50 Random Facts About Me


I recently challenged Sheryl to list down 50 facts about her because she appears to know herself so well (I think I personally don't and I envy those who do), and I was told to do it first. So here I am, trying to get to know myself a little better and I hope you will somehow find a way to entertain yourself with these random and not-very-interesting bits. Let's get started:

I was born more than 2 weeks earlier than my estimated delivery date of 7 July. I wish I wasn't so impatient because 7/7/1990 definitely is more special and looks better than 21/6/1990. I do try to console myself with the fact that Prince William is born on 21 June too but it just doesn't work.

My mum wanted to name me 林汶静 because I had too much fire elements in my eight characters or something, and 汶 literally means water, which can help to control my fire (or temper?). I do wonder how it will be like if my name is 林汶静 instead of 林彦希.

I know my mum took her time to register my birth because I met someone whose NRIC number is exactly two digits behind me and her birthday is on 2 July 1990, and also because I was always grouped with July babies when it comes to Orientation. (Note to QY and YT: Now you know)

Oh dear, this is more difficult than I thought. I am running out of things to say >.<

I love notebooks, even ugly ones like 555 but I curbed this fetish eventually as it clashes with my need to declutter. I still love them, but I would try to stop myself from buying them. That is why if you know me personally, you will realise you have received a notebook from me some point in your life.

I don't just declutter. I have the habit of throwing or donating my possessions regularly when I feel overwhelmed by possissions. It gives me a sense of satisfaction, and fewer belongings make me feel more in control. I googled, and they termed this obsessive-compulsive spartanism.

I have very few songs in my playlist and I can be looping the same song for the entire month, which most of the time is not a newly released song, just one I picked up somewhere randomly. Currently in loop: O-Town's All Or Nothing. Previously: Sam Smith's I'm Not The Only One.

I am extremely shy. I prefer to observe quietly, and I would very much consider myself an introvert or a wallflower. I am also rarely proactive in making friends as it takes a lot of determination and courage for me to ever make the first move.

I am rather independent and I love spending time alone. People call me a loner for that, but the fact is that I just need some personal space and time for me to do my own things because there are like, a 101 different items I have on my to-do list and it bugs me when I can't strike any of them off.

Yes, I have a to-do list to ensure that I am productive. I will feel guilty for wasting my life away if my work or personal life is stagnant and when I do, I will have the urge to declutter my already-decluttered room in order to regain control of my life again. So just give me my me-time (refer to #5 & #8).

I love to sing. My younger sister and I used to be so excited to visit our grandmother mainly because she has a karaoke system in her house. I took singing lessons when I was 21, performed a bit and now, I hold daily concerts in my bathroom. The reverberation is awesome lol.

I love family outings especially when we are going somewhere very far like the Zoo because I get to sing with the radio in the car, and everyone will be forced to listen to me throughout the journey. My father always try to make me drive to save everyone from the noise pollution but he never succeeded =)

I seriously need a lot of sleep. If I am unable to sleep for at least 7 hours on weekdays (which is usually the case), I have to make it up by sleeping through either Saturday or Sunday. I need one full day of hibernation each week to recuperate or I might go bonkers.

Before I started working where I am now early last year, I was performing at events, music cafes and restaurants as a singer and keyboardist, and doing small-time acting in a few local dramas and commercials. I do miss those times because it was so much fun.

I enjoy working. I started part-time with my cousin when I was 14, and had an accident on my first day at work lol. The nail on my little finger cracked inwards and stabbed into the nail bed, and its root was poking through my skin. I was then sent to the hospital for an operation.

Speaking of which, I have very low pain tolerance. I remember the doctor asked me to rate how much pain I was in on the scale of 1 to 10. I replied 10 and he repeated the same question three times over as if he was hoping to get a different answer from me. Well, it was really painful for me..

I am scared of knives. Maybe because the actresses always injure fingers while chopping and actors bleed while shaving. It is extremely possible for me to chop my fingers off accidentally and I am afraid. Don't ask me to wash a knife either. It's very sharp!

I can't cycle unless you count those four-wheeled ones. My dad tried teaching me how to when I was young, but after a short while I discovered a huge cut across my thigh (I had no idea where I got it from), and I was too scared of that bicycle to continue. Yeah, I am very prone to random injuries.

