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I never liked applying sunscreen.

I used to think it was only meant for people who are afraid of becoming dark and since I don't mind being dark, I don't apply sunscreen. I never thought or knew how important it is to protect my skin until only about a few years ago, when my skin was so bad that I had to visit a dermatologist. From then, I was instructed to put on sunscreen diligently everyday, even when I am indoors, to not only protect my skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun, and also from indoor lightings or even the computer screen I am facing on a daily basis. I can't imagine how much harm I have already inflicted on my own skin because of my ignorance and laziness, especially during my JC days when I was ALWAYS involved in outdoor activities under the big bright sun. Despite it being a necessity and something I probably need to thank for the okay-skin I have now, I still hate sunscreen.

Well, until I have tried Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel. Let me explain ^.^

The sunscreen that I am using now and having been using for the past few years was prescribed to me by my dermatologist and she even emphasised that because it is oil-free, an essential factor for people who are very prone to acne breakouts, it can be difficult to apply. I am glad that non-sticky or oily but seriously, "difficult to apply" was an understatement as I needed to rub my face with my fingers real hard and repeatedly before it finally dissolves nicely. And it is not done yet. I still need to wait quite a bit for it to set before I can apply my make-up or everything will chalk up all together. That, will really does irritate me to no end since it means I have to restart the entire morning ritual.

Just this fact alone, one would be able to understand why I was so ready to switch to Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel even though there were surely many other alternatives that were offered to me before this. Not only was Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel gentle and allergy-tested, it spreads easily and absorbs instantly without leaving a white cast due to its light-as-water texture. I no longer need to message round and round until my arms are tired, my face is red and yet there are still white traces on my skin. Furthermore, Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel also has a mild fruity fragrance that freshens me up in the morning, and it is suitable for application on the body too!

Like always, we shouldn't just blindly believe what anyone says, so let's put the product to a test against (1) a sunscreen from one of the most popular Korean skincare brand X, (2) the sunscreen that I was using previously as prescribed by a dermatologist brand Y and lastly, (3) Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel from Bioré of course, THE No. 1 Sunscreen Brand in Japan.

It is nice that it is watery, but somewhat a little too extreme so it got a little messy

Yup, this is the super-hard-to-dissolve white cast I was talking about!

What I did was to apply these sunscreens on the back of my hand separately, and then since my greatest concern is whether the sunscreen is oil-free or at least keeps my skin hydrated so my skin is free from shine and if it can be absorbed quickly, I left it untouched for another minute before I used a blotting paper to test and absorb the excess sebum. Here's the result:

Firstly, I was really shocked how oily Brand X was, and that the supposedly oil-free Brand Y actually resulted in more sebum than Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel. And if you are wondering why the last piece of blotting paper is all wrinkled up, no I did not accidentally crumple the paper or something. I thought I was too rough so I used another piece and the result was the same. It was when I realised, it is because the sunscreen was sticky. So, which sunscreen will you choose to use on your skin?

I also tried Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel and observed its effects for a day before I knew it is time to jump ship. Truth is, I really like how smooth and cooling the sunscreen was. I was initially expecting something watery (like Brand X), but what Bioré gave me was even better. It was easy to apply, weightless and my skin felt hydrated and fresh for the entire day i.e. no need to touch up my make-up that usually cakes up by the afternoon if I was using something else, due to excess sebum. Then I thought I'd up the challenge and went into the full sun for a long walk during my lunch time, and I still look as refreshed as I was in the morning when I got back to office. You know how you usually get a shade darker than in the morning as time passes even if all you did was sitting in your office? It didn't happen with Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel. I am all ready for sunny days ahead ^.^

All in all, if you are one of the 70% women aged between 12 and 49 years old who don't use a sunscreen daily, it is high time to start protecting your skin against woes such as sun spots, wrinkles and freckles caused by damaging UV rays, and prevent permanent effects such as premature skin ageing as well as various skin damages like discolouration, sallowness, dryness and in extreme cases, skin cancer that result from prolonged exposure to the sun's UV rays without proper protection. Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel who offers the highest level of UV protection from head to toe could be your best friend and perfect shield to these skin problems. Get the new Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel that is priced at just $18.90 for a 90ml bottle at all leading pharmacies, super and hyper markets, departmental stores, beauty stores as well as selected minimarts now!

Prep yourself for sunny days ahead with Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel,

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