Petite France Gapyeong, Gyeonggi


Do you remember this beautiful scene?

Yes! Petite France is the precisely where Do Min-jun and Cheon Song-yi kissed in episode 15 of the popular Korean drama, My Love from Another Star. If you are a fan of Korean shows, you'd realise Secret Garden, Beethoven Virus and Running Man were ever filmed here too. For me, I only watch Korean dramas on and off (perhaps just one or two a year, that's pathetic I know lolol) but I happened to have caught all three dramas mentioned above and I have always wanted to visit Petite France because it is always THE place where romantic scenes take place.

To get to Petite France, there are various tour packages and shuttle bus services to bring you from Seoul to Gyeonggi-do and back that you can sign up for online. As bf and I did not wanted to be restricted to the timings specified, we took the "local way" which is to transfer to Gyeongchun Line at Mangu Subway Station, board the rail to Gapyeong or Cheongpyeong Station and take the Gapyeong Tourist Shuttle Bus from the bus-stop in front of either station. The bus will then bring you to various attractions in Gapyeong such as Nami Island and Morning Calm Arboretum at a fee of just KRW 5,000 for unlimited rides in a day. I have attached the pamphlet for the shuttle bus in case you require more information on the bus routes and timings:

While waiting for the rail at Mangu Interchange

We arrived at Cheongpyeong!

Our initial plan was supposed to alight at Gapyeong Station, which is nearly to Nami Island, but the rail was simply too packed (it was a public holiday) and the distance and travelling time between each station was just too long and excruciating. So we decided on the spot to reverse our plans and go to Petite France first when we couldn't take it anymore. Woes of living in a big country? I guess in this case the impatient me is pretty fortunate to be living in Singapore. By the way, if you are fast enough and is able to squeeze in another item in Gapyeong or you are interested in either Nami Island or Petite France but not both, I'd recommend the Gangchon Rail Park because it looks like real fun and the scenery is absolutely beautiful!

Do note the direction the bus is going before boarding

And also to keep your bus tickets for transfer or return rides

There, we are at Petite France in no time!

Oh, you can get discounted admission fee of KRW 6,000 (U.P. KRW 8,000) with the coupon available here. There are other offers from O'Sulloc, The Face Shop etc on the same page too!

Grabbed a map at the ticket office!

In overview, Petite France serves as a French cultural village as well as a training center of the youth. It consists of 16 buildings which includes accommodations, and also restaurants and shops where visitors can have cuisines and purchase clothings and other locales inspired by the French. There is also a memorial hall dedicated to the French author of Le Petit Prince, Saint-Exupery, and a gallery of sculptures and paintings of the Gallic rooster, which is the national symbol of France. Check out the pictures and see how refreshing this place is!

The Fountain Plaza
"As you pass a narrow alley on the right side of the Outdoor Theatre, there is a fountain plaza that looks like a European plaza. Ground floor of the building has canteen, experimental gallery and sourvenir store while the upper floor has accommodation facilities."

St. Exupery's Memorial Hall
"This is the only Memorial Hall of St. Exupery in Korea that is licensed from St. Exupery Foundation. You can experience his life, various works and characters from the novel Le Petite Prince."

The Orgel House
"This place is filled with beautiful meoldy made by old music box collected from Europe"

The Outdoor Theatre
"This outdoor theatre plays performances in good weather, where visitors of Petite France can enjoy more. During the evening, you can look at countless number of stars in the sky by sitting on chairs."

There are also many cute and fun French art performances such as the magic mime performance, guignol (french puppet) show, marionette play, orgel performance and music concert at the outdoor theatre. We weren't lucky enough to be able to enjoy a performance but still, just by taking a walk leisurely, you'd be snapping pictures non-stop because everything is just too charming and exquisite!

In overview, Petite France offers a very different experience from what you usually get in Seoul and I must say the change is rejuvenating. I really enjoyed the fine scenery, gentle breeze and soothing environment. It was nice to be walking around this pretty town, taking pictures with the mini Eiffel Tower, Do Min-jun and Cheon Song-yi lol, as well as examining the wide array of music boxes on display. Do visit their official website here (available in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese) for more information if you are intending to visit Petite France too.

Find out more about my Korea itinerary here,

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