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The first time I dined onboard a riverboat was on the last day of my first trip to Korea back in 2008 as a JC graduation trip with my cousin before she embarked on her final year at Millennia Institute. How seven years past in a flash. And I certainly miss the unique dining experience. So imagine my excitement when Yu Lei actually told me there is something similar in Singapore and pointed me to Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill while we were just sitting around and enjoying the sea breeze at the open area on the third floor of Marina South Pier after our visit to Sufood. Not forgetting our attempts to fit our backsides onto a spring horse only to realise we can't fit anymore T.T

Anyways, it was then we decided this shall be the location of our next meet up few weeks down the road alongside our JC classmates (girls only though) -- Qian Yun, Yee Teng and Kay! Except that we didn't realise there is a possibility some of us, myself included, might get sea sick..

Weird candid picture taken by QY

Keyboard and microphones for acoustic performances!

As we took our seats, YL intelligently shared that A&W originally occupies this riverboat that was housed at Sentosa back in the 90s, all of us went woooo~~, and immediately after that YT and I started to feel the effects of our motion sickness as the floating restaurant rose and fell along with the tide. We decided it was too much for us to handle hence requested to change our seats, and the staff also very kindly gave us garlic pills, hoping that it will help but to no avail. However, very soon after placing our orders, YT could not take it anymore and returned to the pier instead.

Took this on my way to the washroom. Perfect timing!

Santa Fe BBQ Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack) | $24

Took a picture of YT's food before she called us from the pier and said she would have her meal there. The staff were very understanding and quickly packed the food into a nice takeaway box for her. The manager even asked us if we need them to move a table out so YT can have her food comfortably. We didn't want to trouble them so we rejected the idea, but that was really nice of them, wasn't it?

BBQ Herb Chicken with Honey Mustard | $26

This was what I ordered, and I personally thought the grilled herb-marinated chicken leg was a little dry though it was really well-marinated. I didn't really appreciate the baked potato and salad on the other hand due to the huge chunks of cheese and probably also because I was starting to feel giddy. So I quickly finished the chicken and head out to take over YL's shift.

Tex-Mex Grilled Chicken | $26

Kay's grilled chicken breast with BBQ sauce. This looks really good (compared to mine), especially the bacon and melted cheese on top. I am definitely ordering this one instead when I return. Though the portion seems a bit small, it was really filling. Why can't I have the mash potatoes and grilled vegetables for my chicken too? :(

Pan-Fried Tilapia Ala Creole | $25

Both YL and QY ordered this but only one came initially, and we told QY to have it first since YL was outside accompanying YT anyway. Which is a fortunate thing because the second plate came really late and to be honest, it was way darker than what I have in the picture, as if it was deep-fried instead. Consistency might be an issue, but nevertheless the fillet tasted great.

Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill
31 Marina Coastal Drive
Berth 1, Marina South Pier
Singapore 018988

Tel: 62785 775
Daily Lunch: 12nn to 3 pm
Daily Dinner: 6pm to 10pm

Fireworks came alive while we were chatting at the Pier ^.^

The total bill was somewhere near $150 for the five of us. The food was good but nothing spectacular although what impressed me most is their service, which was extremely well-delivered and way exceed my expectations. First our request to move tables, then all our seasick drama and lastly, the additional pens they brought to our table and gave one to each of us when we couldn't decide who to keep the stylus pen that was given to us as a gift for spending above a certain amount. If it was me, I would have rolled eyes at my customer for presuming changing seats will help and for coming onboard when one has motion sickness -.- I guess that is why I am not in the line of customer service. Lols!

Other than the fantastic customer service, I really like the venue, which is a little oldie and has the kind of 90s and family-friendly feel to it, as well as how it is a great place for family and friends to gather. No wonder the place was packed and became all vibrant a short while after we arrived when grandparents, parents and kids began to swarm in.

Don't understand why I didn't have motion sickness when I was young(er) but I do now,

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