Majulah Singapore NDP 2015


I definitely count myself lucky to be able to attend SG50 NDP Preview!

As usual, I never seem to know when is the application for NDP tickets open throughout my 25 years in this country and I have once again missed the deadline somehow, only to realise it was already over and people were discussing who are lucky enough to get their hands on these limited tickets. To think Qian Yun, Yee Teng, Yu Lei, Kay and I were still lamenting the fact that we wouldn't be able to witness our Golden Jubilee Parade while we had dinner at Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill (will blog about it later!) and the planes started flying past.

A picture with Yvonne Tee and her newlywed husband. Thank you for giving me the extra ticket ^.^

I think I have a "suay" face that one look at me, people know for sure I confirm plus guarantee don't have NDP tickets. Yvonne can straight away ask me whether I want to go with she and her husband without knowing if I am already going or not hahaha. Then I was stopped near the bus stop in front of Esplanade by a random soldier to check for my ticket while I was making our way to the Floating Platform with Yvonne and her husband. No one got checked except me..

Thank you to the enthusiastic audience sitting in front - it would make a really nice picture if you hadn't held on to the first and last alphabets of "Singapore" though.

Most of the time we spent on the Floating Platform were just playing with the things in our SG50 Commemorative Goodie Bag or watching the parade through the big screen though, since the parade and performances are happening mainly at Padang instead. But I think the view of the fireworks and aerial display at Floating Platform surely beats the same Padang!


I was so worried the eagle was going to get hurt when it decided to join the flypast. And then I was reminded of what Yee Teng just told us over the same gathering at Santa Fe, that the tall glass buildings at Marina Bay are killers. Apparently, many flying eagles and birds, some of rare breed, who fly past this area cannot differentiate the real sky and the image reflected on these buildings, and thus fly right into them and lose their lives. I am working in a killer building :'(

For some reason, my favourite part of the parade is not the fireworks but the marching instead. I suspect it is because because I am kind of an OCD, and I love how NEAT they are lolol. I wanted to join the marching band when I entered Primary School. Unfortunately for me, the year I joined was the year they decided to convert to a concert band instead. Zzz.

I like how the invited the pioneers back for the parade this year too. Despite their age, they are so proud to be wearing their uniforms and marching in front of the entire nation. Ahhh, this makes me want to cry. Just like the short clip on Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and also a part where one of the pioneer generation interviewees said something like, "Life was difficult, but everyone was learning how to survive together" during Singapore's progressive years. Singaporeans were so united then.

Don't you feel proud when you see four of Singapore's most successful artistes gathered onstage? The thought of them coming together just to be a part of the nation's 50th birthday celebration really touches me. Kit Chan's Home also marks the finale of this year's parade and the start of what most people are waiting for.. the FIREWORKS!

Sadly, it got really hazy from the smoke halfway through so I thought I would share another video of the entire firework display I took from my office on the day itself right here too. By the way, the crowd on National Day was totally crazy. It was real funny how Janice SIM and I ran to the MRT station immediately after the parade ended so we wouldn't be caught in the jam. Everyone was rushing all about and the Police were all whistling loudly in an attempt to manage the crowd. We felt like fugitives lol, but fortunately, our MRT ride home was a breeze. Thank you for the free rides, SMRT.


Yup, this is the view from the Floating Platform. As mentioned, it got hazy so I turned to the other side, where there were fireworks too! I also thought the few small fireworks behind the tall buildings were kind of cute hahaha. These couldn't be seen from Marina Bay.

And this is the full clip from MBFC. I wish SCB's logo wasn't there..

video video
Short but really pretty firework display after each segment

Majulah Singapore!

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