Kotex: No More Overnight Period Leakage


**** This is a girls-talk post so guys might do well not to venture beyond this point ****

Alrights, I have got a question for us all now that we have gotten the guys out of the way. What is the one thing you hate most about being a girl? Not sure about you all but for me, one of the worst things about being a girl is definitely the one thing we just cannot avoid every month - period.

Sometimes I just wish guys have to go through the same so they can understand the inconveniences we have to go through each month. They do think that bleeding for one week is no big deal but seriously it is so much more than that. First the pre-menstrual syndroms which range from mood swings to food cravings, fatigue and irritability, then the awful cramps that can never be forgotten, and of course the frustration of waking up with overnight period leakage, discomfort of wearing a "diaper" 24/7, and the sky-high insecurity and threatening fear of staining our bottoms (especially if we are required to wear white) and everything else we sit on during days of heavy flow.

I understand that this is only natural and has to happen in order for us to ultimately reproduce. To facilitate the week of each month, I do try to steer clear of the crowd (to prevent myself from getting irritated and firing anyone who crosses my path), tie up my hair and dress down (like in the pictures) to make myself feel as comfortable as possible during this week, but I still wish it could be easier because going to the washroom or waking up with an overflowed pad and/or stained undergarment can be bloody (pun intended) inconvenient and disgusting. I always think I smell bad during these days too.

Which is why, I cannot stress more on the importance of finding THE ONE perfect brand of sanitary napkin for yourself, especially when it comes to night when we have absolutely no awareness of our overnight flow and whether it is time for us to change a new pad. We can't stop menstruation for obvious reasons but it does not mean we are fated to feel depressed when we wake up the next morning and start cursing ourselves for extra laundry work we have to do because we have obviously underestimated our movements and blood flow through the night.

That's right, with the all-new Kotex Luxe® Ultrathin Pad, you will realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault.

The all-new Kotex Luxe® Ultrathin Pad is the new revolutionary pad where softness and dryness comes together and brings you a world so comfortable that you may even forget you are having your period! With up to 3x faster absorption, we can feel fabulous all-day and not need to compromise our dates, games and other important activities. Hear that, girlfriends? No more cancelling out on each other either on the day your "auntie" decides to visit.

And here is how it all works:

Woah. 32cm long. Honeycomb liquid-locker. Ultra comfort cover. Surround lock protector. Up to 3x faster absorption. There is simply no room for failure and no way I can place my sanitary pad too front or too back, miscalculate my flow or whatsoever that ultimately leads to a blood-stained undergarment or worse, bedsheets the next morning. Come to think of it, it is certainly embarrassing if you are not sleeping in your own bed, in your own home.

But thankfully, it is all going to change for the better from now on! With the security Kotex Luxe® Ultrathin Pad provides, I can flip, twist and turn however I want in my sleep with no concern over overnight period leakage. How nice it is to be able to sleep in peace throughout the entire night ^.^


By the way, did you notice this thread that can be tightened to keep the opening shut? I don't think most of you are as OCD as me but seriously, I really don't know what the person was thinking when he/she decided on using those flimsy plastic as packaging for our very personal sanitary pads and dictates all other brands to do the same. I always take out all the pads inside and throw the packaging away because it looks too messy after opening with all the torn and overstretched parts (oh, so it's actually my fault for not being gentler =x). Anyway, I am just really glad someone decided to use drawstrings so my sanitary pads can be neatly and hygienically stored.

Not to forget, seeing these colourful pads brightens up my red days too!

And you are one step closer to putting an end to overnight period leakages and letting the soft, thin and absorbent Kotex Luxe® Ultrathin Pad fulfill your period needs and free you from any monthly restrictions! Redeem your FREE SAMPLE of the best protection out in the market - Kotex Luxe® Overnight via Sample Store here or on Kotex Facebook page right here.

(click picture to access Sample Store)

If you overflow again, blame it on Kotex.
And if you like Kotex Luxe® Overnight, you gotta try their 24cm ultrathin day pads too!

Go, go, go grab your free samples!

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