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I know it had been quite some time since 4Fingers first hit Singapore, but judging from their popularity and the queues in front of all their outlets that never let up, I do think I owe them a review so (former) bf and I went to their branch at Ion Orchard on a weekday afternoon when I was on leave last year for some highly-raved Korean Fried Chicken ^.^

Boy, I never knew fast food restaurants can be this crowded even after lunch time on a working day! Aren't most people supposed to be working? Furthermore, the restaurant is extremely cramped with limited seats packed very tightly together. There wasn't any staff on the floor and most diners don't clear their own tables either so it can be very difficult to find a clean seat. Oh, not to mention some of the seats were faulty too although the outlet was newly renovated.

I have also been told and it was true that despite having two counters at the front, there will only be one cashier taking the orders and thus the queue and service can be generally slower than their fast food counterparts. However, I felt that the cashier on duty was very friendly, as there were still many patrons before us who were unfamiliar with the menu and ordering system at 4Fingers, and she would explain what they need to know slowly and patiently wait for them to make their decisions such as soy garlic or spicy, kimchi or seaweed fries etc. Impressed by her professionalism, I didn't mind waiting in the queue at all because I can't imagine myself doing the same repeatedly without getting frustrated. Guess that is why I am not in the service line lol.

It takes about 10 minutes before someone buzzes you

Where you pick up your food and utensils

Calamari & Shrimp Combo Meal | $9.95

The calamari and shrimps were both succulent and fresh, and the soy garlic seasoning is so yummy you will just want to lick your fingers after each piece, though it can be a little salty after a few pieces. It could be because of the colour of the soy garlic and the presence of a lime for additional flavouring, I always find this very "hawker-style", and it is no doubt tasty albeit slightly pricey for such a small portion.

Kimchi Fries | Comes with combo meal

Sadly, the kimchi ones, what I presumed to be normal straight cut potatos with an extra helping of paprika, were disappointing. It didn't taste anything like kimchi at all, more like you eating paprika and fries separately because their flavours don't blend either. I wish the fries on its own were kimchi-flavoured and even better, with pieces of kimchi within =x

3-pc Chicken Drumsticks Combo Meal | $10.95

Korean fried chicken are different in terms of the additional sauces and being fried twice so the skin is thinner, crispier and less greasy. True enough, the SKIN was savoury and fragrant regardless of whether it was spicy or soy garlic you have chosen, but I thought it made the meat dry and shrivelled. If you are not someone who loves or even eats chicken skin, the chicken at 4Fingers is out for you. Not worth it.

Seaweed Fries | Comes with combo meal

I still think the fries were dull but I would prefer the seaweed to kimchi fries and more so if they had been more generous with the seaweed, sea salt, paprika and chili flakes. The seaweed fries are much flavourful though I thought the taste of the fries and seasonings does not integrate as well. I would say that fries are not one of 4Fingers' forte.

The selections at 4Fingers

4Fingers Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
#B4-06A Ion Orchard
Singapore 238801
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If you ask us what we like about 4Fingers, both of us will say we love the chicken skin regardless of whether it was the hot one or the soy garlic chicken and that is about it. The chicken meat tends to be slightly on dry side and rather tasteless. This is why it is considered "healthier" as many may argue, but this is fast food and they are fried after all so how much healthier can it be? So as much as we all love anything-Korea and presume them to be better than everything else, we can't make ourselves agree on this one and unanimously admitted that Kentucky won Korea this time round. And that is not even considering the steep prices and how messy eating at 4Fingers can get.

Which do you like more - 4Fingers or KFC?

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