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I know I am definitely one of the last considering how long it had been since they first opened, but I have finally tried the famous Bijin Nabe 美人鍋 at Tsukada Nojo 塚田農場 ^.^

Well, I don't usually have enough patience to queue for anything for more than an hour, especially with a hungry stomach, so Tsukada Nojo was never a restaurant I'd thought I would visit despite all the craze and wonderful raves I have heard. But somehow, perhaps because it was a rainy Saturday afternoon and everyone (save us who had Korean lesson to attend) had unanimously decided to sleep in, Sheryl and I happened to see that the restaurant was empty and quickly decided to grab hold of this extremely rare opportunity and give Tsukada Nojo a try.

We were seated without any wait, and quickly placed our order for the Bijin Nabe ($25++ per pax, min 2 pax), a "Beauty Pot" of collagen-rich organic chicken broth that had everyone falling head over heels in love and queueing for hours without any complaints.

Here it is - looks like tau huey (soya bean curd) to me lol

The Bijin Nabe is served together with a combination of vegetables, seafood and chicken cooked in the golden Jidori chicken soup which is stewed for about 8 hours for the chicken bones to fully dissolve and then cooled to room temperature so as to transform into the smooth, silky, collagen-rich pudding we see above. And these are the hotpot ingredients we received for a two pax portion. It definitely looks somewhat insufficient even though both of us weren't big eaters and I wasn't feeling well that day. The first thought that went through our mind was that we gonna need to order more. I don't suppose meat-lovers will be impressed by the amount of vegetables either.

After heating for a short while, the pudding gradually melted into a thick broth and the aroma had us instantly salivating. The waitress then hurried over to scoop the chicken up and pour a cup of the soup in its original form for each of us, as well as proceeded to add the ingredients into the pot in its proper order starting from the tori tsukune, to yellow zucchini, lady's fingers, radish, baby corn, yuzu, and the various other vegetables.

The broth was amazing. It was absolutely exquisite, rich, flavourful and probably the best I have ever had. I love the thin layer of film that forms on the top of the soup when it was left to cool - a little salty, but very tasty! By the way, the first refill of the soup, which is about the size of a rice bowl, is complimentary so feel free to drink up lol. Apart from the delicious broth, the Jidori chicken was exceptionally tender, and the prawns and vegetables were really fresh too.

Cute ♥♥

The meal also comes choice of thin egg, thick mochi-mochi or rice noodles to go with the soup, and we listened to the friendly waitress who recommended the thick mochi-mochi noodles to us. Although we were similarly shocked by how small the portion was for two pax (is it us or was the portion really small?), it seems that we might have overestimated our capability because we were dead full by the end of the meal. Thank goodness we didn't order any side dish to go along.

Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe 塚田農場 美人锅
133 New Bridge Road
#02-37 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Tel: +65 6444 8840

Lunch: 11.30am to 3.00pm
Dinner: 5.00pm to 10.00pm
Visit their website here

Do you think it resembles us? I am the one with fringe..

See? Anyway, this is outdated because I just dyed my hair! #random lols

In overview, the service was impeccable right from the moment we enter up to the point we stepped out of the restaurant. It was obvious how much emphasis they place on keeping their customers happy, from the complimentary customised desserts to the "namecards" that were presented to each diner at the end of the meal to encourage repeat patronage. The total bill inclusive of GST and service charge was $58.85. Although we would have preferred a wider variety of hotpot ingredients for this price, they certainly made it up with quality. I don't know if the soup is really going to give me beautiful skin or not, but I am definitely returning irregardless.

So let's just hope it does,

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