I think I can't swim. I did pass two levels of the swimming classes conducted at Primary 4 but the coach probably just wanted to pass me. He practically lifted me so that I will stay afloat from one to the other end of the pool. All I did was to act like I was swimming.

Enough of the things I can't. I can play the piano and I was school pianist in Primary School, playing the National Anthem, school song and hymns daily until I was eventually replaced by technology. Thankfully I was in the band so I still get to perform the National Anthem on special occasions.

I played the clarinet when I was in the Concert Band in Primary School. I was automatically placed in Netball because of my height and Concert Band again when I entered Secondary School but I ultimately joined String Ensemble. That was where I picked up violin and basic conducting.

I tried learning Korean thrice. First time was after I graduated from JC, but the teacher who was kind of erm.. perverted so I stopped. Then Wendy wanted to learn but she dropped out, and HM wanted to learn and dropped out too but I didn't want to restart from the basics again so I just continued this time.

I forgive, and I can forget very well. My former bf said I am stupid to be made used by the same people repeatedly, but as soon as they are friendly towards me again to seek a favour, I forget everything and is ready to climb mountains for them once more. Is this stupidity?

I enjoy arranging stuff and keeping them in order. It gives me a sense of satisfaction. My mum used to leave my sisters and I in Popular Bookstores for hours where I will help them arrange their merchandises for free. I also clocked more than 200 hours of CIP arranging books in public libraries.

I have three cats at home. They were all strays and we picked them up because the first had diarrhea, the mother of my second cat left with his brother, and the third too small to survive on her own along the streets. I find it coincidental that their age differences is the same as my sisters and I.

I have a very low threshold for humour. I laugh at jokes that are not funny too because it is funny when it is not funny (not sure if this makes any sense) and I often get cramps from laughing too much. Warning: I may start giggling nonsensically when I am running out of battery too.

Omg, I am only halfway done >.<

I am a romantic at heart, and simple old-school chivalry acts like holding the door, checking whether I have reached home safely or volunteering to kill a cockroach without complaint even though he can be just as afraid sets my heart aflutter. I appreciate gentlemanly gestures. Very much.

I find it rather weird that I am attracted to people with nice teeth. It doesn't have to be a perfect set of teeth that is straight and sparkly, but at least undecayed. I think it is a guarantee to fresh breath as well as a bright and attractive smile. I like people who smile.

On the subject of teeth, I had went through three rounds of teeth removal in my life so far because according to different dentists, my "mouth just didn't have enough space". I have plucked 2 vampire teeth which I really liked, 4 molars and 4 wisdom teeth. I only have 24 teeth as opposed to 32.

I started donating blood in JC when I was 18, but I only clocked 15 successful blood donations even though I diligently visit HSA every 3 months because I fail the blood test frequently due to low blood count. I am an AB Positive by the way.

Although I personally don't think I am very tall, people do tend to ask me why I managed to attain my height. You know how the adults always say 跌倒才会长高 (you grow taller when you fall down) to console crying kids? I guess it is true because I do fall down A LOT.

The worst fall was in Secondary 3. It was raining cats and dogs and I slipped into the drain while making my way to dad's car. My dad told me to bear with it so I just went to school, climbed the stairs to the top floor and attended lessons until my teacher noticed that my socks were blood red. My classmates then brought me to the ground floor where the principal wanted to send me hospital because the wounds were really deep. She called my father to inform him so but he said, "No need lah, pain awhile then okay already". She laughed, and I was sent back to class. On the top floor.

I like to pretend that I am sporty back in school, but I guess I’m not since I can't cycle (#17), can't swim (#18), and I cheated in my NAPFA tests, where my guy friends will offer to do different stations in my place because I am just so bad. Well, except for pull-ups and 2.4km run.

Oh, my classmates would also quickly help me lid the Bunsen burner during practical tests too. I am not scared of open fire, but instead the process of generating a flame such as the turning on of gas stove or using of lighter. I am afraid there might be an explosion. I really wonder how I survived school..

My favourite subjects were Chinese and Mathematics because I am Chinese-speaking, and Mathematics is logical to me. I was in the Math Olympiad team, and my JC math teacher ever remarked that I am a genius. I don't think I am very smart, but I like it when people know I have brains.

