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Coming right up, the second highlight, after we have visited Mala Top Hotpot on the first day (read here), of my short trip to Taiwan earlier part of the year - Addiction Aquatic Development 上引水产. If you are a fan of seafood and you are intending to visit Taiwan somewhere in the near future, don't forget to pen this place down in your itinerary too. We didn't even need to consider whether this should be in our itinerary when Sheryl showed me information on AAD that she found online. Being sashimi lovers, this attraction that is very popular amongst the locals but little-known to tourist, went right in to our plans and it was definitely one of the best decisions we made throughout the trip.

It seems that the markets in Taiwan are receiving less patrons just like in Singapore where everyone prefers to go to supermarkets which is deemed to be more hygienic. In order to restore the vitality in markets and regain patronage, Addiction Aquatic Development (AAD), a new base of 1983 square meters in Taipei’s Fish Market that evolved above the usual mess we perceive traditional markets to be, was established, and had very quickly became THE place where general consumers visit to obtain and enjoy fresh and quality seafood at wholesale pricing.

The sight that welcomes you as soon as you sanitised your hands and walked in through the main entrance. Firstly, we were impressed by how big and clean the entire air-conditioned place was. Everything here simply looks mega fresh and tasty =x

Instantly, as soon as we caught sight of the sea urchin (uni), we grabbed a small box that is selling at 662NT, which translate to less than 30SGD. It was already super worth it even though we thought there were only three rows of neatly lined-up uni in our box. Imagine our surprise when we realised there were so much more uni stack underneath for just the two of us to share! I think I had more sea urchin in a single day than what I have had in my 25 years of life.

There is also a seafood bar after the live seafood section where you can enjoy platters of first-tier ingredients including fresh raw oysters, shrimps, crabs and lobsters together with champagne and red wine at reasonable prices. We were really tempted, but the place was getting slightly crowded and we were really reluctant to give up on our uni so we decided to give it a miss. In exchange for opportunity lost, we told ourselves to grab more food from the other lanes.

All these choices versus the seafood bar. Would you have made the same decision as us?

Apart from the raw food, there is also sections within the market selling frozen food (those perfect for steamboat!), fresh fruits, desserts and cooked food.

Unfortunately, since there were only the two of us, there was only so much we can get. After touring the entire place round and round, trying to decide what to keep and what to give up, and also on a lookout for new items since the staff seem to be topping up the items continously, we finally headed to the cashier, telling ourselves that we can go back in again if we didn't have enough even though in our hearts, we know we definitely bought more than what is sufficient for two starving bellies.

Let's see what we have got for about 1200NT (around 50SGD)!

Addiction Aquatic Development 上引水产
No. 18, Alley 2 Lane 410 Minzu East Road
Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Visit their website here

Tel: +886 (02) 2508 1268
Opening Hours: 10am to 12am
Nearest Station: Zhongshan Elementary School / Xingtian Temple Station

Since it is located in an alley, you will still be required to walk from the nearest station or bus-stop so what we did was to hail a cab at Zhongshan Elementary School Station. Do be reminded that AAD does not have any credit card services and only accepts cash. You might prefer to go as early as possible too because the place tends to get very crowded near noon and that makes it difficult for you to choose what you want and shop around freely. We reached at about 11am and right after we had our first pick for the uni, other patrons started swarming in.

Other than that, you are sure to enjoy yourself like we did in this seafood paradise ^.^

See my chopsticks. I am always very proud of myself for using it correctly lolol.

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