Sheryl's Bachelorette Party


YUPP! It was Sheryl's Hen's Night slightly more than two weeks ago..

We, the bridesmaid gathered some time after our first meet-up at Equarius Hotel to plan to surprise Sheryl with a hen's party that she told us countless times that she do not intend to have, and quickly decided on a staycation since we all know a girlie stayover is what she will prefer more than anything. And since Sheryl and I have our weekly Korean class on Saturday mornings, the task to block the schedule of the world's most mistrustful person fell on my shoulders. I'd be thick-skinned and say I am an ace in planning, but I am never adequate when it comes to execution because I am really bad at lying. As witnessed by everyone, I just kept screwing things up along the way lol.

To make sure she is freed up the entire day, I asked Sheryl out for an evening concert which I have allegedly received free tickets to. I even had the exact concert in mind so that in the event she asks me anything, I will have an apparent answer. I pulled it off initially but as the day got closer, I was informed by Sheryl that she won't be able to make it for the concert as she had to stay at home for the delivery of her new furniture on the same day. I started to fluster when different pieces from updates kept falling in from everywhere - first was the delivery; second was another friend being told that Sheryl's only plan for the weekend was to have dinner with her fiance, Bryan; and many other updates all over the place.

Our conclusion: we were played.

So we decided to beat Sheryl at her own game. Since we can't fool her, we will confuse her haha. I dressed really casually in the morning, and also asked if she was free for lunch at Chinatown, where I needed to go to to run some errands. The plan was for the team to decorate the suite at Furama we booked with the help of Serena while Sheryl and I have lunch, and since I told her I need to drop by Rhythm & Wave, I asked for the team to wait there instead of in the room which she would suspect to be the case. While making our way to the music school, something Sheryl said made me realised there is another hotel in the vicinity so we decided to scrape the "Running Man" idea just in case she turns up at the wrong place lol. Stop being so suspicious of everyone and everything, Sheryl!

And I must add that Cassandra, Mayling, Eunice and Serena did a really wonderful job in decorating the room! I will never be able to produce something like that. Everything from the pastel-coloured balloons to the photos and of course the customised cupcakes complemented each other and turned out really well. Sheryl loved them all ^.^

The balloons are so pretty!

They don't just look good, they were really delicious too!

While making my way home to get my clothes for the stayover (didn't want to bring it along just in case I look suspicious with a big bag), I made a reservation for dinner at Todamgol - Sheryl's favourite Korean restaurant. Though the food was acceptable, I didn't think Todamgol was particularly impressive like how they usually are on that day so I shall leave it till my next visit before I dedicate a blog review on the Korean restaurant #preferentialtreatment. But you can still check out pictures of the food we ordered on Sheryl's blog post over here.

It was a fun and crazy night with lots of story-telling and laughing at each other. The guys i.e. Sheryl, Cassandra, Eunice and Serena's other half dropped by with drinks for a brief moment too. Don't you think it is plain awesome how the boyfriends and girlfriends can hang out together that well? Anyways, more wefies to commemorate the event before checking out!

Frankly, it was miraculous how Sheryl and I met in the most unexpected situation and quickly bossomed into the best of friends - a random decision to learn Korean and for me to change class. I thank my lucky stars every day to have met her, and for her to not give up on befriending me even though I was skeptical and definitely less than friendly towards her overwhelming enthusiasm.

Dear Sheryl, I have read what you wrote on your post and thought I would write something back for you haha. Thank you for appearing just when I needed a companion the most, for showing me what true friendships are when I was disillusioned, and for all the fun, excitement and memories you have brought to my dull life. If going through everything I had went through before was what necessary for me to finally meet you, I will not change a thing. Of course, I am just as grateful for you to have asked me to be a part of #TeamBella. Can't wait to see you stepping into the next stage of your life!

Here's to all of us,

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