If you ever wondered why my handwritten notes look like they were printed, it is because some time in Primary School I printed capital and small A to Z in Arial on a piece of paper and practised writing over each letter. I wouldn't recommend it unless you like being called out to write out all the answers on the board or the OHP transparency on behalf of the teacher because you have a neat handwriting.

Although I don't like to stand and write out answers in front of the class, I really enjoy marking papers. I complete piles and piles of assessment books just so I can mark my own work. Then I would ask my mum to buy more or offer to help my teachers mark our homework.

I love decorating places, except my own workspace and my own room. Throughout my years in Primary and Secondary School, I was always involved in class decoration and I was "promoted" in JC where I became my house's and also the overall décor IC on a few occasions.

I have very bad eyes, and wore spectacles in Primary School. I used to think they make me look smarter, but I stopped wearing them out because they are extremely inconvenient and I suspect they are shrinking my eyes. I thought my eyes used to be bigger or is it me being paranoid?

If our ears work in the same way as our eyes, I am "long-hearing". I often mishear someone talking to me or require him to repeat what he just said. On the other hand, I can hear what people at a distance are saying even when I didn't mean to. It just comes naturally.

I love quotes, which is why I dedicated a section on the header of my blog for them. I find them motivating and enlightening. They make it easier for me to let go of things I should not be harping on, and remind me to be the best I can be. I used to collect quotes too.

Phew, down with the last 10..

I ever wrote a short script and sent it to MediaCorp where it was forwarded to the script-writing department. They then called me to explain what they do and how they work as scriptwriters, and told me to continue writing and send the entire script to them again when I am done. I never finished it.

I get really emotional when watching the TV or at the movies. I am the worst at crying, and that is why I was casted in dramas (see #13) - you can have me in tears in a minute. The director was so shocked that he said I should be doing more than just an extra when I can cry so well *happy*

My favourite flower is the Frangipani. Pretty weird I know because they are often associated with ghosts and cemeteries in local folklores, but I like them because they look like eggs and I love eggs. Do you know Frangipani is called 鸡蛋花, literally egg-flower in Chinese?

My favourite drinks and snacks are anything Milo and Oreo. From Milo dinosaur to Milo nuggets, Oreo ice-blended, Oreo ice-cream, Oreo cheesecake and whatnot, I love them all. Well, except Australian-recipe Milo which I dislike because of the "milky" smell. I don't like milk.

I love Japanese sushi and sashimi. I always wanted to be a vegetarian so I stopped eating any meat other than chicken, pork and seafood but I highly suspect the farthest I can go is to become a pescetarian because I love sashimi too much to give it up totally.

I have went on 11 overseas trips and travelled to 7 different countries in my life so far (not including Malaysia) - Japan, Australia, Korea, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and I hope to add more to the list soon so that I will be able to say I have seen the world before I am too old.

I am not a shopping person. I only hit the malls when there is something I need to get and when it comes to overseas trip, although I don't mind spending a few hours walking through a wholesale market, I would choose a farm experience or scenic drive over a shopping spree anytime.

I have short fingernails all the time. It used to be because I play the piano, but there are times I want to grow them longer because I envy girls with pretty nails (not the very exaggerated ones though). I never succeeded, because it irks me when dirt gets stuck or when I am reminded of its impracticalities.

I bought my first insurance at 19. My family and friends think I am kia-si (afraid of death) because of the number of insurance I have but in actuality, I just want to make sure my parents are well-taken care of if something ever happens to me *touch wood* Isn't this our responsibility as children?

I find it difficult and intimidating to reveal so much about myself in this non-exhaustive list especially since I am extremely self-conscious. When I mind my own business, people say I am arrogant. When I am nice and friendly, people call me hypocrite *really don't understand*, and this affects me a lot.

Congratulations for making it through such a boring post.

I am surprised you are actually interested in reading this and equally sorry for jumping all around from topic to topic because I was trying very hard to squeeze these points out from my brain. Of course there's a lot more to me than just this, like the fact that I like musicals, I have a mum who picks up cockroaches with her bare hands and throw them out of the flat, or cherish compliments I received for what I did more than the same on how I look, which I am in fact not very confident with.

But right now, I am feeling super accomplished to have completed this "challenge" and I would strongly recommend you to do one on yourself too..

Happy Labour Day ^.^

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