew!

I know the below pictures doesn't really look very appetising but it is my photography skill to blame and the dish is quite messy to begin with. Just want to show you guys how delicate and succulent the fish, how thick and flavourful the stew, and lastly how soft and fluffy the pastry was... Trust me, the food was way better than how it looks here!

Awww I really love the pastries to bits..

The Pelican | Seafood Bar & Grill
1 Fullerton Road
#01-01 One Fullerton
Singapore 049213
Tel: 6438 0400

Lunch: 12nn to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 11pm
The Pelican Deck: 3pm to 12am
Closed on Sundays

In overview, dinner was lovely I would say. The atmosphere was good, the food were great, environment comfortable. All the staff there were really out-going, friendly, helpful, well-trained and look real professional. This certainly made the meal much more enjoyable. Having a group of happy staff really makes a difference. Just in case you're wondering, our total bill was just $44.73 as opposed to $87.10 which would have been case without The Entertainer. Spend $19 save $40 is very acceptable isn't it? And this is just one redemption!

Toast to more one-for-one deals!

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